Genesis‬ 39‬:1‬-5‬ KJV‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬
Psalms 1:1-3 KJV


I am a prosperous man.
Everything I do prospers.
I am a prosperous man.
I am a prosperous man.
Everything I do prospers.
Whatever I get involved with, it turns into success.
There is a supernatural grace at work for me and in me such that whatever I do prospers.
I am prolific.
I have multiple successes,
In rapid succession.
I am a prosperous man.
I am prosperous,
And I am prolific.
Glory to God!

This is my month of Insight.
I have wisdom and revelation in the knowledge,
In the deep and intimate knowledge of God.
My knowledge is increased seven times this month.
I have insight into mysteries and secrets.
This month, will see a certain end to every struggle or contest,
That I have been involved in,
Because it is my season of victories.
No matter what I am confronted with,
It will turn out for my good,
It will turn out for my promotion,
It will turn out for my exaltation,
For I am in a season of victories.

God was with Joseph and gave him favour and made him successful and prosperous even in a foreign land.
The Lord is with me ­ (mention your name),
The Lord is with me.
He has granted me favour in the sight of all men.
He has granted me favour before everyone with whom I have dealings.
Everywhere I go, I have favour.
Before I get there, favour awaits me.
While I am there, favour attends me.
When I have left, the favour of God continues to work for me.
Anywhere and anytime, my name is mentioned,
The favour of God answers on my behalf.
The Lord is with me, and whatever is committed into my hands, He causes to prosper.
I am a prosperous man.
I am a prosperous man.
I am a prosperous man.
I am a prosperous man and
I am prolific.

I am full of the blessing of the Lord.
I take possession,
I have favour heaped upon favour,
Grace heaped upon grace,
Blessings heaped upon blessings.

I am a favoured man.
I am a prosperous man.
I’m blessed and highly favoured of God.
He causes all that I do to prosper.
Whatever I lay my hands upon to do prospers and comes to maturity.
I’m favoured of men.
I attract favour
In my going out and in my coming in.
I’m favoured in my businesses.
All that proceeds from me is favoured
I have financial favours
I have material favours
I am favoured in all things.

And I’m conscious of the favour of God upon my life.
The favour of God opens doors for me.
The favour of God orders my steps.
The Lord gives me entrance into new opportunities, possibilities, and levels.
The Lord causes all that I do to prosper.
All things are working together for my good.
Everything I lay my hands upon to do prospers.
Everything I am involved in produces results.
I am fruitful,
I am productive,
I am effective.
I prosper in my business.
I prosper in my job.
I prosper in my finances.
I prosper in my health.
I prosper in all my relationships and all my dealings.
I prosper in all things.
I have favour with all men!
I have favour everywhere.
All men seek me to favour me.
Kings come to my rising.
I’m blessed and highly favoured.
Because of me, my workplace prospers.
Because of me, my workplace is favoured.
I am blessed.

I have obtained favour from the Lord.
There’s nothing anyone or anything or any devil can do about it.
I have been given favour in the sight of all men.
The works of my hands are prosperous.
My initiatives are productive.
My investments are productive.
My plans are productive.
My input is productive.
My ideas are productive.
I am result-oriented.
I am a prosperous man,
I am a fruitful man.
I bring forth fruit in my season.
My leaf does not wither.
I am ever green,
Ever flourishing,
With ever increasing grace,
Ever increasing vision,
Ever increasing faith,
Ever increasing love,
Ever increasing ministry.
I am constantly increasing, a spirit in motion.

I’m distinguished by divine favour
I produce outstanding results in ministry,
In evangelism,
In soul winning,
In cell ministry,
In all my church activities,
In my partnership,
In my giving,
In my offering,
In global evangelism.
My results are evident for all men to see.
Favour has cloth me with honour
Challenges bow before me
I’m unstoppable.
I walk upon the high places of the earth.
I am distinguished.
I am result-oriented.
I am highly favoured and graced.

Favour surrounds me like a shield.
Whenever my name is mentioned, favour answers!
The Favour of God upon my life repels failure.
It repels the adversaries.
It repels doubts or any form of negativity.
I have the advantage.
I have answers
I have solutions
I have insight
I have opportunities
I have abundant supply
I have access to wealth untold
I have influence, and I have affluence.
I have all that pertains to life and godliness.
I’m graced beyond measure.
I’m blessed beyond measure.
Every day, I experience kindness.
I have the advantage.
God brings me into favour, kindness, and advantage.
With those in authority,
With those responsible for things concerning me.
The rules are suspended for my sake,
I am surrounded with goodwill.
I am surrounded with pleasure.
Men are going out of their way to do me good.
I am a prosperous man.
I experience elevation.
I experience motion.
My vision is expanding.
My capacity is expanding.
My responsibilities are expanding.
The Lord is committing more and more grace to me.
Therefore, more and more influence is committed to me.
For the sake of the gospel,
Everywhere I am,
I am a blessing to those I work with.
To those above me,
To those below me,
To my peers, I am their advantage.
Motion is mine,
Increase is mine,
Greatness is mine.
Everything I do prospers.
When others fail or make losses.
I excel.
I prosper,
I exceed expectations,
Because I am sponsored by the Spirit of God.
He guides and orders my steps,
Even if I am surrounded by critics or detractors,
It makes no difference the situation I find myself.
Because God is with me
I am a prosperous man.
Doors of opportunities, which cannot be humanly explained,
Are open to me.

The favour of God brings kindness to me.
Causes kindness to be extended toward me.
Everywhere I go, people are kind to me.
I am a blessing to people around me.
I’m conscious of divine favour,
I’m conscious of divine blessings.

Doors are open unto me.
Great and Effective Doors
Great and glorious opportunities,
That cannot be humanly explained.
Come to me.
Every favour
And earthly blessing
Comes to me in super abundance.
I am always and, in all circumstances,
And whatever the need,
I possess more than enough.
I need no aid or support.
I am furnished in abundance.
For every good work and charitable donation.
My barns are filled with plenty.
My presses burst forth with new wine.

Favour is working for me,
Doors are open before me.
I am graced and highly favoured.
I’m functioning at a superior level.
Where anything can happen
Anything is possible,
The rules are suspended for my sake.
I’m special, I’m blessed and highly favoured.
Every rule and limitation
Is lifted for my sake.
Good and great things are happening in my life.
Anything can happen, and it is happening for me.

Everything I do prospers.
When men say there is casting down
I declare there is lifting.
I experience upliftment, progress,
I excel because.
I am sponsored by the Spirit.
My steps are ordered of the Lord.
I am growing, spreading, increasing, prospering,
Moving upward and forward only; that is the course of my life.

Everything I do runs perfectly and smoothly,
Always resulting in profit and progress.
I am profitable to the LoveWorld nation.
I am profitable to my man of God.
I am profitable in Christ Embassy Lagos Zone 5.
I am profitable in my church, in my cell.
I am profitable to the work of the ministry.
The Lord is with me,
Therefore, whatever I do prospers.

God has compassed me.
And crown me with,
With affluence
With opulence
With treasures.
The angels of wealth and the angels of money,
Are at work on my behalf,
Causing all that I desire to give,
For the advancement of the Kingdom,
To come to me now.

God is my source.
The maker of Heaven and Earth
helps me with resources,
With contacts,
With connections,
With help,
With wealth,
With ideas,
And opportunities,

God is the source of all things and
He is my source.
My job is not my source,
My business is not my source,
My family and friends are not my source,
The government is not my source.
I declare,
All channels are opened for me for wealth to come in.
My gates are open continually,
Bringing in the wealth of the nations.

I complete all my pledges,
And I pay all my vows,
I fulfill every partnership goal and my pledge.
All things are mine.
God is my source.
I am blessed with the blessings of Heaven above.
Blessings bursting forth from the earth,
I have everything I require to fulfil my pledges and
Meet my targets.
All things are mine.

My finances have been vitalized.
I have stepped into a new level of grace in my life.
The grace for quickness and speed is activated in my life.
I prophesy to the wind,
The wind of the Lord,
To come from every direction,
And to bring to me all the resources,
All the opportunities,
All the people, the wealth, and the monies,
Required for me to do Kingdom exploits,

By my God, I accomplish my Healing School target,
My Project LifeSaver target,
All my pledges and obligations are met,
In the name of the Lord Jesus.

I speak to my seeds,
I speak to my seeds,
None of my seed is forgotten,
None of my seed is wasted,
None of my seeds is dead.
Every seed multiplies and returns to me a thousandfold harvest,
In the name of the Lord Jesus.

Money is coming from everywhere!
Resources are coming from everywhere!
Finances from everywhere!
Favours from everywhere!
Wealth from everywhere!

Quickness and speed are at work in me.
Like a flash, I’m divinely transported.
I move with speed,
Achievements like a flash,
Prosperity like a flood,
In these last 3 months of 2023, I have the results of at least 3 years because of the speed, productivity, prosperity, access, and grace that are granted me.

I receive a thousandfold harvest with quickness and speed on all my giving,
All my seeds are coming to harvest quickly,
And I draw from my harvest of accumulated blessings.
My capacity for giving is expanded a thousand times.
My partnership capacity has expanded a thousand times.

My storehouse of seed is enlarged a thousand times.
There is abundance everywhere.
Surplus everywhere.
Harvest everywhere.
I am not intimidated by figures.
Every figure is bread for me,
I chew it.
God has given me big seed to sow.
He is my source, and He gives me seeds to sow.
And multiplies my resources for giving,

Father, I thank You because all things are mine.
Thank you for what I have in my hands,
In my bank account,
In my store,
In my house,
On my platforms,
In my shop,
All my resources are multiplied a thousand times.
I am directly connected to divine supply.
I live in the surplus zone.
I live in the wealthy zone,
I live in the supply zone where all things are mine.

In these 30 Days of Rain,
In this season of victories,
In this month of insight,
With grace for quickness and speed,
I’m flying!
I’m soaring!
I’m transported!
I’m translated!
In the name of the Lord Jesus.

Today, October 12th, 2023,
I endorse,
I have,
And I walk in my thousandfold harvest,
In the name of the Lord Jesus!
All things are mine,
Therefore, I complete my pledges,
I complete my projects,
I complete my partnership targets,
And I’m concluding 2023 in a flourishing finish.
In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Amen, Amen, Amen!!!

(Speak in other tongues)



  1. I am blessed with the words that i declare now and i have what the word of God said concern me in Jesus Name Amen ooooo

  2. Pst. Ifeatu. Godson. N

    Thank you somuch our greatly Esteemed Man of God Sir. Rev pastor Chris. Dsc , Dsc,. DD ,
    Thank you somuch sir for this word of. life. you give us Every day , I am indeed concluding this year in a. Flourishing. Finish Amen

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