I affirm that divinity is at work in me. The knowledge of God’s Word in my heart, causes me to walk in faith, dominion, glory and power. Through the revelation knowledge of God’s Word, I live above the deception, trickery, manipulation and lies of the adversary. I function in absolute victory.

All grace—every favour and earthly blessing—come to me in abundance so that I may always and under all circumstances and whatever the need, be self-sufficient, possessing enough to require no aid or support, furnished in abundance, for every good work. I rule and reign in this life, independent of the financial systems of this world.

I am fulfilling God’s purpose and plan for my life, walking in paths that He’s arranged for me. He’s made all things I require for life and godliness available to me, and I celebrate the grace of prosperity and abundance that I enjoy as the seed of Abraham. The works of my hands are blessed and I am set on the path of permanent success and prosperity.

I do not know when the heat comes, for I am fashioned to flourish like the cedar in Lebanon. I am in the place of never-ending, superabundant wealth. I am being remembered right now in several places for good. My blessings cannot be humanly explained. I have money everywhere. I am big-time kingdom financier.

I have the supernatural intervention of the Almighty God in all my affairs. I am in the place of accomplishment; gargantuan financial accomplishments. I have no aborted dreams. I have no unmet goals. I have no unaccomplished targets. I have no unfulfilled visions. All my financial goals, targets, dreams and visions are accomplished and exceeded in the mighty and matchless name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Were you blessed by today’s KEEP SAYING IT: I AM FULFILLING GOD’S PURPOSE FOR MY LIFE let us know in the comment section below. God bless you.

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