I am a partaker of God’s glory, grace, and righteousness. I walk in prosperity, health, and peace today and always. Even though death works in the world, life works in me and everything connected to me. My Lord Jesus defeated death and now, because He lives, I live. I have the all-conquering life of God in me.

I have all that I require to live life in godliness and righteousness. Sickness is not in my nature. I am a new creation in Christ Jesus and He has perfected my health; therefore, I refuse to be sick! I have the supernatural life of God that makes me impervious to sickness. I am living the life of victory and dominion that Jesus purchased for me.

I am preserved from the machinations of wicked and unreasonable men. I have peace on every side. I completely reject anything that hurts or binds, because I have been delivered from all the oppression of the enemy. My new life in Christ is a super-life. The life of God is active in me by the Holy Spirit. I live above the decadence and flawed systems of this world.

My progress is unstoppable because I cannot be limited by sickness, disease, or the negativities of ordinary life. As Jesus is above all things, so am I. The Holy Spirit has beautified my life. He brings colour into my life. I live a wonderful, colourful, beautiful, and productive life. I am daily vitalized, refreshed, renewed, and restored by the Holy Spirit.

The glory of God is beaming out of me with intensity. The Lord is my beauty. He is my sweet attractiveness. I am divinely enabled to see, think, say and, to do things that ordinary men cannot do. I am sagacious. I have an extraordinary amplitude of comprehension. I am a wonder and surprise to many.

The Lord has magnified me. He has increased my greatness. I have divine access to untold wealth. The Holy Spirit shows me the secrets of life. He shows me how to produce wealth, to make profit and how to stay in wealth and health. I am the excellent, the glorious, the Lord delights in me. I am making continuous and consistent progress, in the mighty and matchless name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Were you blessed by today’s KEEP SAYING IT: I AM LIVING THE LIFE OF VICTORY? Let us know in the comment section below. God bless you.

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