I am a Child of Grace
I’m growing in Grace
And in the knowledge of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
I openly acknowledge the Grace of God in my Life
I celebrate the Grace of God in my life
I recognize the Grace of God in my life
I’m a child of Grace
I’m blessed and highly favored

I am full of Grace
I’m supplied with Grace
I walk in Ever – Increasing Grace
I have Grace heaped upon Grace
Grace in increasing measure
All Grace abounding towards me
I am supplied with Grace
That divine enablement of the Spirit of God
That makes me to produce result
That causes me to perform
I’m full of Grace
I walk in Ever-increasing Grace
I have Grace heaped upon Grace
The Grace of God in my life
Is the inner working of God’s glory and power
That radiates excellence in me
And causes me to have uncommon results
No matter the situation
Or circumstances that I face
The Grace to put me over, is available

God’s grace in my life
Takes me to higher heights
Causing me to have supernatural results
That completely outclass my contemporaries
The knowledge of the word of God in my heart
Causes me to walk in an overflow of Grace
And that Grace Produces Favour
That Grace Produces Beauty
That Grace Produces Goodwill
That Grace Produces Loveliness
That Grace Produces Perfections
That Grace Produces Glory and ability in my life

I acknowledge today
That there are good things in me
Good things put there by God
I am new creature
Old things are passed away
Behold, all things are become new
New things are in my heart
And these new things are from God
There are good things in me
The Grace of God is in me
Working in me
And producing
The beauty
The glory
The excellence
The results
The distinctions of God
The Bible says,
That God gives more grace
The grace of God is multiplied in me
Through knowledge
Through active acknowledgement
The grace of God is multiplied in my life

I enter into more Grace
God has made available
More grace to me
And I receive it
I step into it
And the grace that I have received today
Will NOT be fruitless
And of no effect
I put the Grace to work
I produce results by that Grace
Even today, I walk in that grace
I enter more grace
And everyday,
I receive new grace
I experience quantum leaps in grace
I experience exponential grace
Today, August 18th 2022
I enter into new levels of Grace and of Glory
I’m full of grace
I’m full of glory

Grace and peace are multiplied in my life
Through the knowledge of God and of my savior, Lord Jesus Christ!
I’m humble by grace
I walk in humility
I walk in love
And God, who gives grace to the humble
Increases His grace in my life
I walk in humility
Because I know
God’s purposes and God’s will

God’s goodness, beauty and glory
Are released and seen in me
The grace of God in my life
Attracts the right people
The right circumstances
The right resources
The right information
The right opportunities
Grace is attractive
And grace attracts to me
God’s grace in my life
Brings me acceptability
God’s grace gives me the advantage
God’s grace brings me favour
God’s grace brings me joy, liberality, pleasure and fulfilment
My life moves only in one direction
Upward and forward only
My life is characterized by grace
Grace heaped upon grace
That grace,
That produces favour, health and supernatural increase
Has been lavished upon my life
And I trust
In the grace of God
I am strong and I take advantage
Of the grace of God
I am mightily graced
God has lavished His grace upon me
In super abundance
I walk in the fullness of the grace of God
I produce supernatural results
With and through the Grace of God
That have been so lavished upon my life.
The Grace of God has promoted me.
The Grace of God has lifted me
The Grace of God is sufficient for me.
And the Grace of God brings me into all sufficiency.
I experience the all sufficient grace of God, Today and everyday

I trust the grace to help me win
And set supernatural records today
The grace of God causes me to prosper
God delights in my prosperity
I have grace for prosperity
For it is the Lord that gives me
Ability to have wealth
That I may propagate His gospel around the world
I have grace for soulwinning
God’s grace attracts people to me
As they come to me
I lead them to Christ
God’s grace,
His supernatural enablement,
Gifting, ability, and blessing,
Has been granted me
To preach
the unfathomable riches of Christ
I’m a blessing to my world today
I’m synchronized with the grace of God
To reach my world today
Great grace has been granted me
To preach,
The unsearchable riches of Christ
And I am making full proof of the gospel
I’m am effective witness
God has chosen me
And ordained me
That I should go and bring forth fruit
And that my fruit may abide and should remain
I bring forth fruit
And My fruit remains
Thank you Lord
For the different graces
Available to me in Christ
I take advantage
And make full proof
Of the special grace
That you have granted me
To be a success in life
In my job
In my finances
In my home
In my academics
And in ministry
By your grace
I rule and reign over circumstances

I’m justified by the grace of God
That is in Christ Jesus
Grace open doors for me
I’m a man/woman of favor
The grace of God
Open doors to me
Today and every day
In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ
I’m full of grace
I’m surrounded with divine favour
As a shield
The grace goes before me
The grace is my face
The grace is behind me
Such that even after I’ve gone
I’m remembered for good
The beauty and the glory of grace are manifested in my life

Even today, even now
Grace is causing His glory
To be revealed in everything I do
The grace of God
Ushers me to my next and higher level of greatness and promotion
I receive it
I celebrate it
I affirm it
I recognize
The super abundant grace of God in my life
Resulting in
And uncountable blessings

I love and admire Grace
Because I’m a carrier of Grace
In Christ, I’m a carrier of Grace
In Christ, things work out for me
In Christ, I have an advantage
I recognize Grace and function in Grace
Great Grace is evident in my life
My Words are full of Grace
And I impart grace by the words that I speak
I give grace to others
I have been graced
And my words impart grace to others
I dispense grace
My words are full of grace
My responses are Graceful and Gracious
My thoughts are thoughts of Grace
I have abundance of Grace
for all things and all situations
I have been endowed with all spiritual blessings
In Christ Jesus
I grow from faith to faith,
From grace to grace
And from glory to glory

My life is characterized by Grace
I’m known to be a man/woman
That God has favored
The grace of God,
His acceptability with me,
Is seen by others
Others see the grace of God at work in me
They recognize, that I’m a special man
They recognize, that I’m specially favored of God
They recognize, that I have divine connectivity
And I take advantage of the grace
The grace is fruitful and effective
And I walk in the fullness of Grace
The fullness of grace is expressed in my life
I explore the grace for finances
I explore the grace for abilities
I explore the grace for favour
I take of the grace for my family
I take advantage of the grace for my work
I take advantage of the grace in my projects
On my building site
In the banking hall
Everywhere I go
I take advantage of the grace
In all situations and all circumstances
I take advantage of the grace
for promotion
I take advantage of the grace
For finances
I take advantage of the grace
For everything and in all situations

The divine influence of the Spirit of God
Is manifested in my life
God loves me
He has given me eternal life
Expressing Himself through me
My life is excellently planned out
And preordained by God
I am the Glory of God and I express His righteousness
Eternal life is at work in me
I have endless development without aging
The grace increases everyday
My faith increases everyday
I produce results everyday
And yet I don’t recognize days of aging

I have no sense of Lack
I have no wants
I have no lack
I am made in heaven
I’m a God-made man
I do not have an expiry date
I’m always in season
It is always my season
It is always my time
I live in eternity
And I express God’s favour
God’s life
God’s promotion
Endless development
Endless dominance
Endless excellence
I have no expiry date
I have no terminal point
It is forward and upward perpetually

I’m Christ’s ambassador
I release divine energy through my words
My words are limitless and eternal
I have the ability to use my mind
To visualize
And contrive pictures of Great and Glorious possibilities
God is able to do exceeding and abundantly
Above all that I can ask or imagine
Far beyond my expectations
My dreams and my hopes
Therefore, I go wild with my expectations
I go wild, with my dreams
I go wild, with my imaginations
I go wild, with the possibility of what could be.
I do not limit the power of God by my imagination
But through my imagination
I open myself
To Great possibilities
Endless possibilities
Glorious possibilities

I visualize myself in excellence
I visualize myself in peace
I visualize myself in prosperity
Having all
I visualize myself being a blessing to others
It doesn’t matter how I look on the outward,
on the inward, I see myself
As the one who is blessing others
I see myself with great and glorious possibilities
All things are possible
And I see in this month of mediation
The word of God gives me pictures
Of glorious possibilities
The grace of God
Makes all things possible

I’m fashioned for good works
I live the good life
Which God pre-arranged
And made ready for me to live
Everything I’d ever require
Is available in God’s preordained path for me
As I walk in his path for me
At the appropriate time, everything will come on that course

My life is for the glory of God
I walk in excellence,
I am certified for success
I am God’s handiwork
Certified for success
I am a guaranteed success
And what I do, is guaranteed to succeed
Not only do I have the nature of my heavenly father in me,
I also have His brand on me
Because I’m His product
I’m His handiwork
I am blessed and I am a blessing
I have enough for myself
And I have enough to give
Towards every good work
And charitable donation
I excel in the grace of giving
I do not trust in uncertain riches
But I have the grace to distribute
To bless and to share with others

I impact the world with the investment of my personality.
My spirit is tuned to the right frequency!
I live purposefully,
I live accurately
And I live worthily
fulfilling my ministry and my calling in Christ Jesus.
I am not slothful in business;
I am fervent in spirit, serving the Lord,
And I finish my course with joy
I’m alive to God,
and to a world of endless possibilities and everlasting triumphs.
I experience success always,
I live in and by the Word of God,
Playing by a different set of rules.
I walk in the full consciousness of the spiritual Kingdom to which I belong,
Enjoying all that is mine in that realm of life.

I consciously fix my mind
On the right thoughts
And I meditate
only on things that are true, honest, just, pure, lovely, of a good report, virtuous and praiseworthy.
I fulfil all of God’s plans for me,
The Spirit of God has separated me
And singled me out for a special blessing everyday
I’m a blessing.
I am blessed
In my going out and in my coming in
My youth and my strength are renewed like the Eagles!
My health springs forth speedily
I walk in health
I walk in strength
I walk in perfect soundness of my body
Of my mind and of my spirit
I dwell in the secret place of the most High God,
I function with the ability of the Spirit
And the power of God on the inside of me
Is activated to bring forth blessings and miracles.
With my mouth, I take hold of
Blessings of health,
Blessings of prosperity,
Blessings of safety,
Blessings of wellness
Blessings of wholeness,
Specially packaged for me

My mind is blessed of the Lord
And I have God’s extraordinary wisdom
For my ministry,
For my work,
For my business, for my finances,
For my health,
For my academics,
For my marriage, for my family
For my home
And for every area of life

The clouds of my faith,
The clouds of my prayers,
The clouds of my expectations,
The clouds of my declarations,
The clouds of my meditations are full
They are full
And they are crystalizing and pouring down
They are distilling and pouring down answers

I am mightily helped of God;
I am helped in the city;
I am helped in the field
I am helped in my business;
I am helped in my job
I am helped in my academics
I am helped in my home;
I am helped as I go out
I am helped as I come in.
Men are rushing to me, to help me
I am helped with opportunities
I am helped with ideas
I am helped with innovation
I am helped with words
I speak the right words today
I have answers

Every member of Christ Embassy Lagos zone 5,
Is functioning in excellence and in dominance
Everywhere we go today
We have dominance
We are reigning
By the Grace of God,
We are reigning
We have no expiry date!
We have no terminal point
God has given us aheadship
And we are exercising that aheadship
Wisdom is at work in us
Grace and ability are at work in us
We are moving forward and making progress
And everything we lay our hands to do will be completed!
No unfinished works
No aborted works
All my works are coming to completion
All my works are coming to fruition
In the name of the Lord Jesus.

Everywhere you go today,
You have dominance
You are reigning
By the grace of God, you are reigning
You have no expiry date
You have no terminal point
And your dominance continues perpetually
You are above only and not beneath
You are the head and not the tail
The Lord has given you aheadship
And you are exercising that aheadship
In the name of the Lord Jesus
Wisdom is at work in you
Grace and ability is at work in you
You are moving forward and making progress
Everything you lay your hands to upon to do, you will complete
No unfinished work concerning you
No aborted works concerning you
You are bringing all your works to completion
All your works to perfection
All your works are coming to completion

If there has been any stagnancy concerning you or in what you’re doing…
Right now, there is a change
There is progress
There is movement
Now, there’s going to be a sudden break in the case
You’re going to experience a rush of the ministry of angels into that project
Because it is connected to you
Some had even forgotten that they gave you the assignment -You will finish it in Jesus name
The grace to complete
The grace to finish
Is activated in you!
You are finishing and bringing every project to completion
You will do it, and you will do it well.
If it was taken from you, it will be reversed.
You will be given the work to do
And you will finish it.

You’re walking in protection today
In your going out and in your coming in
You have declared that you dwell in the secret place of the most high,
Therefore, He will guide you in your way
You would not dash your foot against a stone
No evil shall come near you
You are protected
In the name of the Lord, Jesus Christ.

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