Romans 15:13 KJV
Jeremiah 29:11 AMPC
Ephesians 2:10 AMPC
Romans 8:28 AMPC
Genesis 50:19-20
Psalm 37:23 AMPC
Psalm 138:8 TLB, AMP, AMPC
1 Corinthians 2:7-8 KJV
Romans 5:2-4 KJV

I am filled with all joy.
I am filled with peace.
I overflow with hope and confidence,
By the power of the Holy Spirit.
The God of Hope fills me with all joy and peace.
As I put my faith to work, I abound in hope.
I have great hopes.
I have great expectations,
Positive expectations of a greater future.
My future is greater than my today.
As wonderful as my life is today,
My future is even greater.
I have peace like a river, unending peace.
Great is my peace.
I command peace.
I speak peace to every circumstance,
To every situation.
I speak peace to the nations of the world.
I speak peace to my nation.
I speak peace to my city.

God’s thoughts towards me,
Are thoughts of peace,
Of welfare,
To bring me,
To an expected end.
There is an expected end.
There is a greater future.
I am confident in God’s perfect plan for me.
I am God’s handiwork,
Recreated in Christ Jesus.
I am born anew.
I do good works,
Which God predestined,
And prepared ahead of time for me to do.
I am God’s workmanship.
I am designed for good works.
I am God’s workmanship.
I am designed for good works.
I am designed for excellence.
I am designed for perfection.
God planned for me to be a blessing and
I am a blessing.

I am taking paths prepared ahead of time.
Everywhere I will go,
Everyone I will meet,
Is in God’s plan for my life.
Every situation that I will face,
Every challenge that may come my way,
Is already known of God and
He has fit it into His plan for my good and for my glory.
Everything I will ever require is made ready in God’s plan.
As I walk in the paths he prepared ahead of time,
I walk into His provision.
I walk into His purpose.
I walk into His supply.
I walk into His perfect plan.
I am living the good life He prearranged,
And made ready for me to live.
I am synchronised with God’s plans and
God’s purposes and God’s provisions for my life.
No situation, no circumstance can derail God’s plan.
I walk in His perfect plan.
God perfects all that concerns me.
He establishes all that concern me.
He accomplishes His plan for my life.
Nothing happens to me by chance.
All that happens fits into God’s perfect plan for me.
I rejoice in every test, in every trail,
In every challenge.

I am full of joy.
I am full of peace.
Every situation and circumstance,
I find myself, works together for my good,
Fits into God’s perfect plan.
It is all working together for my good.
I abound in hope.
I abound in hope.
I am full of great expectations.
I am full of beautiful visions.
I see great visions for my glorious future.
My hopes are fadeless.
My hopes endure.
They last.
I am full of positive expectations of greater glory,
Greater success.
Greater impact and
Greater influence.
Of my glory, my success, my impact,
My influence and my greatness,
There shall be no end.
My life is upwards and forwards continually.
I am greater today, than I was yesterday.
I am stronger today, than I was yesterday.
I am richer today, than I was yesterday.
I am wiser today, than I was yesterday.
My future is greater than my today.
My future is brighter than my today.
My future is more glorious than today.
I see great visions.
Everything is working out for my good.
I will not consider the current circumstances.
I don’t consider what I face right now.
I see myself in the word, full of glory, full of joy,
Rejoicing, and celebrating

I rejoice in every situation,
Knowing that all things work together for me.
I am not a child of chance.
God knew me before time.
And he pre-destinated me.
He pre-destinated me for sonship.
He pre-destinated me for dominion.
He pre-destinated me for excellence.
He pre-destinated me for greatness.
God called me to a life of glory.
He called me into His grace.
He called me into fellowship with Him.

All things work together for my good
Because I love The Lord,
Because I am the called,
According to His design and purpose.
The Lord perfects that which concerns me.
My steps are directed and established by the Lord,
For His loving kindness endures forever.
God has an excellent plan for my life,
And daily, I discover that plan,
As I walk in the light of His word.
As I study and meditate on the Word,
I become more and more acquainted,
With God’s plans for my life.
The Holy Spirit grants me insight,
Into mysteries and secrets and the realities of my heavenly kingdom.
The Holy Spirit is in me guiding me and
Helping me to fulfil God’s plan for my life.

I yield myself to the guidance and the protection of the Lord,
To actualize His desire for my life.
I am fully persuaded,
That His plans for my life are the best.
He has planned for my peace.
He has planned for my success.
He has planned for my health.
He has planned for my welfare.
He is bringing me to an expected end
My steps are ordered in the right direction.
None of my steps shall slide.
I cannot and I will not take a wrong turn.
I am led by the Spirit of God and
I cooperate with the Holy Spirit in fulfilling my destiny.

I am a chosen race.
A royal priesthood.
A dedicated nation.
God’s own purchased and special person.
I set forth His wonderful deeds.
And I display the virtues and perfections of Him,
Who called me out of darkness into His marvellous light.
I dwell in the light.
I dwell in the light.
I dwell, I abide in God’s marvellous light.
God chose me for excellence and perfection,
To display His virtues and wondrous works.
He chose me to be the light of the world.
Therefore, I am shining.
I can never be confused.
I can never lack.
I will never be found wanting.
I live and dwell in supernatural abundance.
I was born to manifest the glory of God
And establish His will and righteousness in the earth

Lord, I thank you,
For loving me so lavishly.
I trust you with my life today,
To lead me and to guide me,
In your perfect will always.
I am yielded to the guidance of the Holy Spirit,
To be led in paths of success,
To be led in victory and boundless joy.
Manifesting your glory,
And establishing your will,
And righteousness upon the earth.

I am a soulwinner.
I bring men out of darkness into God’s marvellous light.
My hopes are boundless.
I abound in hope.
There is no limit to my vision.
There is no limit to my expectation.
I can see all things.
I can hope for all things.
There is nothing impossible.
I can confidently dream for tomorrow,
Because I know that my tomorrow is history with God.
He has seen the end from the beginning, and he has determined to give me a glorious end.
I refuse to give place to fear.
I refuse to give place to anxiety.
I refuse to give place to worry.
I dwell in peace.
I dwell in joy.
I am full of peace.
I am full of joy.
I abound in hope as I trust in God.
I am founded on the eternal Rock of Ages.

I am filled with the knowledge of his will,
In all wisdom and spiritual understanding,
I am pleasing the Lord in all things,
And I am doing the good works,
which God prearranged for me to do.
God has faith in me.
He believes in me.
He builds me through His Word.
He trusts me,
He believes in me,
Because I am His workmanship.
I am His product.
I am His design.
I refuse to limit myself to the world’s perception of me.
What God thinks of me is all that matters.
He calls me the best.
He calls me perfect.
He calls me the excellent,
And that is who I am.
I am the best of me for God and for my world.
I live a wonderful life in Christ.
His grace and beauty,
Are manifested in and through me to my world.
I was born to manifest God’s glory and righteousness.
Through me, His Kingdom reigns and
Expands in the earth and in the hearts of men.

Predestination is at work in me.
My life is set on the course I must follow.
I am not an accident.
I am not a child of chance.
I am walking in the paths that God prearranged for me,
The path of great glory,
The path of greatness and unending victories.
My tomorrow is greater, brighter, richer than today.
The Lord perfects all that concerns me.
He works out His plan for my life.
I am never discouraged.
I am never cast down.
I am never dismayed.
I am always full of hope knowing the one that I have believed.
My life has a purpose with God.
He leads me by His Spirit,
In the paths that He prearranged for me.
Everything I will ever require,
Everyone I will ever need,
To fulfil all that God has called me to do is,
Available in superabundance.
I am led in the paths of success, victory and
Unending prosperity by God’s Spirit, and through the Word.
I always know and walk in God’s perfect will.
The Father’s heart,
His thoughts, His plans, His will, His purposes,
And the mysteries of the Kingdom,
Are unveiled to my spirit continually.

The Lord’s unfailing love surrounds me like a shield.
I soar in its comfort and bliss forever.
His love compels me to preach the Gospel to the lost.
And turn them from sin unto righteousness,
And from the power of Satan unto God.
I thank the Lord for His divine love for me,
Amazing love, so sweet, so sublime, so divine.
Through fellowship,
I experience this immeasurable love in its power.

I am blessed!
I am blessed!
I am blessed in the city.
I am blessed in the field.
Nothing is too good for me.
Nothing is beyond my reach.
All things, every circumstance,
Every situation fit together in God’s plan for my good.
God has the right people to help me,
At the right time, and in the right place.
He guides me to them and
He guides them to me.
God has blessed me with everything,
I require for life and godliness.
He has blessed me with all spiritual blessings,
In heavenly places in Christ Jesus.
All things are mine.
The works of my hands are blessed.
I am set on the path of permanent success and prosperity.

I rejoice in every trial,
In every challenge,
I am never cast down.
I am never discouraged.
I never have a blue day.
I never have a down day.
I abound in hope continually,
Because I am living in God’s perfect plan.

I live and dwell in divine perfect health
I dwell in a different atmosphere,
The atmosphere of the Spirit.
I rise above earthly conditions.
I rise above health or environmental issues.
I live by a different set of rules.
I have eternal life in me.
I am indestructible.
I am impregnable.
I am imperishable.
I am not bound by my feelings.
I live by the Word.
I carry my own atmosphere everywhere I go.
My atmosphere of divine health.
My atmosphere of divine prosperity.
My atmosphere of peace, of love, of joy.
I rise above my feelings.
I rise above every limitation.
I walk in the dominion and the power of the Spirit,
Over and above situations,
Circumstances and the elements of this world.
I acknowledge and affirm that all things work together for my good.
Therefore, I experience victory, prosperity and,
Success today and always.

I’m full of joy!
I’m full of peace!
I live a life of unending joy and peace
The joy that comes from within,
That transcends all circumstances.
My peace is independent of circumstances.
I’m full of joy!
I’m full of peace!
The joy of the Lord is my strength.
God’s joy fills my soul,
My path is that of the righteous,
That shines brighter and brighter unto the perfect day.
He has made my life pleasant, and my future is bright
I am guided always in the path of success,
And victory and prosperity.

My tomorrow is settled.
My tomorrow is settled.
My future is glorious.
My future is great.
I see great visions of a glorious future.
I am a victor forever.
Everything in life has been programmed for my advantage.
No weapon fashioned or formed against me shall prosper.
Every tongue that rises against me in judgment, I refute.
My life is for the glory of God.
Nothing in this world can defeat or put me under.
I am more than a conqueror.
I am triumphant in Christ Jesus.
I am full of hope.
I am never discouraged.
I am never cast down.
I am never saddened.
I am full of joy.
I am full of peace.
I am full of hope.

In this month of peace,
We bless the nations with peace,
We bless the nations of the world with peace and stability and security.
We rain down peace and righteousness on the nations.

This year, this month, and this day,
The clouds of my faith,
The clouds of my expectations,
The clouds of my declaration,
The clouds of my meditation,
They are full and emptying down
In answers,
In solutions,
In testimonies,
In miracles,
In progress,
In advancement,
In transportation,
In supply.
I have successful outcomes.
It is going to work out.
It is going to turn out fine.
My end is great and glorious.
I am sealed of God!
I am authorized!
I am certified!
I am endorsed and protected by divine seal.

Today, October 6th, 2022,
Is a day of blessings and benefits.
Today, October 6th, 2022
I take my daily provision.
I take my daily supply.
I take my daily benefits.
I have miraculous supply.
God Almighty, Maker of Heaven and Earth,
is my source.
Therefore, I lack nothing.
I have all the resources,
All the money,
All the materials,
All the information,
All the ideas,
All the contacts,
All the connections,
That I require,
For success,
For completion,
And for fruition.
I walk in abundance.
There is abundance everywhere.

Today, I have seed to sow and bread to eat.
I bless all the Lord has given me.
I give thanks for what I have.
I give thanks for the progress I have seen this year,
I declare that of the goodness of God in my life,
My money,
My goods,
My products,
My jobs,
My possessions,
My storehouses,
My warehouses,
My progress, there will be no end!
Unending resources.
Unending progress.
Unending supply
Until my work is completed and comes to fruition.
There will be no end to my supply.
There will be no end to my victory.
There will be no end to my advancement.
There will be no end to my glory.
All my accounts are bursting forth with new monies.

Today, new channels are opened to me,
Today, new channels of supply.
New channels of inflow,
New channels of distribution are open for me.
My gates are open,
They are open continually.
My platforms are open.
My accounts are open.
My businesses are open.
They are not shut day or night,
Receiving deliveries of wealth from the nations.
I have access to hidden riches of secret places.
I call forth water from the rock.
I call forth light from the darkness.
I expect, I declare, and I decree,
Unimaginable miracles and testimonies.

I am mightily helped of God!
It is not by might,
It is not by power,
But by the Spirit of God.
My hands have started, and I will finish.
All my work,
Every target, every dream, every project, every goal,
Is coming to fruition and completion by the power of God

I am strong.
I am financially strong,
I am mentally strong,
I am physically strong,
I am emotionally strong.
I am mighty.
I am powerful.
I am effective.

God’s thoughts towards me,
Are thoughts of peace,
Thoughts for my welfare,
Thoughts for my good,
Thoughts for my progress,
Thoughts for my promotion,
To bring me,
To that expected end.
Therefore, I walk in His purpose and in His plans.
I am synchronized with His provisions,
With His plans and with His timing.
All things regardless of their origin,
All things regardless of their intention,
All things regardless of what I see or what I hear or what I feel,
All things are fitting into God’s design,
God’s purpose,
God’s plan,
For my glory and my honor.
My future is great.
My future is great, it is greater than today.
My dreams are limitless.
My hopes are fadeless.
I believe all things.
I hope all things.
The Lord has perfected that which concerns me.

©CELZ5 2022

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