I dwell in the secret place of the Most High
I dwell in Christ Jesus
My life is hid with Christ in God
He is my secret place
He is my hiding place
I remain stableĀ 
I am fixed under the shadow of the Almighty
Whose power no foe can withstand

In Him, I remain fortified
Standing immovable
Standing unshakable
Always abounding in every good work

For the Lord is my Refuge
The Lord is my Fortress, my God;
In Him i trust
On Him I lean and rely,

He delivers me
from the snare of the fowler
And from the deadly pestilence.
He covers me
with His feathers
Therefore, I am in safety
And I am safety
And under His wings
Do i trust and find refuge
His truth and His faithfulness
Are my shield and a buckler.

I am not afraid
I refuse to fear
In  righteousness,
I am established
And I am far from oppression
I’m not afraid of the terror of the night,
Nor of the arrows, the evil plots
And slanders of the wicked
No plot
No falsehood launched against me can survive
I’m not afraid of the pestilence
The plagues
The pandemics
The germs
The diseases
That stalks in darkness
And sudden death
That lay waste at noonday.
I am indestructible
I am impregnable to darkness
I am untouchable
For I am situated in Christ
I am in Christ
For If any man be in Christ,
He is a new creature
I’m in Christ
And Christ is in me

A thousand may fall at my side,
And ten thousand at my right hand,
But it shall not come near me
Not my family
Not my business
Not my academics
Not my home
I am shielded from evil
In all its shades and appearances
I’ve overthrown them
Because greater is He that is in me
Than he that is in the world
Im only a witness to the reward of the wicked
Because I am inaccessible
For the domain of darkness

Because I have been brought in
To the realm of light
I’m inaccessible to darkness
Darkness cannot locate me
I am not in the dark
And there is no darkness in me

I dwell
In the secret place of the most high God
Because i have made the Lord my refuge, And The Most High, The almighty
My dwelling place,
No evil shall befall me,
Neither shall any plague or calamity come near my tent.
For I have special angels
Given charge to watch over me
I have a spiritual escort
To accompany me
To defend me
And to preserve me in all my ways
In my ways of obedience and service
I see them
I see the angels that accompany me
In my going out and in my coming in
To defend me
And to protect me
The angels of the Lord bear me up on their hands,
I do not fall
I do not fail
I do not falter
I tread upon the lion and the snake
I trample under my foot,
I defeated satan
In Christ I defeated satan
In Christ I defeated disappointment
In Christ I defeated pain
In Christ I defeated disease
In Christ I defeated Mishaps
In Christ I defeated every challenge
In Christ I defeated sickness
In Christ I have overcome them
I am in Christ
And in Christ, I am victorious
Because the Lord has set his love upon Me,
He has delivered me;
He is my deliverance
The Lord Himself, is my deliverance

The one that the Lord has set high
No one can pull down
He has set me on high,
The Lord has honored me
Because i know and understand His name
I have a personal knowledge of the mercy of the Lord
I have a personal knowledge of His love,
Of His kindness
Of His trusts
They are personal to me
The love of God is personal to me
The kindness of God is personal to me
He is gracious to me personally
He loves me personally

I rely on Him,
Knowing He will never forsake me,
No, never!
When i call upon Him,
He answers me;
The Lord is with me,
He delivers me and honor me.
He satisfies me with longlife
A long and rich life
The Lord says, I have come that they might have life and have it in full..
That they might have and enjoy life..
I have and I enjoy my life

I am of God
And I’ve overcome them
For the greater one is in me
I am more than a conqueror
I was in christ on the cross
I was in Christ in the grave
I was with Christ in the Resurrection

I am in Christ,
I cannot be infected
There is no ignorance in me
Therefore, I cannot be infected
No disease or infection
Can fasten itself on my body
Every Fibre of my body
My blood
My organs
My tissues,
My tendons
My ligaments
My joints
Are functioning perfectly
No abnormality in me
I do not suffer from diseases of old age
For I am ageless
Eternal life is at work in my body
Therefore, I am ageless

I have gained ascendancy
Over lying vanities of this world
Including sickness and disease
I am Christ conscious
And I carry His presence everywhere I go
I’m Christ conscious
And I carry His presence everywhere I go
I have been bought with a price
I have the consciousness of Christ in me
I do not struggle
I do not hassle
I refuse to rush
I do not stress
I’m not anxious for anything
I  do not worry
I do not fret
I am from a royal lineage
I’m a king
And a priest
Therefore, I’m stable
I’m a man /woman of honor
A chosen race
A choice breed
A chosen generation
Things of honor gravitates towards me
People of honor gravitates towards me
Things of kings gravitates towards me
Things of nobility gravitates towards me
I have not believed the word in vain

Everywhere I go today,
I have dominance
I am reigning
By the grace of God, I am reigning
Of the increase of His government,
And in His kingdom in me and through me
There shall be no end
It is upward and forward Continually
I have no expiry date
Of my reigning
Of my acceptability
Of my dominance
There is no terminal point
I’m reigning and reigning and reigning
Unto the perfect day
My dominance continues in perpetuality
I am above only and not beneath
I am the head and not the tail
The Lord has given me aheadship
And I am exercising aheadship
In the name of the Lord Jesus

Wisdom is at work in me
Grace and ability are at work in me
I am moving forward and making progress
Everything I lay my hands to do Prospers
Becomes successful and fruitful
I make progress
I experience a rush of the ministry of angels in everything I do
The grace for completion
Is active and functional in me
There is no abortion
Of my work
Of my projects
Of my assignment
Of my influence
I bring forth fruits to perfection
Every assignment
Every Project
Committed to me
Is delivered in good time
With excellent quality
For the right purpose
And at the right time.

I am a Soulwinner.
I am an ambassador for Christ Jesus
The word of God is in my mouth
I share the word of God abundantly
Today and Everyday, I lead men to Christ.
As I lead men to Christ, they remain in the house of the Lord
My cell is multiplying,
My cell is expanding and excelling
Code Rabah is activated
And functional in me and through me

My church is multiplying, expanding and excelling
There is growth in my church
Kings are coming to my church
They are coming in their tens
They are coming in their hundreds
They are coming in their thousands
And as they come, they remain

Every cell group in Christ Embassy Lagos zone 5 is full
Multiplying and enlarging
Every Church in Christ Embassy Lagos zone 5 is growing and multiplying
There is growth in Christ Embassy Lagos Zone 5
There is spiritual growth
There is numerical growth
There is geographical penetration
There is financial growth
Growth in the members
Growth in the leaders
Growth in the workers
There is growth
Every member, in Lagos Zone 5
Is growing In influence and in dominance
Christ Embassy Lagos zone 5 is growing,
In numbers
In wealth
In influence
In capacity
In leaders
We are growing
We are excelling
We are dominating our environment
And we are dominating the whole world
From Christ Embassy Lagos zone 5 to the rest of the world

The world is defeated before me
I reign over Satan and the elements of this world,
Today, I rain down righteousness, 
Peace and Salvation in the nations of the world
I rain down righteousness,
Peace and Salvation in Nigeria
I speak peace to Nigeria
I speak health and healing to Nigeria
I speak stability
I speak prosperity
To Nigeria
There is a change
In the economy
There’s a change
In the fortunes of this nation
By the blessing of the upright,
The city is established
We bless this nation
We declare that the economy is functional
For the good of its citizen
We declare a change,
A positive change
To the fortunes of Nigeria
We declare
That God’s people find this nation
To be acceptable to live
In all peace and honesty
We speak change to Nigeria
We declare,
That the word of God
Causes a change in the lives of men
We speak salvation
To every corners of this nation
To the north
To the south
To the east
To the west

We lift up Nigeria
We cast out wicked spirit
Of chaos, of anarchy, of confusion, of darkness
Of inflation and of deception in the name of Jesus
We cast out their voice
From the presence of our leaders
And those in charge of the nation
And we reassign Nigeria
To angels of the Lord
And they take over in all quarters
They are present in the government
They are present in the schools
They are present on the negotiation tables
They are present everywhere

I declare that this nation
Will not cast out its young people
In the name of Jesus
The dreams of God’s people and young people
Will find expression in Nigeria
In the name of Jesus
They will not need to leave Nigeria
To see their dreams realized
No! This nation will be a place,
Where the highest dreams,
The highest goals of its people is manifested

We reverse the fortune of this nation
To go in the direction of God’s purpose
We receive forgiveness
For the acts of injustice
For the closing down of the house of God
And we declare that God’s churches will flourish In this nation like never before
We rain down righteousness in Nigeria
We rain down righteousness from the North
To the South,
To the East and to the West
Justice and Salvation
shall spring up in Nigeria
In the name of the Lord, Jesus
Good dreams will find expression in Nigeria
There’s a place for good in Nigeria
There is a place for the one that seeks to do good 
Our economy is sound in the name of Jesus
Our systems are working by the blessings of God

The clouds of my faith,
The clouds of my prayers,
The clouds of my expectations,
The clouds of my declarations,
The clouds of my meditations are full
They are full
And they are crystalizing and pouring down
They are distilling and raining down answers
In the name of Jesus

I am mightily helped of God;
I am helped by God
I am helped in the city;
I am helped in the field
I am helped in my business;
I am helped in my job
I am helped in my academics
I am helped in my home;
I am helped as I go out
I am helped as I come in.
Men are rushing toward me,
They are gravitating towards me
They are seeking me out
To do me good and to help me
I am helped with opportunities
I am helped with ideas
I am helped with innovation
I am helped with words
I speak the right words today
I speak words of wisdom
The wisdom of God is at work in me
The wisdom of God is manifested in me
The wisdom of God is heard in my words
And seen in my actions
I speak wisdom today

Every member of Christ Embassy Lagos zone 5,
Is functioning in excellence and in dominance
Everywhere we go today
We excel
We dominate
We are reigning
By the Grace of God,
We are reigning
We have no expiry date!
Of our influence,
Our Progress,
Our Movement,
There is no expiry date!
Always on top
Excelling and flourishing
We have no terminal point
God has given to us aheadship
And we are exercising that aheadship

Wisdom is at work in me
Divine wisdom
Not the wisdom of this world
Divine wisdom is expressed through me
Grace and divine ability are at work in me

I am making progress and i am moving forward
And everything I lay my hands to do
We will be completed!
No unfinished works
No aborted works
All our works are coming to completion
All our works are coming to fruition
In the name of the Lord Jesus.
I am mightily helped
My hands are strengthened for war
I function with Ever-Increasing grace
And I function, with Ever-Increasing glory

You are strengthened
You are mightily helped
In your going and in your coming
You are in the secret place of the most high
You dwell in the shadow of the almighty
Therefore you are stable
You are fixed and you are secure
No evil will come near you
No evil plot,
No trap of the enemy will ensnare you
You are delivered
Delivered from the snare of the fowler
The angels of God attend to you today
You are going out with a military escort
A divine supernatural escort goes with you
To protect you
To defend you
To open doors for you
To open the way for you
There are open doors for you today
There is favour for you today

Yes your body is safe
No infirmity will penetrate your body
Because the Holyghost perambulates your body
No disease or sickness will come near your family
In the name of our Lord Jesus
You are protected
You are divinely preserved
Divinely preserved!

Today, August 19th 2022,
Is sanctified for good works
This is a day of testimonies
This is a day of honor
For the Lord will honour the one who is in His secret place
Today is a day of honor!
The honour of God is our portion
He has set us aside and Gracious to us.
Today is a day of honor for us and we receive honor.

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