LISTEN TO: The Year of the Supernatural


  • Numbers 13:26-34 KJV
  • Numbers 14:6-10 KJV
  • Numbers 14:24 KJV
  • 2 Corinthians 4:13 KJV
  • Joshua 14:7-12 KJV

The Lord has brought me to a large place.
The Lord has brought me into a land flowing with milk and honey.
Every challenge is bread for me.
I devour challenges,
They are my stepping stones.
They are my testimonies.
Those that be for me,
Are more than those that be against me.
Their defense and shadow of protection,
Is removed from them,
But the Lord is with me.
The Lord is with me and
The Lord is for me!
Every challenge is bread for me.
Every challenge is my steppingstone to greater heights.
Every challenge is my next opportunity for a testimony.
The Lord delights in me and He has given me an eternal testimony.
I fear nothing and I fear no one.
Everywhere I go, testimonies abound.
Everywhere I go, victory abounds.
Everywhere I go, there are shouts of joy and victory.
In 2021, I slew my thousands,
In 2022, I am slaying my ten thousands!!!
There is a shout of a king in this place.
The noise of rejoicing,
Does not depart from my house.
The shout of victory,
Does not depart from my life.
The voice of testimony,
Is in my mouth always.

I am not afraid,
For the Lord is with me.
God’s word is my life
And my rock,
The solid rock on which I stand.
I am not moved by what I feel, see or hear;
I am only moved by the Word of God.
I am like a tree planted by the streams of water,
I yield my fruits in and out of season.
My leaves do not wither,
And whatsoever I do, it prospers,
Whatsoever I do, comes to maturity,
Comes to completion,
Comes to fruition.
I am ever prosperous.
I am ever fruitful.
I am bold and very courageous.
I am not afraid nor intimidated by adversaries or detractors.

I am the seed of Abraham,
Therefore, I have the advantage.
I see differently.
I talk differently.
I see what others don’t see.
I see through the eyes of the Spirit.
I see through the Word.
Irrespective of the daunting challenges that I may face,
I see the glory of God,
I see victories, success, triumph, and advancement.
I see victories everywhere.
I see glory everywhere.
I see possibilities everywhere.
I see testimonies everywhere.

I am bold and very courageous.
I win, irrespective of the challenges and circumstances that I face;
They are “bread” for me.
I set my gaze on God’s unfailing and eternal Word,
I walk continually in victory, health, success,
Prosperity, abundance and righteousness.
I am vibrant, courageous, and strong.
I win today and always,
Because Christ lives in me.
He leads me in a perpetual victory parade.
I wholly follow the Lord my God.
I live in God’s glory.
I live the glorified life.

I get stronger by the day!
I mount up with wings as the eagle.
I am stronger today than I was last year!
I am stronger today than I was last month!
I am stronger today than I was yesterday!
I am ten times greater.
I am ten times more!
I am ten times stronger!
I am ten steps ahead!
I am ten years ahead!
My youth is renewed like the eagle’s
There is only one way for me.
There is only one direction,
Upwards and forwards only.
I move from victory to victory.
I have testimony upon testimony upon testimony.
I get stronger and stronger, greater and greater,
I am continually strengthened,
Invigorated from within by the Holy Ghost.

I live the supernatural life in Christ.
The Lord is the strength of my life
And He constantly renews, refreshes
And rejuvenates me through the Word,
And the power of the Holy Spirit!
I am stronger by the day,
I am stronger today,
More victorious today,
More glorious today,
Wiser today,
Healthier today,
More prosperous today,
More influential today,
More impactful today,
Because my inward man is renewed day by day.

I live in the ageless zone.
I live in the wantless zone.
I live in the fearless zone.
I live in the deathless zone.
I am a victor every day of my life.
I will never be a victim.
I’m effective.
And I have eternal life.
Everything I lay my hands to do, it prospers.
Everything I lay my hands to do, Multiplies,
Everything I lay my hands to do makes progress.
Everything I lay my hands to do excels from glory to glory.

God loves me.
God cares about me.
Regardless of what I face,
All things are working together for my good.
I will never be disadvantaged.
I win always.
I live the triumphant life always
I know no defeat.
I accept no defeat.
I can never be defeated.
I do not give in to sickness, lack, defeat, hurt, or want
I am a “new creature”
My faith is the victory that overcomes the world.
I have overcome the world.
Every challenge I face is my opportunity,
To shine and manifest the glory of God.
No matter the challenges,
It will turn out for my good,
The Lord is the author and finisher of my faith.
I see the end of my faith.
I see my end in victory.
I see myself testifying.
I am a child of grace.
I am a child of testimony.
And I always have testimonies.

Blessed be God,
Who gives me the victory through my Lord Jesus Christ,
And has made me more than a conqueror.
I live triumphantly today and always,
Fulfilling God’s dream and bringing glory to His Name.
I am indestructible
I look not at the things which are seen,
But at the things which are not seen:
For the things which are seen are temporal, they are subject to change,
But the things which are not seen are eternal.
My hope is built on Christ, the rock.
I count it all joy,
Irrespective of the tests and the trials that come my way.
I press on in faith,
With the confident assurance of the unfading crown of glory that is laid up for me.

The lines are fallen unto me in pleasant places,
I have a goodly heritage.
I refuse to give up.
I refuse to give in to the pressures around me.
My mind is stayed on the Word.
It makes no difference what the world is experiencing,
I am the seed of Abraham!
I’m an heir of God,
A joint-heir with Christ; I can never be disadvantage.
I’m strong in faith and in the grace that’s in Christ Jesus.
I speak victory, prosperity, health, strength, and courage always,
For greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world.
The Word of God has taken full possession and expression in me,
Through my spirit, my soul, and my body.
I’m a child of God!
I refuse to fear
I refuse to be intimidated by devils, men, circumstances, lack or want.
The Lord is my Shepherd.
I lack nothing,
I’m plugged to His eternal and unfailing supply.
Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
I fear no evil: for greater is He that’s in me than he that’s in the world!
I’ll always be a success.
I’ll always walk in divine health.
I refuse to fear.
I refuse to be intimidated.
I’m strong in the grace that’s in Christ Jesus.
Fear has no power over me, I have overcome the world.
My faith is the victory that overcomes the world.

Christ has made me the master over circumstances.
Now I’m bold, strong and courageous in fulfilling his dream for my life.
I do not fear,
I do not panic,
I’m not confused,
I have the victory,
My future is greater than my past.
It makes no difference the darkness or the hardship in the world today.
These are my opportunities to Shine and manifest the glory and righteousness of God.

This is my month of insight,
I have received the Spirit of wisdom and revelation:
Insight into mysteries and secrets.
I have insight into the kingdom.
I know how it works,
My eyes are blessed for they see, and
My ears are blessed for they hear.
I decree peace.
We bless the nations with peace, stability, and security.
We declare an end to all wars,
We speak peace to Russia, to Ukraine, to China, to Iran.
We speak peace to our nation, Nigeria.
We declare peace, security, and stability in Nigeria.
Every work of darkness is brought to nothing.
We frustrate the plans of the enemy concerning our nation Nigeria,
We cancel their works,
We cut them off in the name of Jesus.
We declare that the Angels of God, perambulate our nation Nigeria,
Bringing peace, security and stability.
We super-impose our clouds of peace over the nations,
We rain down righteousness and peace,
We declare that salvation springs up.
All over the world,
There’s a mighty harvest of souls.

This year, this month and this day,
The clouds of my faith,
The clouds of my expectation,
The clouds of my meditation,
The clouds of my declaration,
They are full and emptying down,
In multiplied answers,
With increased grace, acceleration, and speed.

Today, November 10th, 2022,
Is a day of blessings and benefits.
Today, November 10th, 2022,
I take my daily provision.
I take my daily supply.
I take my daily benefits.
God Almighty, Maker of Heaven and Earth and all that is in it,
He is my source.
My job is not my source,
I am independent of my job or my salary to do the things that I need to do,
My business is not my source.
I am the source of my business,
My business is not my source,
My family is not my source.
My friends are not my source.
My neighbours are not my source.
I am independent of anyone and anything.
I am self-sufficient in Christ sufficiency,
I have multiplied and limitless supply.
I have multiplied resources, channels, monies,
Information, contacts, ideas and everything I require,
For successful completion, and fruition.

I see the glory of God everywhere,
I believe and therefore, I see the glory of God.
There is abundance everywhere.
Today, new channels are opened to me.
My customers are multiplied.
My jobs are multiplied.
My partners are multiplied.
My businesses are multiplied.
My platforms are multiplied.
My channels, my doors, my bank accounts,
They are not shut day or night,
They are continually open,
Receiving deliveries of wealth from the nations.

I have access to hidden riches of secret places.
I call forth water from the rock.
I call forth light from the darkness.
The Heavens respond to me.
The earth responds to me.
All of nature responds to me.
Every circumstance responds to me,
In the name of Jesus.

Money responds to me.
Materials respond to me.
They respond to my voice, and they multiply.
I see the glory of God.
In every area of my life,
I see the glory of God in my body, my health, my finances, in ministry.

This is the set time to overtake.
I have strength for overtaking,
This month of November,
I have strength for accomplishment.
And I accomplish more than the first ten months of this year put together.
I am strengthened to exceed all my goals, and my targets,
By divine acceleration,
By divine speed,
By divine transportation,
By divine strength.

I’m in another place.
I‘m at another level.
Every goal, target and dream is accomplished and exceeded.
I have no aborted dreams.
I have no unmet targets.
I have no unaccomplished goals.
I have no unfulfilled visions.
I am in the place of strength.

I thank God for what I have in my house,
I thank God for what I have in my hands,
I thank God for what I have in my bank,
And I invoke the blessings of multiplication,
And the power of God upon what I have.
It will continue to multiply,
To meet the need with more left over,
What I have is all I need, and
I declare that of the goodness of God,
Of my progress, my success, my achievements,
My victories, and my testimonies, there is no end.
I release words of blessing,
I release words of prosperity,
I release words of power,
Upon my business,
My finances,
Upon all my resources and they will multiply.

My journey in Christ is from victory to victory.
I’m triumphant over the world.
When the fierce storms and pressures of life blow against me,
I will not be moved, I will not be overwhelmed.
I will not panic, I will not be confused,
Because the greater One lives in me and causes me to triumph always,
And in every place.
I have the victory today!
I have the victory every day!
I am victorious ALWAYS!!!
Glory to God!
Speak in tongues!

© CELZ5 2022

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  1. Glory to God,and my appreciation goes to those who made this powerful confession available to us, I declare that you’re strengthen physically,financially and spiritually in Jesus name.

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