(7 Great Confessions of our Solid Front)
1 Thessalonians 2:13 AMP, AMPC
Romans 10:8-9 KJV
Luke 4:16-18 KJV
1Corinthians 1:30 KJV

Prophecy: Understanding the Power that Controls Your Future

7 Great Confessions of Our Solid Front Parts 1 – 4

Affirmations and Declarations🗣💦🗣💦
God is to me who the word says He is
God is my Father
The God of Heaven and Earth
The God of the Universe
The Monarch of the Universe
The All-Knowing God
The All-Seeing God
The All-Powerful God
The Almighty God
He is my Father
God is my Father
He loves me and cares for me affectionately and watchful
The God of Peace
The God of Glory
He is My Shepherd
He is My Refuge
He is My Fortress
God is my Rock
In Him I have safety
God is my keeper
I’m protected on every side
God is my sun and my shield
No good thing will he withhold from me
God is my Anchor

I’m rooted and I’m saved from the storms of life
God is my shepherd He is my provider
I have no lack I have no want
God is my refuge and my fortress
I will not be moved
A thousand Shall fall at my side
Ten thousand at my right hand
But they shall not come near me
God is faithful to me
His words to me never fail
He watches over his word to perform it
God is kind to me
God is gracious to me
His compassion, his mercy, his blessings towards me are new every morning
I’m the object of his favour
His favour is directed toward me

God is my light
I have the light of life
I will never walk In Darkness
For He has said, He will never leave me nor forsake me
So, I boldly declare
The Lord is my strength
The Lord is my help
I would never fear what man can do to me

God is my help
I am marvelously, miraculously wondrously, helped
God is the strength of my life
Therefore, I am strengthened
I am strengthened
I am not helpless but
I’m strengthened
God is the beauty and the glory of my life
He is my sweet attractiveness and my delightful Loveliness.

God is the glory and the beauty of my life
Therefore, every good thing is attracted to me
I attract favours
I attract grace
I attract health
I attract ideas
All doors are open unto me

Christ is to me who the Word says He is
Christ is my wisdom
Therefore, I’m wise
I have the deepest of understanding
And the largest of Hearts
There is nothing beyond me
There is nothing I cannot handle
Christ is my justification
I am acquitted and declared righteous
Christ is my righteousness
Therefore no weapon fashioned against me shall prosper
No charge set against me will prosper
Christ is my sanctification
Therefore, I’m set apart unto every good work
I’m separated from all evil
Christ is my riddance
He rids me of trouble
And plucks me out of every negative situation
Christ is my peace
I have peace like a river
A flowing river
Waves of blessings attend to me
For Christ is my peace
Christ is my life
I am alive in him
Christ is my environment
In Him I live,
And move,
And have my being
Christ lives in me
I’m one with Him
I’m an associate of the God kind
I am the express image of his personality

Christ in me the hope of glory
Christ in me means glory realised
He shows me what to do,
The best and most effective strategies
The Holy spirit is my Helper
I do not have to run around
Looking for help or for someone to help me
My Helper is within
And he responds in me,
And through me, to every situation
I am marvellously helped
I am wondrously helped
The Holy Spirit is my advocate
He pleads my case
And speaks in my favour
Whether I am present or I am not present
The Holy Spirit speaks in my favour
He wakes up men,
And gives them no rest
Till they have done me good
The Holy Spirit is my Intercessor
He makes intercession for me with groanings that cannot be uttered
All things work together for my good
The Holy Spirit is my Strengthener
I’m strengthened from within
With miracle-working ability
The Holy Spirit is my Standby
I will never fail
I will never run out of strength ,
Of  ideas,
Of supply,
Of opportunity
I will never dry out
I mount up with wings as eagles
The Holy Spirit is my Extraordinary Strategist
And I’m ahead of my competitors
I’m ahead of my peers
I have the advantage
I have the aheadship

The Holy Spirit makes the presence of God real to me
The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of truth
He guides me into all reality
And he takes the things of Christ and transmits them to me
He shows me things to come
I am not in the dark
I have direction
I know where I’m going
The Holy Spirit is my Teacher
He unveils things of God, things of this world to my spirit
He teaches me what I need to know
He gives me the advantage
The Holy Spirit lives in me
The Holy Spirit dwells in me
My body is vitalized with divine life
My body is quickened
Mortality is swallowed up of immortality
Therefore, No sickness
No disease, No infirmity, No growth
Can stay in my body
Because the Holy Spirit gives life to my body
Everything that is not of God
Is swallowed up by divine life
Because The Holy Spirit gives life to my body.
I am His living tabernacle
I am what the Word says I am
I am blessed
I am favoured
I am the seed of Abraham
I am rich in all things
I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus
I am sanctified
I am justified
I am glorified
By the grace of God, I am what I am
I am joined to the Lord
I am one spirit with Him
I am complete in him
I am the workmanship of God in Christ Jesus
I am perfect
I am excellent
I am doing good works
I am indestructible
I am incorruptible
I am unconquerable
I am undefeatable
I am the embodiment of God’s blessings
Born into wealth
Born into riches
I am conscious of the God-life in my spirit
I am fashioned for glory, for beauty, for excellence
I am the light of the world
I am the salt of the Earth
As He is so am I in this world
I’m a success
I’m a success

My Path is the path of the just
That shines brighter and brighter unto the perfect day
I am great
I am making progress
From glory to glory
I am moving forward
I am born of God
I have overcome the world
I am an heir of God and a joint heir with Christ
I’m the seed of Abraham
I alive to God and to his righteousness
I am alive to God and to his supply
I am alive to God and to his glory
I am His living tabernacle
He talks through me
He moves through me
He loves through me
I am a city set on a hill
I cannot be hidden
I am well-positioned by the Spirit of God
And the Spirit is magnifying my voice
Amplifying my impact
And Increasing my influence all around the world
I have what God’s word says I have
I have all things that pertain to life and godliness
By His divine power at work in me
All things are mine
All things are mine
All things are mine
All things are mine
The world is mine
Life is mine
Death is mine

Things present are mine
Things to come are mine
All things are mine
I have the mind of Christ
My mindset is adjusted to the word of God
I have wisdom, knowledge and understanding in all things

I am the excellent
I am the noble
I am the glorious
And the Lord delights in me
I’m full of faith
I’m full of power
And I am doing wonders
I have the life of God in me
In every fiber of my being
In Every bone of my body
In Every cell of my blood
I have a goodly heritage
I have access to hidden riches
Of secret places
I have divine access
I have divine access
I have divine access, Glory to God
I can do everything the Word says I can do
I can do all things with the exception of nothing
I can do all things
Through Christ who strengthens me
I call forth light out of Darkness
I call forth water from the rock
I call forth food from the eater
I call forth sweetness from the strong
I decree a thing and it is established
When men are cast down
I decree, there is lifting up
I bring forth good things
I bring forth good things out of the abundance of my heart
I bring forth good things
I fling forth good things
God has given me power to create wealth
I lay up gold as dust
I flourish like the palm tree
Fruitful and productive In every season
In every good work
I wax great
I move forward
And I’m very great
I’m the light of the world
I have the capacity to shine and overwhelm the darkness
So I am shining
I am shining
I am shining
I am where The word says I am
I am seated together with Christ in heavenly places
Far above all principality
All power, All hardships
Far above the troubles, the perils, the corrupting influence of this world.
I have overcome the world

I’m not subject to the economy of this world
My economy is the economy of Heaven
Because I live in the heavenly kingdom
I function in the place of Christ
Here on earth
As He is so am I in this world
I am right now in the Kingdom of God’s dear son
In our Kingdom, there is only light
In our Kingdom, there is only beauty
In our Kingdom, there is only glory
In our Kingdom, there is only wealth
I live in the ageless zone
I live in the deathless zone
I live in the fearless zone
I have been brought into my inheritance in Christ Jesus
I live in Christ
I live on Christ
I can never be broke

The Lord is my shepherd
The Lord is my shepherd
I lack nothing
He leads me beside the still waters
He restoreth my soul
He leads me in the path of righteousness
And in that path, there is no death
Surely! Goodness and mercy follow me
Locate me
Attend to me
All the days of my life
And I dwell right now
In the House of the Lord
I know what to do
God teaches me to profit
He teaches me to have gain
I know what to do
My prosperity is like a flooding river
Its Unstoppable
And my blessings are coming in constant waves
Unending waves
Of my increase
my greatness
my prosperity
my peace
my health
And my glory
There is no end

Today, September 12th, 2022,
Is a day of blessings and benefits
Today, September 12th, 2022
I receive my daily provision
Today, September 12th, 2022,
I receive my daily supply
Today, September 12th, 2022,
I receive my daily benefits
I have miraculous supply
I have miracle money
I speak in the morning
And I testify in the evening
Today, The Lord multiplies my resources
And increases the fruits of my righteousness
My gates are open;
They are open continually
They shall not be shut day or night
Receiving deliveries of wealth from all nations
I receive New customers
New businesses
New orders
New Partners
New contacts
The wealth of the nations is coming to me.
The super-human, supernatural, extraordinary
And Almighty power of God are at work for me and in me
God is to me who the Word says He is
The Lord Jesus is to me who the Word says He is
The Holy Spirit is to me who the Word says He is
I am what the Word says I am
I have what the Word says I have
I can do what the Word says I can do
And I am where the Word says I am
Shout Glory!
Even as I speak with my mouth,
Confession is made unto salvation
Unto prosperity, unto health, unto grace, unto favour, unto supply.

The Script is activated
The Power of God is activated
The power in the Word
The inherent power in the Word is activated

Make sure you speak these Words several times today.

©CELZ5 2022

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