Scriptures for Meditation (Peace)
John 14:27 AMPC
2 Peter 1:2-3 AMPC
1 Peter 5:7 AMPC
John 16:33 AMPC
Isaiah 26:3 KJV
Mark 4:36-39 KJV
Mathew 10: 12-13 KJV

Catch-up day on -The Power of Your Mind (Read any Chapters you have missed)


Affirmations and Declarations🗣💦🗣💦
I have peace like a river
I have peace
I have perfect well-being
I have all necessary good
I have spiritual prosperity
And I have freedom, from agitating passion and moral conflict
I have peace like a river
I have peace unending
I have the peace of God in me

The Lord Jesus,
Conquered the world
And He deprived it, of its power to harm me
And He gave me His peace
To help me
I have the peace of God in me
And His peace is multiplied unto me

I am devoid of worries and troubles
I am devoid of agitation and uncertainty
I know NO fear and I will never be intimidated
I will never be unsettled
I have perfect peace
I live in perfect peace
I walk in perfect peace
Peace of prosperity
Perfect well-being
All necessary good
Spiritual prosperity
And freedom from agitation and fear
There is no fear in me
There is no conflict in me
There is no unrest in me
I live a settled life

I am blessed with God’s favour and peace
I have the Grace of God in full measure
God’s special favour and perfect peace
Surrounds me like a shield
His divine power has given me,
All necessary good,
Everything I need,
And He has called me,
Unto glory and excellence.
Therefore, I live a life that is all pleasing to God
I live in perfect peace
I live in confidence

The Lord cares for me affectionately
The Lord cares for me watchfully
I am not anxious for anything
I have NO worries
I do not worry
ALL things are mine
I am undaunted and very courageous
I am of good cheer always
In Christ Jesus,
I have defeated the world and its fears
I have defeated the world and Its troubles,
I have defeated the world and Its worries and cares
I have defeated the world and its distress and frustrations
I have overcome the world
I have and I live in perfect peace

I carry the atmosphere of peace and bliss
Everywhere I go
I give peace
I dispense peace
I am a peace-maker
At my appearance,
Peace and tranquillity are released
I stand firm and immovable amid challenges
My faith is alive and active
Calming every storm
And dispelling every fear

The peace of God that surpasses all understanding, guards my heart.
I have power over crises
And I am at peace in prosperity.
I’m from above!
I hail from God.
I do not bow to pressure
I stand tall always,
Knowing the Lord is the strength of my life.
I am on top,
I’m in charge,
I’m in control
I am in control of circumstances,
I am in control of situations
I am in control of my economy
I am in control of every situation
Because Christ is in me, and He is my peace.
Glory to God.

I live in the peace and provisions of Christ
The Lord Jesus, bequeathed peace to me
His own peace
As my inheritance
As my portion
Therefore, I live in the peace and provisions of Christ
God has perfected all that concerns me.
I have perfect peace
Perfect well-being
All necessary good
Spiritual prosperity
And freedom from fear,
From conflict,
And from agitation.

The peace of God,
Which passes all understanding,
Mantles my heart and mind
Grace and peace are multiplied
In my life
Through the knowledge of the Word.
The eyes of my understanding are enlightened,
And I am increasing more and more
In knowledge,
In sound judgment,
In good reports
I’m able to discern
And function always
In the centre of God’s perfect will.

Christ dwells in me
Therefore, I am confident of a day-to-day life of peace
And ever-increasing glory
Because He is the one
Who takes me by the hand
And leads me to fulfil God’s perfect will for me
I am in Christ, and I have taken my place
I am seated with Christ in the place of authority,
Over and above every government,
Every authority
Every power
Every lordship
And every name that is named
Not only in this world
But also, in the one to come.

I’ve been granted insight
Into secrets and mysteries of the Kingdom
My mind is anointed to produce excellence
Everything I do, turns out right the first time
I live in the will of God,
Guided, guarded, and propelled by divine wisdom.
I am anxious for nothing.
The peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension,
Guards my heart and my mind in Christ Jesus.
My mind is fixed on Him
I meditate always on the word of God
Which is true, honourable, right, pure, lovely, and of good report.
I do not meditate on fear
I do not meditate on evil
But my heart is fixed
Meditating on God and His eternal word

I am complete in God
Who is the head over all rule and authority
I am alive in Christ
I am alive with Christ
I am free from the law of sin
I’m free from death
I’m free from oppression,
I’m free from fear
I do not live in fear
I am born of God, so I am holy
And blameless before Him in love
I have the mind of Christ
I have the peace of God in my spirit
I have received abundance of grace
And the gifts of righteousness
Therefore, I’m kinging in life through Jesus Christ

I have received the Spirit of wisdom
And revelation in the knowledge of Christ
So, The eyes of my heart are enlightened
I know the hope of my calling
And I have received the power of the Holy Spirit
I do miraculous things
I have authority and power
Over the enemy in this world
For I am at peace with myself
I am at peace with others
I am merciful
I do not judge others
I forgive quickly
I live by faith in God
He supplies all my needs,
In all circumstances
I can do whatever I need to do in life
I have peace, perfect well-being
Spirit, soul, and body
I have ALL necessary good
And I’m free from all fears, agitation and conflict
I can do whatever I need to do in life,
Through Christ Jesus, who gives me strength

I am chosen by God
Who called me,
Out of the darkness of sin
And into the light and life of Christ
Therefore, I display,
The excellencies
The virtues
The beauty and greatness of Christ.

I am self-sufficient
In Christ’s sufficiency
I’m complete in Him
There’s nothing missing
There’s nothing lacking
There’s nothing broken
There’s nothing damaged in me
I’m complete in Him
I walk in perfect health
Perfect well-being
From the crown of my head
To the soles of my feet
I have perfect soundness
Perfect wholeness
There is nothing in my body
That is not supposed to be there, that is there.
No tumor,
No disease,
No infirmity,
No death, can stay in my body
Because I have perfect health
Every system of my body,
Is functioning perfectly.
I have perfect health
I have perfect soundness
In the name of the Lord Jesus.

I walk in perfect prosperity
Thank you, Lord, for you have given me peace
Your own peace, you gave me as my inheritance
Not the world’s peace but your own peace
I refuse to be troubled
I refuse to fear or be afraid
I reject agitation
I refuse to be disturbed
I refuse to be intimidated
I refuse to be unsettled
I have the peace of God
Perfect peace with prosperity
I am calm
I am quiet
I am still
I am tranquil,
I am undisturbed and peaceful

I have perfect well-being
I have all necessary good
I have all spiritual prosperity
I am free from fear and the cares and concerns of this world.
I am free from agitating passions and moral conflicts
God’s favour, His grace and His peace are multiplied unto me today.
I live a life of glory and excellence.

I cast every care and all concerns upon the Lord
I refuse to carry any care, any concern, any anxiety, or worry
Because right now, I cast them ALL on the Lord
I have peace, perfect peace
Peace with prosperity
Peace with health
Because my mind is stayed on the Lord
The Lord my God cares for me affectionately and cares about me watchfully.

In Christ, I have peace, perfect peace, and confidence
The world has tribulation,
The world has recession,
The world has depression,
The world has trouble,
But I have peace.
When men are cast down
I declare there’s lifting
I am of good cheer
I have courage
I am confident
I am undaunted
Because Jesus has overcome the world for me
He overcame the world and deprived it
Of its power to harm me
I have overcome the world therefore, I have peace

I rejoice always
I am anxious for nothing
But in everything, I give thanks to the Lord
His peace keeps my thoughts and heart quiet
I experience God’s peace which is far more wonderful than the human mind can understand

The Lord keeps me in perfect peace
Peace with prosperity
Perfect well-being
Peace in my body
Peace in my home
Peace in my business
Peace in my finances
My mind is steadfast, trusting in the Lord.
The Lord is my Rock eternal
He is my everlasting strength

I bless the nations
With peace
I rebuke every storm
And I command perfect peace and calm in every nation of the word.
I speak peace to my nation (call the name of your nation)
I declare that my peace and the peace of the Church of The Lord Jesus Christ
Remains upon every nation that has received our gospel.

I super-impose my cloud of peace
On my city
On my State
On my country
Through me,
My city is blessed and at peace
My state is blessed and at my peace
My nation is blessed and at peace
We cast out,
The evil spirits of unrest
Of chaos
Of war
Of conflict
Of violence
Of rioting and mayhem
Of terror and terrorism
We pour forth peace
We pour forth righteousness
We pour forth salvation
On the nations of the world

Today, is a day of miraculous supply
Today, is a day of miracle money
Today, I am loaded with benefits
Today, I am connected to miraculous supply
Today, September 10th, 2022,
I receive my daily provision
Today, September 10th, 2022,
I receive my daily supply
Today, September 10th, 2022,
I receive my daily benefits
I receive miraculous supply
Miracle monies
The unimaginable
I speak in the morning
And I testify in the evening

I am creating new wealth
I bring forth new wealth
I call forth water out of the rock
I call forth light out of darkness
Out of the eater, I bring forth meat
Out of the strong, I call forth sweetness
Water is coming out of the rock
Light is coming out of darkness
There is abundant miraculous supply for me today

My gates are open;
They are open continually
They shall not be shut day or night
Receiving deliveries of wealth from all nations
New customers
New businesses
New orders
The wealth of the gentiles is coming to me
The wealth of the nations is coming to me

The Lord has magnified me
And increased my greatness
I’m making progress
I’m waxing greater and greater

Christ is my wisdom
I have the deepest of understanding
The largest of hearts
There is nothing beyond me
There is nothing I cannot handle

Today and throughout this month of September,
I experience peace
The peace of the Lord
Peace like a river
Peace that no man can give
Everlasting peace
I experience luxuriant growth
Significant attainments
Persistent productivity

All my expectations
All my desires
My proclamations
My declarations
Are fulfilled in the name of Jesus
Every project I do is completed
I started and I will finish
With glory and honour
Everything I need to be, I am
Everything I need to have, I have
Everything I need to do, I can.

I am reigning in peace
I am kinging in peace
I have overcome the world
As He is, so am I in this world
I’m a life-giving spirit
I am a peace-giving spirit
And I give life and peace,
To everything around, me
I’m a heavenly man
I’m a peaceful man
I’m a supernatural man
Glory to God!

Christ is my riddance
He rids me of errors
And brings me out of trouble.
I am the excellent
I am the noble
I am the glorious
And The Lord delights in me.

I’m full of faith
I’m full of power
I have peace like a river
I’m doing wonders
The grace of God
Is propelling me forward
This month and throughout the rest of the year
I accomplish far more
Than the first eight months of this year
By divine speed
By divine acceleration
I am moving with miraculous supply, with miracle monies

I speak in the morning
And I testify in the evening
The Lord guides and directs me
In the way of peace
He teaches me to profit
He teaches me to walk in peace
He blesses me with peace and prosperity
I am a man of PEACE
I have peace like a river

Yes Peace!
Peace in every circumstance
No trouble
No mayhem
No confusion in my life
I speak peace.
Peace with prosperity
Perfect wholeness
Are my inheritance in Christ
Glory to God.

You are in control,
And your words will dominate every situation,
In the mighty name of Jesus.

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