Scriptures for Meditation
(Miraculous Supply)
Matthew 14:15-21 KJV
1 Kings 17:1-7 KJV
Matthew 17:24-27 KJV
Exodus 16:11-15 KJV
Numbers 11:31-32 KJV
Ezekiel 37:1-10 KJV

The Power of Your Mind Chapters 12, 13 & Conclusion)


Affirmations & Declarations 🗣💦🗣💦
I have miracle monies
I have miraculous supply
Anything can happen
Anything is possible
The unexpected can happen
I expect the unexpected
Anything can happen and it is happening for me right now
I speak in the morning
And it is happening for me
Money gravitates to me NOW
I am in the place of never-ending, Superabundant Wealth
Today and every day, I have miraculous supply
I am plugged into an unending supply from heaven.
I live by a different set of rules.
My economic atmosphere is not of this world.
My God is able to do exceedingly, abundantly, above
All that I could ever ask or imagine

I bless the works of my hands
I bless the products in my shop
I bless the materials I have to sell
I bless my business
I bless my bank accounts
I bless my storehouses
I bless my money
I thank God, for that which I have

Right now, in the name of the Lord Jesus
My house is blessed
My bank account is blessed
My storehouses is blessed
All the products in my shop are blessed
All the products on my platforms, are blessed
The Angel of Wealth,
Angels of money,
Are working on my behalf even now
I call forth miracle monies,
I call forth miraculous supply,
I receive abundant supply,
Money is coming to me now
Financies are coming to me now
Unexpected people are remembering me now.
I live In superabundance

Out of the rock, comes forth water
Out of the eater, comes forth food
Out of the strong, comes forth sweetness
Monies are coming to me now
Customers are coming to me now
Miraculous  supply now
In the name of the Lord Jesus
The unexpected, the unimaginable
Is happening to me right now
From the most unexpected sources
I am being remembered right now in several places for good
My name comes up even now for blessings, for promotion,
for bonuses, for awards, for rewards, for contracts
Contracts I didn’t bid for, are coming to me now
Angels are directing businesses to me right now
The winds have gone forth
To gather to me money, materials, resources, supply, contacts.
The kind of businesses coming to me now, cannot be humanly explained
Unusual and unexplained monies, benefits, bonuses come to me now!

Men are rushing and falling over themselves to do me good
Before I think of it, it has happened!
Before I ask, I have it
People are thinking about me
People are thinking about me now from far and from near
They are unable to sleep
They unable to rest until they do me good
They are unable to sleep
They unable to rest until they bless me
They are unable to sleep
They unable to rest until they help me
They are unable to sleep
They are unable to rest until they pay me
I am marvelously helped
I am miraculously helped
My life is an unending stream of the miraculous
Those I know,
People I know,
People I do not know,
Strangers from near,
Strangers from afar,
They are remembering me
And they are bringing me money NOW!

Honey is coming out of rock even now for my sake!
I am a money magnet
Money is constantly attracted to me
In the mighty name of our Lord, Jesus
Unexplained blessings
Unexplained favours
Divine favours
Divine supply
Miracle supply
Miracle money
Is my experience today
I speak in the morning
And I Testify in the evening
It is happening!

Men are giving to me
Today, I have miraculous supply
Today, September 9th, 2022
I have miraculous supply
Nations are giving to me
I have wealth untold
Those that are owing me, they are paying
Every day I am attracting and receiving more and more money.

I have Miracle supply
I have Miracle monies
I lay up gold as dust
My wealth is unending
My wealth is inexhaustible
Money responds to me
I have money everywhere.
I am big time kingdom financier.
I have the supernatural intervention of the Almighty God in all my affairs.
Miracles that transcend human reasoning
Miracles that transcend science
Miracles that transcend economics
Miracles that transcend logic
Miracles that transcend Human ability
Unexplained Miracles … that is what I experience today
I have Miracle Supply
I live the life of the supernatural

I walk in great grace
Surpassing grace
Abundant grace
I have received grace to have my best year ever
2022 is my BEST year ever.

I am rich!
I receive miracle ideas now
I receive miracle monies now
I walk into miraculous opportunities now
I do not consider the process
I do not consider the circumstances
My eyes are upon the Word
My God is able to do exceeding, abundantly, above,
All that I could ever ask or imagine

I have all things that pertain to life and godliness
I am blessed with all spiritual blessings in Heavenly places in Christ Jesus
I live a life of glory and virtue
I have everything I require for an excellent life of glory, dominion, righteousness, and superabundance
I live in the supply zone
I dwell in surplus
I lack nothing
I have no consciousness of want or need
But I am conscious of miraculous supply.

I am the seed of Abraham
Therefore, my prosperity,
Is independent of my salary
My prosperity,
Is independent of the economy
I am an heir of God and a joint heir with Christ.
My finances are blessed.
I live in the realm of more than enough
I live in the realm of miraculous supply
I deal wisely in handling my finances.
God has given me riches and wealth
And the wisdom to multiply them!
My resources are multiplied
Miraculously multiplied
My money is multiplied
Miraculously multiplied
That which I have is multiplied
By the power of the Spirit of God.

The world is mine!
I lay up gold as dust
My prosperity is endless.
My wealth is endless
I have all the resources required to prosecute my visions and dreams
I have miraculous supply
I speak in the morning
And I testify in the evening
I have unending stream of miracle monies
All things are mine
The unfathomable riches of the glory of His inheritance have been bequeath to me
I was born into an inexhaustible inheritance.
I live in the zone of continual, abundant, miraculous supply

My barns are filled with plenty
My presses burst forth with new wine
All my accounts are loaded with new monies
All my accounts are loaded with miracle monies
I’m faster than the systems of this world
I’m faster than the limitations of this world
I’m moving with divine speed
I’m Faster than my competitors
I’m Faster than my peers
I’m Faster than the industry
I’m Faster than the exchange rates
I’m Faster than inflation
I live above the economic systems of this world
Because I am connected to unending miraculous supply
My life knows only one direction,
Upwards and forwards.

The Lord is my shepherd
Therefore, I have miraculous supply
The Lord is my shepherd
Therefore, I have everything I require and more.
The Lord is my shepherd
Therefore, I am abundantly and automatically supplied.
The Lord is my shepherd
I shall not want
I cannot lack
Christ is my source and my sufficiency.
He is my provision and my provider.
The Lord is my miraculous supplier
I am walking in the light of my inheritance and my prosperity
Being the seed of Abraham.
I have access to wealth untold
I have access to wealth unknown
The hidden riches of secret places
I have access to the wealth of the future
I am plugged in
To God’s unending, and miraculous supply.

The Lord guides me continually
And satisfies my soul in drought
And makes fat my bones.
Where men say, there is casting down
I declare that I have miraculous supply
I command miracle money to come to me now
I’m a money magnet
I declare, that I am lifted up
I am a well-watered garden
I am a spring of water whose waters fail not.
Everything around me is green.
There is plenty around me.
There is money around me
There is plenty everywhere
Everything around me and about me flourishes.
There is no dryness around me.
There is no dryness or lack in my path.
In my path, there is no death.
In my path is miraculous supply, extraordinary supply, inexplicable supply, astonishing supply, phenomenal supply, plenteous supply,

The Lord is my source
My help comes from THE LORD
Maker of Heaven and Earth
I am miraculous supply – conscious
My supply system is non-stop
I have unlimited access
To God’s inexhaustible riches

Thank you Father
For you liberally and miraculously supply every need
According to your riches in glory by Christ Jesus

Today, is a day of miraculous supply
Today, is a day of miracle money
Today, I am loaded
I am connected to miraculous supply
Today is a day of blessings and benefits
I’m loaded with benefits
Today, September 9th, 2022,
I receive my daily provision
Today, September 9th, 2022,
I receive my daily supply
Today, September 9th, 2022,
I receive my daily benefits
I receive miraculous supply
Miracle monies
The unimaginable
I speak in the morning
And I testify in the evening
I refuse to lack
I cannot be broke
There is miraculous supply from heaven for me everyday
There is an overflow of favour and abundance for me today
I have miraculous, supernatural supply
I take possession
I walk in super-abundance today
According to the economy of Heaven
I will never be broke in my life

Today, I have seed to sow
And I have bread to eat
The Lord multiplies my resources
My resources are multiplied
The Lord provides and multiplies my resources for sowing
And increases the fruits of my righteousness
I am active in spreading goodness, kindness, and love

I am creating new wealth
I bring forth new wealth
I call forth water out of the rock
I call forth light out of darkness
Out of the eater, I bring forth meat
Out of the strong, I call forth sweetness
Water is coming out of the rock
Light is coming out of darkness
There is abundant miraculous supply for me today

My gates are open;
They are open continually
They shall not be shut day or night
Receiving deliveries of wealth from all nations
New customers
New businesses
New orders
The wealth of the gentiles is coming to me
The wealth of the nations is coming to me.

Today and Everyday,
The doors of my office are open
The doors of my businesses are open
The abundance of the sea
The wealth of the nations
Are converted to me
My business platforms are open
People are coming
Money is coming
They are coming in their tens
They are coming in their hundreds
They are coming In their thousands
They are coming In their millions
They are coming In their billions
By the power of the Holy Ghost

The Lord has placed before me open doors
No man, no government, no policies,
No nation can shut the doors

We super-impose our clouds of miraculous supply
Our clouds of abundance
Our clouds of wealth, of blessings, of plenty
We super-impose our clouds
Over the clouds of poverty,
Over the clouds of lack,
Over the clouds of scarcity, shortages, depression
We pour forth prosperity
And we pour forth miraculous supply
We pour forth abundance
We pour forth salvation, grace and peace
We declare,
That in our blessing,
The nations of the earth are blessed
In our blessings, our families are blessed
In our blessings, our contemporaries are blessed
In our blessings, the industry is blessed
In our blessing, men everywhere are seeing and experiencing the goodness of God
Glory to God.

The Lord has magnified me
And increased my greatness
I’m making progress
I’m waxing greater and greater
I’m moving forward
Of my greatness
Of my increase
Of my prosperity
Of my dominion
Of my impact
Of my influence
There is no end.

Christ is my wisdom
I have the deepest of understanding
The largest of hearts
There is nothing beyond me
There is nothing I cannot handle

Today and throughout this month of September,
I experience miraculous supply
I receive miracle monies
I experience luxuriant growth,
Significant attainments
Consistent productivity
Miraculous supply
Persistent productivity
Prosperity, like the waves of the sea
Like a flooding river
Unstoppable with force Is coming
Blessings with wave, after wave, after wave are attending to me
I have divine access

Christ is my riddance
He rids me of errors
And brings me out of trouble.
I am the excellent
I am the noble
I am the glorious
And The Lord delights in me.

I’m full of faith
I’m full of power
I’m doing wonders
The grace of God
Is propelling me forward
This month and throughout the rest of the year
I accomplish far more
Than the first eight months of this year
By divine speed
By divine acceleration
I am moving with miraculous supply, miracle monies

I’m complete in Him
There’s nothing missing
There’s nothing lacking
There’s nothing damaged in me

I’m complete in Him
I walk in perfect health
And perfect prosperity
The Lord has beautified my life
He has beautified me with salvation
With grace
With dignity
With health
With strength
With help
With prosperity

I am Everything I need to be
I have Everything I need to have
I can do Everything I need to do

Every project assigned to me
Is coming to completion

The Lord guides me and directs me
In the way that I should go
He teaches me to make profit
My prosperity is like a river
Its like a flowing flooded river
My blessing is like the wave of the sea
One after the other
Constantly coming in
Because I’m directed by God
There is No confusion, I know what to do!

Today and everyday, I have miraculous supply
Today and everyday, I have miracle monies
I speak in the morning
And I testify in the evening
Today, September 9, 2022
I speak in the morning
Today, September 9, 2022
I testify in the evening!

Miracle Monies are coming to you
New customers
Divine favour
Unexpected and unexplained
Those owing you are paying
Yes! They are paying
That which is due you, you’ll receive today
You’ll speak in the morning
And testify in the evening
Glory to God!

© CELZ5 2022

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