1 Corinthians 3: 21-22
2 Corinthians 8: 9


This is my month of Insight.
I have wisdom and revelation in the deep and intimate knowledge of God.
My knowledge is increased this month.
I have insight into mysteries and secrets.
This month, will see a certain end to every struggle or contest,
That I have been involved in,
Because it is my season of victories.
No matter what I am confronted with,
It will turn out for my good,
It will turn out for my promotion,
It will turn out for my exaltation,
For I am in a season of victories.

All things are mine!
The Lord has given me the whole world,
Much more than I could ever need or require.
Everything is mine as a gift,
Therefore, my faith and hope are not in any human person or system or connection.
God has given me the whole world,
Even life and death are my servants,
He has given me all of the present and all of the future,
All are mine,
And I belong to Christ, and Christ belongs to God.

For I know the grace of my Lord Jesus Christ,
That though He was rich,
Yet, for my sake, He became poor,
That I, through His poverty, might be rich,
Therefore, I AM RICH NOW!
I am rich in ALL things!
ALL things are mine NOW!
The world is mine,
The things that are present are mine,
The things to come are mine,
I am rich in money,
I am rich in materials,
I am rich in assets,
I am rich in grace,
I am rich in favour,
I am rich in all earthly blessings!
I am rich in all things NOW!
Christ has made me RICH!
I am enriched and
Abundantly supplied now!

All things are mine,
Therefore, I have ceased from struggles,
I refuse the hard life.
I live in God’s blessings.
I am blessed with ALL spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ Jesus.
God has channeled all grace, every favour and earthly blessing to me.
I am enjoying all that belongs to me in Christ Jesus.
I am living in the blessing.
I have all things that pertain to life and godliness.
I dwell in the Promised Land, the land of blessings.

I live in the fulfillment of God’s blessings and promises.
I live in the fulfillment and reality of God’s blessings.
I’ve been brought into God’s rest.
All things are mine.
I take full advantage of all that’s available to me in Christ,
And by my faith, I triumph gloriously in every place.
I’m an heir of God and a joint-heir with Christ.
I cannot be in lack or want.
I cannot be intimidated by anything.
I cannot be intimidated by the economy.
I live above the systems of this world,
I live above the economy of this world,
I think big because I am conscious that ALL things are mine.

I cannot be limited by my earthly nativity or geographical location.
My success and greatness have nothing to do with where I live,
Where I was born,
Who my parents are,
Or the job I do.
It’s all about who I am in Christ.
I am an heir of the Sovereign God,
All things are mine,
I live in dominion and self-sufficiency every day.
I’m the seed of Abraham!
I’m a champion.
I fear nothing in this world.
I refuse to be intimidated.
I prosper beyond money.
All things are mine!
My faith is my currency,
With my faith, I get things free.
I have what God says I have, irrespective of the currency I have or don’t have.
All things are mine!

The life of blessing is my heritage in Christ Jesus.
I am blessed beyond measure,
I am called to inherit a blessing.
I am walking and living in the blessing.
I recognize and affirm that I am the blessed one.
I am a success.
I am a victor.
I am an excellent person.
I am a chosen race,
I am a royal priesthood,
I am a dedicated nation.
I am God’s own purchased and special possession.
I set forth the wonderful deeds,
And I display the virtues and perfections,
Of him who called me out of darkness,
Into his marvelous light.

I affirm the blessings of God in my life.
I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus
I live and walk in perfect health.
I am rich,
I am wealthy,
I am loaded,
I live a life of glory,
I live a life of honour,
I live a life of dominion and power.
I am what God says I am.
I am a package of divine blessings.
I am the embodiment of the fullness of God’s blessings.
I refuse to walk in lack.
I refuse to be poor.
I refuse to walk in poverty, disease, or anything of the devil,
I refuse to be broke.
I am very rich,
I have been called to inherit a blessing,
And I walk in my calling.

I acknowledge my great inheritance in Christ.
I acknowledge the place of greatness and abundance the Lord has brought me into.
I walk in righteousness, health, victory, and success and riches,
Because that’s my heritage belongs to me.
The gold is mine,
The silver is mine,
I own the world and everything in it.
I reject poverty.
I choose the joyful, prosperous life in Christ.
My job or business are not my source,
They are just a channel.
God is my source.
My prosperity is a settled fact.
In Christ, I have been brought into the life of superabundance,
I acknowledge and enjoy my inheritance.

I am blessed and I am a blessing,
The Lord has given me all things that pertain to life and godliness.
Through me, the Lord is creating new economies.
My mind is open to see and receive the direction of the Spirit.
I see opportunities, where others see nothing.
God has opened my mind, and my spirit,
To see what others don’t see,
And to hear,
What others don’t hear.
All things are mine.

My focus is on God, the source of all things,
Maker of Heaven and Earth
Who helps me,
With resources,
With contacts,
With connections,
With help,
With wealth,
With ideas,
And opportunities,

God is my source.
My job is not my source,
My business is not my source,
My family is not my source,
My friends are not my source,
The government is not my source.
God is the source of all things.
And He is my source.
I declare,
All channels are opened to me for wealth to come in.
My gates are open continually,
Bringing in the wealth of the nations.
I see solutions.
I see blessings.
I see greatness.
I see wealth.
I see prosperity on every side.

All things are mine!
I am fruitful.
I am productive.
I am effective.
I produce results.
I complete all my pledges,
And I pay all my vows,
I fulfill all my partnership goals and my pledges.
All things are mine.
God is my source.
I am blessed with the blessings of Heaven above.
I am blessed with blessings bursting up from the earth,
I am blessed with all spiritual blessings in Christ Jesus.
All things are mine,
I have everything I require to fulfil my pledges and
Meet my targets.
All things are mine.

The Lord has made every favour,
And earthly blessing come to me in abundance.
I attract favours,
I attract grace,
I attract ideas,
I attract money,
I attract good people,
I attract opportunities,
All doors are opened to me.
God is my source,
And He is not limited to any man-made channel,
Or system to reach me with his blessings,
Or with his supply.
God is my source.
He is my supplier,
I receive miracle monies now.
I receive miracle ideas now.
I walk into miraculous opportunities now,
In the name of the Lord Jesus.

My finances have been vitalized.
I have stepped into a new level of grace in my life.
The grace for quickness and speed is activated in my life.
I prophesy to the wind,
The wind of the Lord,
To come from every direction,
And to bring to me all the resources,
All the opportunities,
All the people,
All the wealth,
All the monies,
Required for me to do exploits,
In God’s kingdom.

By my God, I have accomplished my Healing School target,
By my God, I have hit my Project LifeSaver target,
All my pledges and obligations are met and surpassed,
In the mighty name of the Lord Jesus.
I speak to my seeds,
I command my seeds,
Every seed sown to multiply and return to me a thousandfold,
In the name of the Lord Jesus.
Money is coming to me from everywhere!
Resources are coming to me from everywhere!
Finances are coming to me from everywhere!
Favours are coming to me from everywhere!
Wealth is coming to me from everywhere!

I am moving FAST!
I am soaring HIGH!
Quickness and speed are at work in me.
Like a flash, I’m divinely transported.
I move with speed,
My achievements are like a flash.
My prosperity is as a flood,
Achievements like a flash,
Prosperity like a flood,
This is my experience today and every day of these last 3 months of 2023.
Yes, in these last 3 months of 2023, I have the results of at least 3 years because of the speed, productivity, access, and grace that are granted me.
All my seeds are coming to a harvest NOW!

I receive a thousandfold result with quickness and speed on all my giving,
I receive a thousandfold harvest with quickness and speed on all my giving,
All my seeds are coming to harvest quickly,
And I draw from my harvest of accumulated blessings.
My capacity for giving is expanded a thousand times.
My partnership capacity has expanded a thousand times.

My storehouse of seed is enlarged a thousand times.
There is abundance everywhere.
Surplus everywhere.
Harvest everywhere.
I am not afraid of figures.
All things are mine!
I am not intimidated by figures.
I control figures.
God has given me big seed to sow.
He is my source, and He gives me seeds to sow.
Yes, all things are mine!
The Lord multiplies my resources for giving,
And increases the harvest of my righteousness.
None of my seeds sown is wasted.
None is forgotten.
All are multiplying and producing,
A thousandfold harvest with speed.

Father, I thank You because all things are mine.
Thank You for what I have in my hands,
In my bank account,
In my store,
In my house,
On my platforms,
All my resources are multiplied a thousand times.
I am directly connected to divine supply.
I live in the supply zone.
I live in the surplus zone.
I live in the wealthy zone where all things are mine.

In these 30 Days of Rain,
In this season of victories,
In this month of insight,
With grace for quickness and speed,
I’m flying!
I’m soaring!
I’m transported!
I’m translated!
In the name of the Lord Jesus.

Today, October 11th, 2023,
I endorse,
I have,
And I walk in my thousandfold harvest,
In the name of the Lord Jesus!
All things are mine,
Therefore, I complete my pledges,
I complete my projects,
I complete my partnership targets,
And I’m concluding 2023 in a flourishing finish.
In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Amen and Amen and Amen and Amen!

(Speak in other tongues)


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