I live my days in health and prosperity. I do not suffer from headaches, colds, fevers, diabetes, stomach pain, or any such thing. The Holy Spirit in me keeps my spirit, soul, and body invigorated and ever alive. I have the life of God in its fullness. My life is sickness-proof, poverty-proof, and failure-proof.

I’m full of joy, basking in the grace and glory of Christ. In Christ, I have everything that pertains to life and godliness. My body is perfected by the unfailing Word of God, and I flourish in health and strength today, like never before. Every fibre of my being is energized and infused with miracle -working power.

Today and always, God’s grace is active in my life and sufficient for me in all things. Thus, I rule dominantly over demons of darkness, sickness, disease, poverty, failure and death. I reign triumphantly, enjoying all the benefits of divine life in Christ Jesus. The enemy has nothing in me because my body belongs to God.

In the Name of Jesus, I refuse arthritis, diabetes, cancer, tumors, paralysis, kidney failure, heart failure, and lung failure in any place in my body. Everything about my body is perfect; my lungs, liver, heart, blood, and every part of me. I declare that I live, rule and reign above them all.

I reject sickness or anything that represents darkness or inferiority. Anything that causes sorrow and depression is far from me. Jesus is Lord over my life; therefore, Satan has no claim over me or mine. The joy of the Lord is my strength. I will never be weak. That joy produces laughter deep in my spirit, causing my health to bloom and flourish.

I know no depression or oppression because I am buoyed by the unspeakable joy overflowing in my heart. Nothing of the devil can stay in me, for I have embraced the transcendent life in Christ Jesus. I’m a partaker of the divine nature. I’m strengthened and invigorated by the Holy Spirit in my inner man and I function in God’s divine power that works in me mightily in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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God bless you.

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