– John 8:12 KJV

We have the solutions to problems.
There is no darkness for us.
I have solutions to problems.
I have solutions to problems.
We have solutions to every challenge.
We have the answers.
We know exactly what to do.
We are not in the dark.
NO! We are not in the dark.
We are born into the kingdom of light.
We live in the light.
We have the answers.

This is my month of insight,
I have received the Spirit of wisdom and revelation,
I have insight into mysteries and secrets.
I have insight into the kingdom.
I know how it works,
My eyes are blessed for they see.
My ears are blessed for they hear.
I have insight into the deep and intimate knowledge of God.
The eyes of my understanding are flooded with light.
I have penetrating discernment.
I see what others don’t see,
And I hear what others don’t hear.
I am sagacious.
I have extraordinary amplitude of comprehension.
I have insight,
Glory to God!

Blessed be the name of my God forever and ever!
For he has given me wisdom and might!
He knows all.
He does all:
He changes the times and seasons.
He guides history.
He raises up kings and also brings them down,
He has given me wisdom,
Therefore, I am wise.
He has given me knowledge,
Therefore, I have understanding!
God reveals the deep and secret things.
He knows what is in the darkness,
And the light dwells with Him!
The Lord is my light and
He has given me light.
Light, wisdom, understanding dwell with me.
The Lord has made me wise and strong.
He has made known to me what I desire to know,
He has made known to me the solution to problems.
I am a problem – solver.
I have solutions.
I have answers.
I know what to do.
I always know what to do.
I know what to do in my industry.
I have solutions and I bring solutions to my industry.
I know what to do about my finances.
I know what to do about my business.
I know what to do about my job.
I know what to do about my family.
I know what to do about the work of the ministry.
I know what to do about my partnership.
I have extraordinary wisdom, understanding and discernment.

Everyday, I walk in the light of God’s Word.
I’m not moved by the circumstances that exist in the world.
I operate by the light of God’s Word.
In everything that concerns me.
I’m aware of God’s great provisions for me,
And I’m enjoying them,
Because I see by the greater light of His Word.
I rejoice,
Knowing that the Church of the Lord Jesus,
Is waxing stronger and stronger,
Marching on in glory.
I have boldness to preach the gospel,
And the revelation of His truth
I live triumphantly, always,
Thank you, Father,
For your words of counsel and admonition.
I live the transcendent life,
And I enjoy peace with prosperity.
My path is as the shining light,
That shines brighter and brighter,
Unto the perfect day.
The Lord is my sufficiency,
The Lord is my refuge,
The Lord is my delight,
The Lord is my glory and my strength,
The Lord is my ALL!
My path is as the shining light,
That shines brighter and brighter,
Unto the perfect day
I always know what to do.
I have wisdom, knowledge and understanding.
It makes no difference, where I am in life today,
Or what is required of me to achieve,
I always know what to do, to win.
The extraordinary strategist lives in me,
Therefore, I do not fail,
I cannot fail,
I take advantage of the presence and the ministry of the Holy Spirit in my life,
It makes no difference how hopeless the situation,
God knows what to do
And he reveals his secrets to me

I am never confused,
The Lord rids me out of trouble
He knows the way out of every challenging situation,
He has made me a success,
I am successful always,
I do not rise and fall,
The Lord has the best strategies,
For my business
My Job,
My ministry,
My finances,
And I depend on him for guidance and direction.
I have an understanding and a discerning heart.
Thank you father for granting me the treasures of wisdom and knowledge which are in Christ.
I win all the time,
I play by a different set of rules,
I operate the strategies of the Spirit,
My life, ministry, family, business are flourishing exceedingly.
The Lord makes all things beautiful in his time.
And he has perfected all that concerns me.

I live a miracle life,
I live a supernatural life,
I solve problems
I answer hard questions
I solve puzzles,
I have enough time, to do what I need to do.
I am fulfilling God’s destiny for me.
I refuse to panic,
Or be anxious because of time,
For I dwell in eternity,
I have insight into mysteries and secrets.
I bring answers and solution.

Now we decree peace,
We bless the nations with peace, stability, and security.
We declare an end to all wars and infighting.
We speak peace to Russia, Ukraine, China, Iran.
We speak peace to our nation, Nigeria.
We declare peace, security, and stability in Nigeria.
Every work of darkness is brought to nothing.
We frustrate the plans of the enemy concerning our nation.
We cancel their works and,
We cut them off,
We declare that the Angels of God, perambulate our nation,
Bringing peace, security and stability.

This year, this month and this day,
The clouds of my faith,
The clouds of my expectation,
The clouds of my meditation,
The clouds of my declaration,
They are full and emptying down,
In multiplied answers,
With increased grace, acceleration, and speed.

Today, November 11th, 2022,
Is a day of blessings and benefits.
Today, November 11th, 2022,
I take my daily provision.
I take my daily supply.
I take my daily benefits.
God Almighty, Maker of Heaven and Earth and all that is in it,
He is my source.
My job is not my source,
I am independent of my job or my salary to do the things that I need to do,
My business is not my source.
I am the source of my business,
My family is not my source.
My friends are not my source.
My neighbours are not my source.
I am independent of anyone and anything.
I am self-sufficient in Christ sufficiency,
I have multiplied and limitless supply.
I have multiplied resources, channels, monies,
Information, contacts, ideas and everything I require,
For successful completion, and fruition.

I see the glory of God everywhere,
I believe and therefore, I see the glory of God.
There is abundance everywhere and I can see it.
Today, new channels are opened to me.
My customers are multiplied.
My jobs are multiplied.
My contracts are multiplied.
My partners are multiplied.
My businesses are multiplied.
My platforms are multiplied.
My channels, doors and accounts,
Are not shut day or night,
They are continually open,
Receiving deliveries of wealth from the nations.

I have access to the treasures of darkness.
I have access to hidden riches of secret places.
The Heavens respond to me.
The earth responds to me.
All of nature responds to me.
Every circumstance responds to me,
In the name of Jesus.

I have strength for accomplishment.
And this month of November,
I accomplish more than the first ten months of this year put together.
I am strengthened to exceed all my goals, and my targets,
By divine acceleration,
By divine speed,
And divine transportation.

I thank God for what I have in my house,
I thank God for what I have in my hands,
I thank God for what I have in my bank accounts,
And I invoke the blessings of multiplication,
And the power of God upon what I have.
It will continue to multiply,
To meet the need with more left over.
I declare that of the goodness of God,
My progress, my success, my achievements,
My victories, and my testimonies, there is no end.
I release words of blessing, words of prosperity, words of power,
Upon my business, my finances,
Upon all my resources and they will multiply.

I have Insight into mysteries and secrets.
I don’t panic, I am not overwhelmed.
My eyes are blessed for they see.
And my ears are blessed for they hear.
I have discernment, insight, I solve problems.
I have answers, I have solutions.
I am the answer and I am the solution.

(Speak in tongues)

Keep declaring that you have answers, solutions and testimonies.
Glory to God!

© CELZ5 2022

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