2 Corinthians 4: 18(CJB)
James 1: 23-25
Galatians 6: 9
Hebrews 10: 23
Hebrews 10: 35
Ephesians 6: 13(AMPC)



  1. Understand and Anticipate the Challenge of Focus
  • After the 30 Days of Rain, you need to continue with your eyes on the word of God.
  • Do you remember what happened to Peter?
    While Peter was looking at the Lord, he was walking on the water but the moment he took his eyes off the Lord, he began to sink.
    After this 30 Days of rain, you are going to keep looking at the word.
    2 Corinthians 4:18(CJB)
    Peter had that challenge. When the wind and the waves started coming, he started looking at them, and he took his eyes off the Lord.
    For you, No, matter what happens, you do not take your eyes off the Lord.
    So I said anticipate and understand the challenge of focus.
    Things are going to happen that will try to get your attention but keep your focus on the word.
  1. Deal with the Challenge of Consistency
    Because of 30 Days of rain, we put ourselves under a regime, and we were consistent speaking with the word of God.
    Now you have to anticipate that things are going to happen to get you to be inconsistent with your confessions but you must be consistent.
    You must be consistent with your confession.
    You must be consistent with your actions of faith.
    James 1:23-25
    You have to continue to do the word.
    Galatians 6:9
    Challenge of consistency means to keep on doing it. You’ve been sowing and wondering what is happening! Sow again.
    Hebrews 10:23

Focus on the word. Don’t take your eyes off the word for anything.
Be consistent,
Be consistent in your actions,
Be consistent in your words.
Hold fast the profession of your faith without waving.
Don’t shift from your confessions.
Continue in the 30 Days of rain.
Continue to say them.
Continue 5 times a day.
Don’t say because 30 Days of rain is over, I’m not sure whether I got what I wanted, continue saying the affirmations, and continue doing it.
It says, we will reap if we faint not.

  1. The Challenge of Patience
    What happened to Sarah was that she got impatient, and she acted on what almost spoilt the whole plan if not for the sovereignty and mercy of God.
    You need to be patient.
    Hebrews 10:35
    We are followers of those who through faith and patience inherit the promise. Don’t be in a hurry and give up your faith.
    Be patient.
    God is never late.
    He wasn’t too late for the children of Israel at the Red sea.
    He wasn’t too late for the widow whose son died.
    He wasn’t too late for anyone, and he will not be too late for you if you will hold on to His words.
    Have patient with joy not with grumbling.
    Ephesians 6:13
    You have done everything, and it’s like what’s next do I do,
    What you need to do is to stand firmly in your place.
    Remain firm in the word.
    Remain in the position of a sower.
    Remain in the position of a receiver.
    Remain in the position of a testifier.
    Stand your ground.
    Be patient.

3 Things to take away from this 30 Days of Rain

  1. Remember to anticipate and the challenge of focus.
    Things are going to try to get your focus off the word, but do not be moved.
  2. The challenge of consistency
    Things are going to happen, and you will be like, should I stop what I was doing? should I stop giving?
    Keep sowing, if you don’t give up, you will reap.
    Keep saying it because he is faithful that promised.
  3. The challenge of patience
    What next is for you to stand.

This is my month of Insight.
I have wisdom and revelation in the deep and intimate knowledge of God.
I have insight into mysteries and secrets.
My knowledge is increased seven-fold in this month of insight.
This month, will see a certain end to every struggle or contest,
That I have been involved in,
Because it is my season of victories.
No matter what I am confronted with,
It will turn out for my good,
It will turn out for my promotion,
It will turn out for my exaltation,
For I am in a season of victories.

Thank you, Lord, for these 30 Days of Rain,
I have been blessed,
I have been upgraded and
I have testimonies on every side.
It is my season of harvest,
I have harvest everywhere.
The Lord has made all grace,
Every favour,
And earthly blessing,
Come to me in abundance.
I am always,
And in all circumstances,
And whatever the need,
I possess more than enough.
I require no aid or support.
I am furnished in abundance,
For every good work and charitable donation.
I disperse abroad.
I have more than enough to give,
And my righteousness abounds forever.

I am not afraid of figures.
I am not dominated by figures.
I am not scared of figures.
I control figures.
I have what I want.
I am the seed of Abraham.
I walk in BLESSINGS!
I live in superabundance.
I live in the unending,
Beyond figures,
Exhaustless riches of Christ.
I have wealth which no man could have searched out.
Whatever I determine to do,
The resources are available.
The partnership I have determined to give,
The money comes now,
The resources come now.
I declare that I have the money NOW!!!!!!
I have the resources NOW!!!!!!

As I give the Lord my first and my best,
My barns are completely filled with blessings.
As I give my tithes faithfully,
The floodgates of heaven,
Are thrown open on my behalf,
So much blessing is poured out,
There is not enough room to receive it.
Inflation cannot affect me,
I rise above inflation,
Corruption, recession, cannot affect me,
I rise above the systems, the economies, and the economics,
The dictates of this world.
I bless my first-fruits,
I bless my tithes,
I bless my offerings,
I bless my partnership seeds,
All the seeds that I have sown from November
December, January, February, March,
April, May, June, July, August, September, and October
I bless every one of those seeds,
And I command them to multiply and produce a thousandfold harvest,
NOW in the name of the Lord Jesus.

I have opened a debit and credit account,
In giving and receiving.
Fruit increases to my credit,
My harvest of blessing is accumulating,
And in the Name of the Lord Jesus,
I cash out in this season of Harvest on that account.
My mind is stayed on the Lord,
Therefore, I am in perfect peace,
Peace with prosperity.
I am as a tree planted by the rivers,
I spread out my roots by the rivers.
My hope, trust, and confidence are in and on the word of God.
I do not see when heat comes.
I do not see when inflation comes,
I do not recognize challenges,
I do not recognize hardship,
I do not recognize economic depression,
I do not recognize difficulties,
I do not recognize adversities,
My leaves are always green.

The wisdom of God is at work in me.
I have wisdom to create wealth.
He teaches my hands to make wealth.
I know what to do in my job.
I know what to do in my business.
I am sagacious,
The sagacity to create wealth is at work in me.
Through the wisdom of God,
I avoid risk or danger.
By the wisdom of God,
I eliminate damage to whatever is committed to me.
Wisdom guides me to make excellent choices.
I do not make bad business decisions.
I do not make bad investment choices.
I am led by the Spirit of God.
I am radiant!
I lift up my eyes, and I see,
All my testimonies are springing forth.
The abundant wealth of the Nations is turned to me now.
The wealth of the nations,
The wealth of the industries,
Comes to me now.
I have money in Espees,
In dollars, in Pounds, in Naira.
My faith is working and producing results.
My words are working and producing results.

My gates are open,
My platforms are open,
My accounts are open,
My way is open,
They are open continually,
They are not shut day or night,
Unusual and unexplained doors are open to me,
Right now!
I’m giving big today.
I’m giving big every day.
I give big to the Healing School,
I give big to Project Lifesaver,
I give big to Rhapsody, to Ministry Programs, to the LoveWorld Networks, to the Inner-City Missions, to LTM & Radio, for the LoveWorld Crusade Grounds,
For my Zonal and Church Programs and Projects,
I give big because God has made me big.

I live on the mountain top.
I see from the mountain top.
I am set apart from the nations and the systems of this world.
I am blessed.
I am the seed of Abraham.
I live in a different atmosphere,
Christ is my environment.
My economy is from heaven.
I will not stop until I wrought all my victories.
I arise in partnership,
I arise in giving,
I conquer figures,
I am giving at the next and higher level.
(Call the figure you want to give right now and the next level you want to be at and declare)
I have conquered you.
I have conquered a hundred thousand,
I have conquered a million,
I have conquered ten million,
I have conquered a hundred million,
I have conquered a billion,
I have conquered ten billion.

I am blessed and highly favoured!
I am the consecrated and set-apart one.
I am set apart from poverty, from hardship.
I am consecrated unto prosperity, success, and wealth.
It is said of me:

It is not by might,
Nor by power,
But by my Spirit, says the LORD of Host.
Who are you, O great mountain?
(put the figure there – whatever that mountain is)
You have become a plain!
Who are you, oh figure?
(put a figure there)
Before me,
(put your name there)
You have become a plain!
I declare that I am giving in the millions, in the tens of millions,
In the hundreds of millions
And in the billions in the name of the Lord Jesus.
My prosperity is like a river.
Like a flowing flooded river.
My blessing is like the waves of the sea.
Wave after wave, one after the other,
Constantly coming in.
My prosperity and my peace are unending.

The sun, the moon, the stars,
All the elements,
All of creation,
Are working for me.
The sun stands still,
The moon stands still,
Time stands still,
Until all my goals and targets for 2023 are achieved and surpassed,
Until all my partnership targets are achieved and surpassed,
In the name of the Lord Jesus.

Everything I do multiplies,
Even now, the grace for quickness and speed are at work in me,
Causing multiplication, increase, growth, development, and success for me on every side.
The grace for quickness and speed are at work in me,
Causing proliferation for me on every side.
Everything I start, I finish,
Everything I do must flourish,
Everything I do grows, develops, blooms, and blossoms.
Angels are working on my behalf,
Bringing to me,
Everything that is required to meet my targets,
There is a shout of a king in my life.
There is a shout of a king in my home.
There is a shout of a king in my workplace.
The noise of rejoicing,
Will not depart from my house.
The shout of victory,
Will not depart from my life.
The voice of testimony,
Is in my mouth always.

All things are mine,
Therefore, I have ceased from struggles,
I refuse the hard life.
I live in God’s blessings.
The works of my hands are prosperous.
My investments,
My initiatives,
My plans,
My inputs,
My ideas are productive.

I am a prosperous man.
I’m proliferating to the North, to the South, to the East, and to the West.
I am proliferating everywhere!
For I am a prosperous man.
I am prosperous and successful.
In these 30 days and beyond, there is abundance of rain!
Rain of testimonies!
Rain of money, of wealth,
Rain of assets and answers!
Rain of supplies and promotions,
Rain of results,
Of completions!
Of bonuses!
Rain of opportunities and open doors, and it is happening already.
There is advancement.
There is increase.
There is harvest.
No aborted dreams,
No truncated goals,
The power of grace and completion are at work in me.
The power of fruition is at work in me.

I am as a wonder to many!
I am innovative,
I am a wonder,
I am a surprise,
Many stand amazed at my innovations and my successes.
I am a phenomenon!
I am a miracle!
I am a marvel!
I am a sensation!
Many stand in awe and amazement at my accomplishments,
In such a short time.

I declare:
In this season, at this time,
I have an abundant harvest of all my seeds sow,
The words that I have spoken.
The seeds that I have sown,
My Offerings
My Partnership and
My Giving,
Yield an abundant harvest now,
And my ground yields its crops.
My trees yield their fruits.
The heavens respond to my voice.
The earth responds to my voice.
My seeds respond to my voice.

God is my source.
The maker of Heaven and Earth.
The source of all things,
Helps me with innovations,
With resources,
With contacts,
With connections,
With help,
With wealth,
With ideas,
And opportunities,
God is the source of all things, And
He is my source.
My job is not my source,
My businesses are not my source,
My friends and family are not my source,
The government is not my source.
God is my source,
And I declare that,
All channels are opened directly for me to have wealth to come in.
My gates are open continually,
Bringing in the wealth of the nations.

I complete all my pledges,
And fulfil all my vows,
I am blessed with ideas and innovations.
I am blessed with the blessings of Heaven above,
And blessings bursting forth from the earth.
My finances have been vitalized.
The grace for quickness and speed is activated in my life.
I prophesy to the wind,
The wind of the Lord,
I command the winds to come from every direction,
And to bring me all the resources,
The opportunities,
The information,
The people,
The wealth,
The money,
That I require to do supernatural exploits,
In the house of God.

By my God, I have accomplished my Healing School target,
By my God, I have hit my Project LifeSaver target,
My Rhapsody of Realities target,
My Ministry Programs target,
My LoveWorld USA, Inner City Missions, LTM & Radio targets,
All my pledges,
For my partnership in ministry,
In the house of God,
All my obligations are met and surpassed,
In the mighty name of the Lord Jesus.

Creation hears my voice,
Creation heeds my voice,
Creation responds to my voice, And I command,
Every seed sown to multiply and return a thousandfold harvest.
I speak to the sun,
I speak to the moon,
I speak to the winds,
I speak to all of creation,
To cause all the resources,
And direct all the resources,
Required to hit and surpass all my targets to come to me NOW!
In the name of the Lord Jesus.

Money is coming to me from everywhere!
Resources are coming to me from everywhere!
Finances are coming to me from everywhere!
Favours are coming to me from everywhere!
Wealth is coming to me from everywhere!
I am moving FAST!
I am soaring HIGH!
None of my seeds is forgotten,
None of my seeds is wasted,
None of my seeds is dead.
Every one of my seeds multiplies and returns to me a thousandfold harvest,
In the name of the Lord Jesus.

Like a flash, I’m divinely transported.
I move with speed.
In these last 3 months of 2023,
I execute ideas and innovations,
Such that I have achievements like a flash,
And prosperity like a flood,
I have the results of at least 3 years in these last 3 months,
Because the grace of speed, productivity, prosperity,
Access and quickness are granted me.

I receive a thousandfold harvest with quickness and speed.
All my seeds are coming to harvest quickly,
And I draw from my harvest of accumulated blessings.
My financial capacity is expanded a thousand times.
My partnership capacity is expanded a thousand times.
My storehouse of seed is enlarged a thousand times.
There is abundance everywhere,
There is surplus everywhere,
Harvest everywhere,
Every figure is bread for me,
And I chew it.
God has given me big seed to sow,
And multiplies my resources for giving,

Father, I thank You for all things are mine.
Thank You for what I have in my hands,
In my bank account,
In my store,
In my house,
On my platforms,
In my shop,
All my resources are multiplied a thousand times.
I am directly connected to divine supply.
I live in the supply zone.
I live in the surplus zone.
I live in the wealthy zone, where all things are mine.

In these 30 Days and beyond,
In this season of victories,
In this month of insight,
With grace for quickness and speed,
I’m flying!
I’m soaring!
I’m transported!
I’m translated!
In the name of the Lord Jesus.

Today, October 17th, 2023, and every day,
I endorse,
I have,
And I walk in my thousandfold harvest,
In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
All things are mine,
Therefore, I complete my pledges,
I complete my projects,
I complete my partnership seeds,
And I’m concluding 2023 in a flourishing finish.
In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Amen, Amen, Amen!!!

(Speak in other tongues)



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