John 15:11 KJV
John 16:22-24 KJV
Galatians 5:22 KJV
Romans 14:17 KJV
1 Thessalonians 1:6 KJV
1 Peter 1:7-8 KJV
Isaiah 51:11 KJV
Philippians 4:4 KJV
Isaiah 12:3 KJV
Nehemiah 8:10 KJV
1 Samuel 30:6 KJV
Psalm 37:4 KJV

My joy is full of glory.
My joy is everlasting.
My joy does not go up and go down.
My joy is always there.
I’m always joyful.
I’m full of Joy.
I’m full of peace in my believing.
I abound in hope by the power of the Holy Ghost.
I rejoice always.
I will be joyful always.
Everlasting joy is upon my head.
No Man, No devil, No circumstances can take my joy.
No one can take my joy.
I’ve got joy in my spirit.
I delight myself in the Lord.
I choose to be joyful today in the Lord.
I speak words of joy.
I speak words of peace.
I speak words of praise.

Christ is my peace.
This is my month of peace.
I am the custodian of peace.
And I dispense peace to everyone around me.
I dispense peace to circumstances and situations.
And to the nations of the world.
I dispense peace to my city,
To my nation.
My peace is multiplied.
Great is my peace, because I love the word of God,
And nothing and no one shall offend me.
The peace of God is multiplied in my heart,
In my life,
In my body,
In my home,
In my finances and,
And every circumstance of my life.
I have perfect wellbeing.
I have all spiritual prosperity.
I’m free from fear.
I’m free from agitation.
I’m free from conflict.
Great is my peace.
Great is my rest.
Great is my prosperity.
Great is my well-being.

I am joyful always.
I am joyful always.
I am full of joy.
And my joy is full.
The joy of the Lord is my strength.
I live in the joyful zone.
Everlasting joy is upon my head.
Joy and gladness have overtaken me.
Sorrow, mourning, and sighing have fled away.
My heart rejoices always.
No one and nothing can take away my joy.
The joy that the Lord Jesus gave to me.
The joy that is the fruit of my spirit.
No man can rob me of my joy, my gladness, and my delight.

The kingdom of God is not meat and drink,
But righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Ghost.
I am full of joy.
And I rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of glory.
Though my faith is tried and tested,
I rejoice with a glorious, triumphant, and heavenly joy.
I rejoice in the Lord always!
I delight in the Lord always!
I celebrate in the Lord always!
I exalt the name of the Lord always!
I acknowledge the Lord always!
I appreciate the Lord always!
I am glad!
I am cheerful!
I am happy!
I enjoy the Lord, my God always!
I delight myself in the Lord.
Therefore, I receive all the desires of my heart.

With joy, do I draw water out of the wells of salvation.
I remain cheerful with praise and thanksgiving,
And with joy, I draw out prosperity,
With joy, I draw out peace.
With joy, I draw out success.
Yes, today I draw out deliverance.
Today, I draw out health.
Today, I draw out favours.
Today, I draw out blessings.
I draw out increase.
I draw out victory.
I draw out promotion.
I draw out wealth from deep within me!
I am synchronized with the will of the Father.
Nothing takes me by surprise!
My heart is stayed on the Word.
It makes no difference the news I hear,
I will not be afraid of sudden fear,
Rather, I am full of joy ALWAYS!
There’s no place for depression,
There is no place for weakness,
There is no place for sadness in my life.
I’m happy.
I’m strong.
I’m joyful.
The peace of God garrisons my heart and my mind in Christ.
Today, I go out with joy.
Today, I am led forth with peace.
The mountains and the hills break before me into singing.
Today, I go forth in God’s glory.
Today, I go forth in righteousness, in peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost.
I am always cheerful and exuberant with praise,
Knowing that as I delight myself in the Lord,
He grants me all the desires and secret petitions of my heart.
My life is a bundle of joy and happiness.
The joy of the Lord is my strength,
And with joy I draw out excellence,
And all wonderful blessings from the deep recesses of my spirit.

The joy of the Lord is my strength and my stronghold.
I rejoice always.
I send portions to those for whom nothing is prepared.
In my blessing, the nations are blessed.
I’m a joyful and cheerful giver.
I am an ardent partner with the LoveWorld Nation.
I send joy to the ends of the earth.

I am full of joy.
I am cheerful always.
Therefore, I live and walk in divine perfect health.
No sickness, disease or infirmity can stay in my body.
My cheerful heart works healing.
The bible says, “A merry heart doeth good like medicine”.
My heart is merry today,
Therefore, my body is vitalized,
My body is strengthened.
Health springs forth,
Strength springs forth,
In the name of the Lord Jesus.
I am encouraged in the Lord.
I encourage myself in the Lord.
I strengthen myself in the Lord.
I encourage and strengthen myself in the Lord and his word.

Today, I am enjoying my inheritance.
The Lord is my glory.
The Lord is my beauty.
He is my sweet attractiveness.
He has beautified me.
The Lord delights in me.
He enjoys me and I enjoy Him.
I have abundant joy,
I have everlasting joy,
Joy unspeakable and full of Glory.
I have abundant peace,
Peace like a river, unending.

My heart is filled with the joy and laughter of the Spirit.
(Go ahead and laugh right now)
The joy of the Lord in my life,
Is independent of circumstances.
It makes no difference what news or events are trending in the world,
I’m always joyful in the Holy Ghost.
I’m ever victorious.
I am ever joyful.
I’m exuberant with praise,
Because the joy of the Lord is my strength.
My joy comes from within, from my inner man,
And transcends external circumstances.
My joy is permanent, it is everlasting, it keeps me strong and alive.
I am basking in endless joy.
I have been brought into the life of unending joy.
I abound in hope.
My faith is working and producing results.
I refuse to worry,
I refuse to worry,
I refuse to fret,
I refuse to be anxious,
Rather, I rejoice and give praise and glory to God.
I do not look to outward circumstances to give me joy.
Joy is in me,
It is the fruit, the product of my recreated human spirit.
My spirit produces endless joy,
Joy unspeakable and full of glory.
I count it all joy, even when I go through test and trials of my faith,
Even in adversity,
I am joyful TODAY and ALWAYS!

The Lord has given me all things richly to enjoy.
I have and enjoy life.
I have life in abundance,
I have life to the full,
I have life, until it overflows.
I have and enjoy my best life now.
God’s divine power has given me all things,
That pertains to life and godliness.
I live a life of joy, glory, and virtue.
All things are mine.
I live in God’s rest.
I have taken charge of my life and I enjoy it to the fullest.
Christ has made me a sharer,
An associate of the divine nature.
I take advantage of the immense treasures and blessings of the Christ-life.
Nothing is too good for me.
Nothing is too good for me,
I am full of joy today,
Living the higher life of righteousness,
Health, wealth, prosperity, and success.
I am full of Joy!
There is no bitterness in me,
There is no rage, or anger.
I only give vent to the love and righteousness of God,
Expressing His Grace, kindness, meekness, patience, and goodness.
I live a life of unlimited joy, victory, dominion, and righteousness evermore.
My joy is of the Holy Ghost, and it knows no bounds.

This is my time to overtake.
I have strength for overtaking,
This month of October and the rest of the year,
I accomplish by the Spirit of God.
I have strength for accomplishment.
I accomplish more than the first nine months of this year by the power of the Holy Spirit,
I am strengthened and positioned to accomplish far more than the first nine months of this year.
I am strengthened to accomplish and exceed all my goals, all my targets,
By divine acceleration,
By divine speed,
By divine transportation,
By divine strength,
I am transported,
Beyond time,
Beyond space,
Beyond circumstance,
I’m not limited by time,
I’m not limited by location.
I’m not limited by any deadline,
I am transported to another place,
By the transportation of the Holy Spirit.
I am in another place.
I am at another level.
I have arrived in the place of accomplishment.
Every goal, target and dream is accomplished and exceeded.
I have no aborted dreams.
I have no unmet goals.
I have no unaccomplished targets.
I have no unfulfilled visions.
I am in the place of strength.
I am in the place of achievement.

I thank God for that little cloud,
I thank God for that little cloud,
And I hear the sound of abundant rain.
I invoke the blessing,
The power of multiplication upon my money,
Upon my goods, upon everything that I have.
I thank God for what I have in my house,
For what I have in my hands,
For what I have in the bank accounts,
And I invoke the blessings and the power of God upon what I have.
It will continue to multiply,
To meet the need with more left over,
What I have is all I need,

I declare that of the goodness of God,
Of my progress, my success, my achievements,
My victories, my testimonies, there is no end.
I release words of blessing,
I release words of prosperity,
I release words of power,
Upon my business,
Upon my finances,
Upon all my resources and they will multiply.

Everything connected with me is multiplied and growing,
I overtake by the power of the Holy Ghost!
I dominate,
I excel,
I accelerate,
By the power of the Holy Spirit!
I accomplish and exceed all goals, targets, dreams and mandates by the power of the Holy Spirit,
Supernatural, unexpected, unimaginable, unexplainable,
Unfathomable doors are open to me right now.
Angels are working on my behalf.
New angels have been dispatched to assist me, to help me, to bring me aid.
I am helped from Zion!
Things are happening so fast and in unexpected, unimaginable and unexplained ways!
One thing fast on the heels of another,
Blessings everywhere.

In this month of peace,
I decree peace.
We decree peace.
We bless the nations with peace, stability, and security.
We declare peace.
An end to all wars,
We speak peace to Russia.
We speak peace to Ukraine.
We speak peace to the UK.
We speak peace to Iran.
We speak peace to our nation, Nigeria.
We declare peace, stability, and security in Nigeria.
Every work of darkness is brought to nothing in this nation.
We frustrate the plans of the enemy in our nation Nigeria,
We cancel their works,
We cut them off in the name of Jesus.
We declare the Angels of God, perambulate Nigeria,
Bringing peace, security, and stability.
We super-impose our clouds of peace over the nations,
We rain down righteousness and peace upon the nations,
And salvation springs up.
All over the world,
There’s a mighty harvest of souls,
In the name of Jesus.

This month, this year, this day,
The clouds of my faith,
The clouds of my expectation,
The clouds of my meditation,
The clouds of my declaration,
They are full and emptying down,
In multiplied answers,
With increased grace, acceleration, and speed.

Today, October 27th, 2022,
Is a day of blessings and benefits.
Today, October 27th, 2022
I take my daily provision.
I take my daily supply.
I take my daily benefits.
God Almighty, Maker of Heaven and Earth and all that is in it,
He is my source.
My job is not my source,
I’m independent of my job and of my salary to do the things that I need to do,
My business is not my source.
I am the source of my business,
My business is not my source,
My family is not my source.
My friends are not my source.
My neighbours are not my source.
I am independent of anyone and anything.
I am self-sufficient in Christ sufficiency,
God Almighty is my source.
Therefore, I have multiplied and limitless supply.

I have multiplied resources, channels, monies, information, contacts, ideas and, everything I require,
For success, completion, and fruition.

There is abundance everywhere.
I believe and therefore I see the glory of God.
Today, new channels are opened to me.
Today, my customers are multiplied.
My jobs are multiplied.
My contacts are multiplied.
My partners are multiplied.
My businesses are multiplied.
My platforms are multiplied.
My channels are open and multiplied.
My doors are not shut day or night,
They are continually open,
Receiving deliveries of wealth from the nations.

I have access to hidden riches of secret places.
I call forth water from the rock.
I call forth light from the darkness.
The Heavens respond to me.
The earth responds to me.
All of nature responds to me.
Every circumstance responds to me.
Money responds to me.
Materials respond to me.
They respond to my voice, and they multiply.
I see the glory of God.
In every area of my life,
In my body, in my health, in my finances,
In my ministry, in my going out, in my coming in,
I see the glory of God.

I am full of joy!
I rejoice always!
I’m anxious for nothing.
I give praise and glory to God!
I live in unending joy.
I have everlasting joy.
My heart is not troubled because I believe in the Lord, Jesus Christ.
And no man, no devil, no situation can take away my joy.
I rejoice in the Lord.
I rejoice in His salvation.
I live in His joy
And with joy I draw water from the wells of salvation.
I go out with joy.
I am led forth with peace.
The mountains and the hills break forth before me into singing.
All the trees of the field clap their hands as I joyfully pass by.
Glory! Glory!! Glory!!!

(Will you just laugh for a moment?)
Yes, no matter what is happening, laugh!
Glory, glory, glory to God!
You have to stir up joy. Stir it up.
Encourage yourself in the Lord like David did.
Yes, you tell yourself, it’s going to be fine.
I believe in God and I see His glory
I am joyful always.
Glory to God!

© CELZ5 2022

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  1. This has really been an answer to my long time prayer,I’m really grateful for these declarations it means a lot to me

  2. I received all of my JOY, peace, prosperity, wealth, divine health, success, wonders without numbers , I’m totally blessed its gone to be fine l believe in God and l see his glory

  3. Evangelist LETICIA Emmanuel

    When I make this affirmation I always feel like a hero and supperhuman. Thanks so much is really worth the the time

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