ISAIAH 55:12-13 KJV
EPHESIANS 1:3-11, 13 KJV

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Christ is my peace.
Christ is my peace and by Him,
I have access by one Spirit unto The Father.
I have access to The Father
I have access to every good thing.
I have access and oneness with God.
Great is my peace.
Great is my peace.
And nothing shall offend me.
I go out with Joy,
And I am led forth with Peace,
The mountains and the hills
Break forth before me into singing.

I am blessed.
I am blessed.
I am blessed of God.
That which confers,
And shares prosperity,
Power, ability and welfare,
Is active in my life.
I am blessed of God.
I am blessed with faithful Abraham.
The blessing of God,
Causes me to prosper.
I am favoured.
I have successful outcomes.
I’m infused with special abilities.
I’m an heir of spiritual blessings and Earthly blessings.

I am blessed with all spiritual blessings,
In heavenly places in Christ Jesus.
God has only one of me.
I am chosen.
I am specially selected.
He handpicked me.
I am holy and blameless before God in love.
I am blameless and unreprovable in His sight.
The Lord Jesus took responsibility for my sins,
Therefore, I am sanctified by the Spirit.
I am pre-destinated.
I have a sure and certain future.
I am working in God’s plan and purpose
For my predestination.
I know where I am going.

The Lord’s thoughts towards me,
Are thoughts of good,
And not of evil, to bring me to an expected end.
I am set on the course that I must follow.
The Holy Spirit is bringing me,
To the fullness of the stature of Christ.
And I have received the adoption.
I have been placed in my position as an heir.
I have inherited the throne,
I am ruling and reigning.
The wealth of the Kingdom is committed to me,
As the adopted son.

I am accepted in the beloved.
I am blessed, highly favored and honored.
I enjoy the riches of the glory of His grace.
Christ is my riddance.
In Him, I have redemption.
He rids me of every trouble.
No matter the situation,
I am coming out with a successful outcome.
I am sealed by the blessed Holy Spirit.
God’s mark of ownership,
Perfection, and security is upon me.
I am authorized,
I am certified,
I am endorsed,
And I am protected by the seal of God.
In Christ, I have obtained an inheritance
I am an heir of God and a joint heir with Christ.
And I have been given access to the inexhaustible,
Unfathomable, riches of Christ.
My eyes are open,
To know the hope and purpose of my calling,
The greatness of the power at work in me,
And the riches of His inheritance in me.
I am blessed,
I am aware of my blessings,
And I am conscious of my blessings,
I have been given power,
To change the world.

The Lord has set me on high above all the nations of the earth.
The Lord has set me on high above all the nations of the earth.
I am blessed in the city.
I am blessed in the field.
I am blessed in the city.
I am blessed in the field.
Blessed is the fruit of my body.
Blessed is the fruit of my ground.
My family, my children, my career are blessed.
Blessed is my basket.
Blessed is my storehouse.
Blessed are my bank accounts.
My bank accounts are always filled with money.
My businesses,
My possessions,
My investments, they are blessed.
They have successful results.
Productivity is at work in me,
I have the advantage,
In business,
In life,
In my career,
In my family.
I have the advantage.
I have productivity.
I have prosperity.

Blessed is my home.
Blessed is my workplace.
I always have plenty and it is of excellent quality.
My going out is blessed.
My coming in is blessed.
I have victory always.
I’m successful in every endeavour.
Anyone that rises up against me is defeated for my sake.
They shall come against me one way, but they shall flee seven ways.
The Lord has commanded blessings on me,
And these blessings cannot be reversed,
The blessing is in my storehouse,
The blessing is in my home,
The blessing is in my workplace,
In all I set my hand upon to do.
My land is blessed.
My work is blessed,
My home is blessed,
I am blessed with plenty.
I am blessed with an advantage.
The Lord has established me, a holy nation,
A royal priesthood,
A peculiar people,
His own special, purchased possession.
All men see that I belong to God and I am called by the name of the Lord.

The Lord has made me plenteous in goods.
The Lord has lavished me with good things,
Every good thing,
Every favour,
And earthly blessing,
So that I always having all sufficiency,
In all things,
I abound unto every good work.
I have surplus.
I live in surplus.
I have more than enough,
Surplus of prosperity.
The Lord has opened unto me His good treasures.
All things are mine.
The heavens give rain.
All my prayers,
All my declarations,
All my meditations,
All my expectations,
They are raining down now,
Blessings in my home,
Blessings in my work,
Blessings in my business,
Blessings on my labour,
Blessings on my career,
Blessings on my investments,
Blessings on my ministry,
In his season.

All the works of my hands are blessed.
I lend to many and I am not compelled to borrow.
I lend to many and I am not compelled to borrow.
I am the head and not the tail.
I am above only and never beneath.
I have blessings in the city.
I have blessings in the field.
I have harvest on every seed I sow.
I have plenty money for the work of the ministry,
More than enough,
I am a partner,
I am a gospel financer,
In the name of the Lord Jesus, there are blessings everywhere.
I have blessings of fruit and bread.
I have blessings when I come in.
I have blessings when I go out.
The Lord has defeated my enemies before me.
They come against me together but scatter in seven directions.
The Lord has blessed me with ideas.
With strength.
With innovations.
With a sound mind.
With sound judgement.
He has infused me with special abilities.
He has given me the edge, the advantage.
The blessing of God always causes me,
To always come out with successful outcomes.

Everything I do prospers.
I always know what to do,
And I have the impetus to carry it out.
I am a holy nation, a dedicated nation,
A chosen race,
A royal priesthood.
I am God’s own purchased and special person.
I belong to God.
I have an abundance of good things,
Many children, as many as I desire,
A lot of money,
Abundant possessions.
All things are mine.

Everything I do is blessed.
I lend to nations, and I am not compelled to borrow.
I am above only, never beneath.
I am the head and not the tail.
I always have the upper hand.
I am an heir of blessing of Abraham.
I am blessed with faithful Abraham.
The Lord has blessed me,
And made me great,
And I am a blessing.
I am loaded with blessings for my generation.
Everywhere I go,
Everywhere I am,
I dispense blessings.
I dispense grace.
I dispense love and compassion.
I am a big-time giver.
I am the seed of Abraham.
I am an heir of Abraham’s blessings.
I am blessed with faithful Abraham.
I am a conveyor of God’s goodness.
I am a dispenser of eternal verities.

I walk in righteousness, victory,
health and dominion today.
I am conscious that I’m blessed to be a blessing.
I usher in and distribute,
God’s goodness to the advantage of many,
I experience bountiful blessings,
In overflowing measure.
I am blessed and I am a blessing.
My life is full of good things,
In an overflowing and increasing measure and
Those I come in contact with,
Are partaking of the goodness of God in my life.

All things are mine.
I dwell in superabundance.
I am graciously supplied with every good thing.
I walk in my inheritance in Christ,
In prosperity and in divine health.
Everything connected to me grows and multiples.
There is always significant increase in its relevance.
Nothing that emanates from me loses value.

There is a special blessing of our man of God,
Upon every member of Christ Embassy Lagos Zone 5.
It is working in me.
There is no feeble person amongst us,
In Christ Embassy Lagos Zone 5.
We have this blessing from the man of God.
There is none financially feeble,
There is none mentally feeble,
There is none physically feeble,
There is none emotionally feeble,
In Christ Embassy Lagos Zone 5.
We are strong.
Financially strong,
Mentally strong,
Physically strong,
Emotionally strong.
We are mighty.
We are powerful.
We are effective.
We are financially effective,
Mentally effective,
Physically effective,
We are financially stalwart.

Every member of Christ Embassy Lagos Zone 5,
Is experiencing growth,
Spiritual growth,
Numerical growth,
Financial growth,
Growth in influence and affluence and dominance.
We are growing
In numbers
In wealth
In capacity.
We are growing in every area.

In this month of peace,
We bless the nations with peace,
Enduring peace,
Abiding peace,
Lasting peace.
We rain down peace and righteousness on the nations.

This year, this month, and this day,
The clouds of my faith,
The clouds of my expectation,
The clouds of my declaration,
The clouds of my meditation,
They are full and emptying down
In answers,
In solutions,
In testimonies,
In miracles,
In progress,
In advancement,
In transportation,
In supply.
I have successful outcomes.
I am sealed of God!
I am authorized!
I am certified!
I am endorsed!
I am protected by divine seal.

I live a life of ever-increasing glory,
Continuous victory,
Unending success, and perpetual prosperity.
My path is as the shining light,
That shines brighter and brighter,
Unto the perfect day.
I am in fellowship with The Father,
So I experience communion, peace, prosperity,
Distribution, transportation, and translation,
By the power of the Spirit of God.
I am in another place.
Things are changing rapidly!
I speak in the morning, and I testify in the evening.

Today, October 5th, 2022,
Is a day of blessings and of benefits.
Today, October 5th, 2022
I take my daily provision.
Today, October 5th, 2022
I take my daily supply.
Today, October 5th, 2022
I take my daily benefits.
I have miraculous supply.
God Almighty, Maker of Heaven and Earth,
is my source.
Therefore, I lack nothing.
I have all the resources,
All the money,
All the materials,
All the information,
All the ideas,
All the contacts,
All the connections,
That I require,
To bring my work to completion and to fruition.
There is abundance everywhere.

Today, I have seed to sow and bread to eat.
I bless all the Lord has given me.
I give thanks for all that I have.
I give thanks for the progress I have seen so far this year,
I declare that of the goodness of God,
My money,
My goods,
My products,
My jobs,
My possessions,
My storehouses,
My warehouses,
My progress, there will be no end!
There will be no end to my resources until my work is completed,
Until my work comes to fruition.
There will be no end to my supply.
There will be no end to my victory.
There will be no end to my advancement.
There will be no end to my glory.
All my accounts are bursting forth with new monies.

Today, new channels are opened to me,
Today, new channels of supply.
New channels of inflow,
New channels of distribution are open for me.
My gates are open,
They are open continually.
My platforms are open.
My accounts are open.
My businesses are open.
They are not shut day or night,
Receiving deliveries of wealth from the nations.
I have access to hidden riches of secret places.
I call forth water from the rock.
I call forth light from the darkness.
I expect, I declare, and I decree,
Unexpected, unprecedented,
Unimaginable miracles and testimonies.

I am mightily helped of God!
It is not by might,
It is not by power,
But by the Spirit of God.
My hands have started, and I will finish.
All my work,
Every target, every dream, every project, every goal,
Is coming to fruition and completion by the power of God
Christ is my wisdom.
I have limitless wisdom.
I am prudent, skillful, proficient,
I have strategies to ensure continual success.
I am sagacious.
I have light, understanding and excellent wisdom.

I am blessed in the city!
I am blessed in the field!
My family is blessed!
My ministry is blessed!
My business is blessed!
My body is blessed!
I have excellent victory all the time.

©CELZ5 2022

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