I am the Seed of Abraham
All Things are mine.
I am Blessed and I am a Blessing
The Lord has given me all things that pertain unto life and unto godliness.
I am a partaker of the divine nature, a member of the Heavenly Pantheon.
Through me, the Lord is creating new economies.
My mind is open to see and receive the direction of the Spirit.
I see opportunities;
I’m the seed of Abraham
Where others see nothing
I see opportunities
God has opened my mind and my spirit
To see what others don’t see
And to hear,
What others don’t hear
The word of God is thrusting me forward.
The word of Greatness
The word of favour
The word of Blessing
Is moving me forward
It is upward and forward
Continually concerning me
In the name of Jesus
I move forward by the power of the Holy Ghost.
I have entered into my miraculous and supernatural future. Hallelujah!
I am more than a conqueror.
I overcome in every situation of life
As He is, so am I in this world.
I was born great
As a seed of Abraham, I’m a part of that Great Nation
Greatness is my portion
Greatness is my life
Greatness is my experience
I prevail in every circumstance
There is no fear in me. My faith is working and producing results.
I’m an heir of God and a joint heir with Christ.
There is nothing that can destroy me.
God is not a man, that He should repent
He has blessed me
And no one can destroy me
I’m the seed of Abraham
I walk in the Abrahamic Covenant
Full of Blessings and Righteousness
I multiply effortlessly
Multiplication, Expansion, Excellence
Is at work in me
I’m the seed of Abraham
Of my increase
Of my Greatness
Of my expansion, there shall be no end.
I have divine supply for all things.
I’m plugged in
To an unending and endless supply from His riches in Glory
I’m a Nation set apart
I live by a different set of rules.
The word of God says,
That there are A people that is set apart,
There are people that is separate from others
Thats why, I confidently say
That I live by a different set of rules
I do not live by the rules of this world
I do not live by the statistics of this world
I do not live by their economic ratios
I do not live by their projections
But I live by a different set of rules
Because I am a seed of Abraham
I live by the economy of Heaven
I live by the Government of Heaven
I live by the Administration of heaven
I am the seed of Abraham
I am ever expanding
I am Progressing
My economy, is not of this world
My system, is not of this world
I am blessed; super blessed
I am blessed and I am a blessing
My body is blessed
Jesus said, ought not this woman
Being the seed of Abraham, be loosed from her infirmity
Therefore, divine health is my right
And my portion, as the seed of Abraham
My body is blessed
The word says, there shall be no barren among them
There is no barren among God’s people
Every woman, is fruitful
Our bodies are fruitful
My finances are blessed.
My money is blessed.
My business is blessed,
My job is bkessed,
My work is blessed,
My academics is blessed.
I live in divine perfect health.
I live in absolute dominion
I live in absolute victory
The ability of God is at work in me
I’m a God-made man
I am the work of God
when people see me, all they can say
Is see what the Lord has done
All they can say
Is because I’m a child, that’s why things are happening for me this way
That is my portion
And I’m conscious of my Advantage as the seed of Abraham
I don’t function in my own ability or in my own strength
But God’s inherent ability is at work in me
My strength is renewed daily,
I have the strength of a lion
I have the strength of the Spirit
And I’m divinely energized
At all times for victory
For Success
For Greatness
Everything I require
For life and godliness
Is made available to me
And I’m conscious of this reality today and everyday
I am positioned
For the glory-life,
And I have in me
Everything I need to excel
I’m lifted above this world
I’m lifted above the decay
I’m lifted above the deterioration
I’m lifted above the corruption
I’m lifted above inflation
Increased Grace is mine today.

Limitless wisdom is at work in me.
I do not lack for wisdom
The wisdom of God, is at work in me
Limitless resources is availableto me
For my God, supplies all my need
According to His limitless supply
I continually abide
In the realm of life, In the realm of Pleasure, In
In the realm of life and glory
That God planned for me from the foundation of the world
I am a cloud carrying water
My mouth is a fountain of living waters
My mouth is a fountain of fresh waters
And I pour out blessings
My mouth is full of blessings
I speak blessing upon everything that concerns me

I am raining blessings
I am raining righteousness
I am raining salvation
I am raining peace upon the nations of the world.
Because of me, the Nations are preserved
Because of me, the nations are delivered
Because of me, the nations are restored to God’s divine plan and God’s divine ordinances
The enemy will not rule the nations …no!
The nations and their rulers are delivered
From the death that is in this world

Good things are happening to me,
Good things are happening for me
Good things are happening all around me
Because I am raining blessings.
I live in the realm of more than enough.
I’m not trying to make, I’m not trying to have more than enough
I’m not struggling to have barely enough
But I live in the realm of more than enough
God has given me riches and wealth and the wisdom to multiply them.
The scripture says, wisdom is good with an inheritance
I have an inheritance
An inexhaustible, boundless, endless, inheritance
I have the wisdom to administer that inheritance
I am the seed of Abraham
Therefore the world is mine
I lay up Gold as dust.
My prosperity is endless.
Endless and continuing, until the rapture
I am moving forward in endless prosperity
My prosperity is moving upwards
I have endless supply, Endless prosperity
I always have the resources to prosecute my visions and dreams in God

The clouds of my faith,
My prayers,
My expectations,
My declarations,
My meditations
Are crystalizing now
And pouring down, Raining down
In answers,
In testimonies,
In results,
In progress,
In advancement
In promotion
In supply
To the glory of God.

My barns are filled with plenty
My presses burst forth with new wine.
My business is full of blessings
My store house is full
My bank account is full
My life knows only one direction;
Upward and forward only.
The Lord continually makes all grace abound towards me
Every favour and earthly blessing come to me in abundance
Abundance of Grace
Every Grace in Abundance abound towards me
I am always and under all circumstances and whatever the need, self-sufficient.
I possess more than enough.
I require no aid
I require no support
I require no assistance
I (call your name), i am furnished in abundance for every good work and charitable donation.

I am a Soulwinner.
I am an ambassador for Christ Jesus
The word of God is in my mouth
I share the word of God abundantly
I share the gospel everywhere;
no man forbidding me.
I spread the divine Fragrance of Gods love Iam the aroma of God to everyone
As I come in, they sense that the blessings of God has come
Everywhere I go, I spread the divine fragrance of God’s love.
Everyday, I lead men to Christ.
The work of the ministry is prospering, growing and spreading through me.

Lift up your hands, say,
my mouth is filled with praise, continually.
As I offer my sacrifice of praise unto the Lord,
the name of the Lord is glorified in all nations of the world.
In my life and in my circumstances.
Every strategy of the enemy is defeated.
Every fiery dart, of the wicked is defeated
The fiery dart of deception is defeated
The fiery dart of fear is defeated
The fiery dart of oppression is defeated
By my faith, I overcome

No nation can withstand the power of the name of Jesus.
No government can withstand the power of the name of Jesus.
No authority at any level can withstand the power of the name of Jesus. Glory be to God.
The plans of the enemy are frustrated in the nations of the world.
The nations walk in peace
The nations walk in liberty
The nations walk in grace
And I walk in peace
I walk in liberty
I walk in grace
To fulfill the mandate to preach the Gospel.
Every day, (call your name) I celebrate, I recognize, I acknowledge, and I appreciate the gifts of grace that are at work in my life.
I’m no ordinary man
The Grace of God is at work in me
I’m conscious of the Grace
I function with grace; things are easy for me.
I walk with favour,
Wherever i go, doors are open unto me
No one can resist me
because I’m clothe with favour as a shield
I have the advantage,
I have acceptability.
I live in pleasure with joy and liberality.
I enjoy my life
I enjoy my family
I enjoy my home
I enjoy the things I have
I enjoy my fellowship with the HolySpirit
I enjoy my life
My life is full of pleasure
My life is full of Grace
I enjoy my life

The wisdom of God is operative in me.
The wisdom of God beautifies my life.
The wisdom of God causes me to inherit substance.
The angels of wealth attend to me.
The angels of wealth hear my voice and they attend to me
All my seeds are producing a harvest
The angels of wealth attend to me
The angel of money responds to me.
Every day I increase in grace.
The grace of God is working in me mightily and evidently.
The grace of God is multiplied in my life.
Everyday, I experience quantum leaps in grace.
Today, I experience a quantum leap in Grace
I’m not the same person that started this meeting
I have experienced a quantum leap in Grace
I walk in exponential grace, and I take advantage of the grace of God.
I operate in limitless wisdom.
I operate with limitless wealth.
And I operate with limitless power.
I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.
I walk in righteousness, and I produce fruits of righteousness.

I have the nature of the father;
eternal life is at work in me;
In every Fibre of my being;
In every bone of my body;
in every cell of my blood.
My entire body is vitalized with divine life.
No sickness, no disease, no infirmity, no death, no growth can stay in my body.
It is dissolved by eternal life.
My body is alive with the life of God.
I’m in Christ and the word of God produces result in me.
Everything I lay my hands to do, it prospers. It prospers.

My life is from glory to glory,
from grace to grace,
from strength to strength.
I’m full of love.
I’m full of power and I have a sound mind.
I’m full of love. 100% love. Liquid love.
No darkness, no offence, no unforgiveness in my heart.
I’m full of power, limitless power, overcoming power, surpassing power, power over crisis.
Power in every situation; power to change things
I have a sound mind,
I am smart,
I’m intelligent,
I’m wise.
I’m in control of myself.

I’m born of God. Therefore, I’ve overcome the world.
Jesus overcame the world for me, he deprived the world of its power to harm me, and he conquered the world for my sake.
Therefore, I overcome the world.
Greater is He that is in me than he that’s in the world.
I’ve overcome the world and its darkness.
I’ve overcome the world and its lies.
I’ve overcome the world and its systems, its economies, and economics.

I live above the world.
I’ve overcome the world and its death; death does not work in me. There’s no death in my path, There’s no death in my money.
There’s no death in my circumstances.
Everything about me is affected and impacted by the Spirit of life that is in Christ Jesus.
I am a cloud carrying water
I am raining blessings,
I am raining righteousness,
I am raining salvation.
The clouds of my faith,
my expectations,
my declarations,
my meditations
My prayers
are crystalizing and pouring down
in answers,
in testimonies,
in results,
in progress,
in advancement
In promotions
to the glory of God.

I am mightily helped of God;
I am helped in the city;
I am helped in my business;
I am helped at home;
I am helped as I go out and I am helped as I come in.
I am helped with people;
I am helped with resources;
I am helped with ideas;
I am helped with innovation;
I am mightily helped.
The Lord is my strength, my helper, my standby.
I have everything I need;
I walk in all sufficiency. Nothing missing, nothing lacking,
I am complete in Him.
I’m reigning,
I’m in control.
I’m in control of every circumstance.
I’m in control.
I’m not a victim, I am a victor.
With my words, I decree a thing and it’s established unto me.
Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the word.
I have all sufficiency, all sufficiency in all things. In all things, all sufficiency in the name of Jesus Christ. Praise the Lord!

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  1. I am a well watered garthen , a spring of life, a life giver, my words are not empty, I am full of salvation, healing, a health giver. I radiate in joy unspeakable, glory to God

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