Day 3 – 30 DAYS OF RAIN (SEASON 3) – Monday, 3rd April 2023

APRIL, the Month of LIGHTS
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  • Philippians 2:14-16 KJV
  • John 5:33-35 KJV
  • Matthew 5:14-16 AMPC
  • Ephesians 5:8-9 AMPC

We declare that we carry out our ministry as light
We bring illumination,
We give leadership,
We are ahead,
We teach,
We inspire,
We have capacity to perform.
We are for signs and for seasons.
The word of God gives me inspiration.
The word of God is our inspiration.
The word of God is our light.

Grace and peace is multiplied unto me,
Through the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.
This is my month of lights.
The word of God is a lamp unto my feet,
And a light unto my path.
The word guides me.
I know what to do.
I know how to do what to do.
I know where to go.
And I know how to get there.
I am a burning and a shining light.
I am ablaze for God.
I am aflame for God.
My light burns brightly.
I am emitting divine energy.
I am effecting changes.

This is my month of lights.
The word of God is working for me.
The word of God is working in me.
The word of God is working through me.
I have a more sure word of prophecy.
I rely solely on the infallible word of God.
The day dawns.
The day star arises in my heart.
I see light everywhere.
I am victorious.
I receive answers.
I see answers everywhere.
I see solutions all around me.

This is my month of lights.
I am lighting up the darkness everywhere.
I am ablaze for God.
I am burning and shining everywhere with confidence.
I am a burning light.
I am a shining light by the power of the Spirit of God.
In the name of the Lord Jesus, I am changing my world.
I have words in me,
Words with the capacity to effect changes.
And as I speak those words,
I effect changes around the world.
I am effective in the name of the Lord Jesus.
I have capacity.
I am a burning light.
I am emitting energy.
I have capacity to effect changes.

I am blameless.
Innocent, uncontaminated.
A child of God without blemish.
I am faultless.
Unrebukable in the midst of a crooked and wicked generation.
I am a bright light.
I shine like a star,
Clearly in a dark world.
I hold forth the word of life to everyone in my world.
I am a witness to the truth.
I am a burning and shining light.
Men come to rejoice in my light.
My light is burning.
My light is shining.
I am aglow, burning fervently for the Master.
I am passionate about the gospel of the Lord Jesus.

This is my month of Lights.
I am effective.
I am an effective Christian.
An effective soul winner.
I am an effective partner.
I am effective in my Cell Group.
I am effective in my Church.
I am an effective person.
I am effective on my job.
I am effective in my business.
I am effective in everything that I do.
I am efficient.
I am outstanding.
I am excellent.
First-class all the way!
I am exceptional.
I am competent.
I am resourceful.
I am proficient.
I am capable.
I have capacity.
The ability of God is at work in and through me.
I am extraordinary.

I am the light of the world.
I am for illumination.
For leadership.
For empowerment.
For signs and wonders.
The angels of God are working for me and in me.
New angels have been released to function in my behalf.
I am never alone.
It makes no difference the darkness and the problems in the world,
I am the hope and the solution that the world needs.
The problems,
The hardships,
The difficulties in the world today,
Are my opportunities to shine,
And manifest the glory of God.
I am established in the path of greatness and excellence forever.
Everywhere I am and in all I do,
My light shines with such intensity
That the world sees and glorifies God.
I openly manifest the glory of God in my world,
Dispelling, ousting, and expelling darkness,
And all its works.
I am the light of the world,
A city set on a hill, cannot be hidden!
Today, I set forth the wonderful deeds,
And I display the virtues and perfections of Him,
Who called me out of darkness,
Into His marvelous light.
Light, understanding and sound wisdom,
Superior wisdom are found in me.

This is the set time to favour the nations.
God is favoring the nations.
The Lord is having mercy upon the nations.
This is the Lord’s set time to bless the nations.
This is the set time to bless my nation.
I bless the nations with peace.
I bless the nations with prosperity.
I bless the nations with righteousness.
The nations spring up righteousness and salvation.
I declare, the favour of God is poured out.
The mercy of God is poured out upon the nations.
The Lord in His mercy, blesses the nations,
With leadership that promotes the righteous cause of peace, prosperity, and justice.

Peace to the nations!
Favour to the nations!
And righteousness to the nations!
Grace and peace upon the nations!
In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,
Amen, Amen, Amen.

I bless Nigeria with stability.
I bless Nigeria with salvation.
I bless this nation with righteousness.
Prosperity, peace and security.
We dwell safely in Nigeria.
We live in safety in our nation.
Our streets are safe.
Our schools are safe.
The Lord grants us peace in this nation.
We lie down in peace, and none can make us afraid.

The Lord has looked upon us with favour.
He has increased our numbers.
Our nation is fruitful and productive.
Our economy is blessed.
Our economy is turning around for good.
Things are working in this nation.
Nigeria is a great nation
Nigeria is a place of peace.
Nigeria is a place of abundance.
There is more than enough in this nation.
And every citizen of Nigeria
sees and experiences the goodness of God,
In the land of the living.
The Lord dwells in this nation.
For his people are here
Angels patrol our streets.
Christ, is Lord over this nation.

The Lord gives me rain in due season.
The land yields me her increase.
The trees of the field yield their fruits.
I eat my bread to the full.
I dwell safely in the land.
Nothing and no one can make me afraid.
The Lord heals the land of the (wide) beasts.
No sword or violence shall go through our nation.
The Lord leans towards me with favour and regard.
Everything I do is fruitful.
Everything I do turns out successful.
Everything I get involved with turns to gold.
Daily, the Lord is multiplying me.
Daily, the Lord is establishing me.
I have such a harvest, even till the new harvest is ready!
I will still be eating of the old harvest,
When the new one arrives.

I have abundance of rain.
I have abundant results.
I have abundant supply.
I have achievements everywhere.
My goals are met.
My targets are surpassed.
The Lord has favoured me.
He has increased my numbers.
I am prolific in every way.
Every number associated with me is proliferating.
Every number associated with me is increasing.
Every number associated with me is multiplying.
My souls in the house of God are increasing.
My cell members are increasing.
My church members are increasing.
Christ Embassy Lagos Zone 5 is proliferating all over the island.
My money is increasing.
My money is multiplying.
My job is flourishing.
My businesses are flourishing.
My partnership is increasing.
Everything about me,
And around me,
Is proliferating to the glory of God!
My seeds are coming to fruition,
and I am enjoying an abundant harvest in due season,
For it is my due season for the abundant harvest.
My seeds of money,
My seeds of prayers,
My seeds of affirmation,
My seeds of encouragement,
They are yielding a harvest of money
A harvest of answers,
A harvest of solutions,
A harvest of encouragement and favour,
And it is an abundant harvest.

Everywhere I go, people are kind to me.
Unusual and unexplained favours happen for me today, April 3rd, 2023.
Unusual and unexplained favours happen for me in this month of April 2023.
This month, I am victorious,
Against all adversaries,
Against all adversities,
Against all adverse situations,
I chase a thousand by the power of the Spirit of God,
And I am victorious in all circumstances,
In the name of the Lord Jesus.
I am the seed of Abraham,
I am the heir and the beneficiary of the covenant,
Therefore, I am the blessed one
Therefore, the world belongs to me,
Therefore, I am rich,
Therefore, I am favoured,
Therefore, I am helped,
God has given me power to create wealth,
That, he might establish his covenant,
And that covenant is active and producing results.
I am the seed of Abraham,
And an heir according to the promise.
The world belongs to me.
The world belongs to me.
Everything that belongs to God,
Belongs to me,
I am an heir of God,
And joint heir with Christ.
Christ lives in me.
His presence is manifested in me.
Every day, I live in the presence of God.
In Him, I live.
In Him, I move.
In Him, I have my being.
I am in God’s presence every day.
I am never out of His presence.
I dwell in His presence
I move in His presence
I carry out my life in His presence
He lives in me, therefore, I will not sink,
He lives in me, therefore, I rise above every circumstance,
He lives in me, therefore, His wisdom, His grace, His light are at work in me.

I am flourishing.
I am fruitful, productive.
The Lord makes all grace,
Every favour and earthly blessing come to me in abundance.
So, always in all circumstances,
I am self-sufficient,
I possess more than enough,
To require no aid or support.
I am furnished in abundance for every good work and charitable donation.
I live and walk in divine perfect health,
From the crown of my head to the soles of my feet.
I am healthy,
I’m strong,
I’m sound,
I’m well.
The Lord has perfected all that concerns me.
I’ve got the life of God in me.
The Spirit of Him that raised Jesus from the dead lives in me.
Therefore, my body is vitalized, inundated, flooded with divine life.
Every cell of my body, every bone of my blood.
Every organ, every tissue, every sinus is vitalized with divine life.
No sickness,
No disease,
No infirmity,
No death can stay in my body, life evermore, life, life evermore , life evermore for Christ lives in me.

I experience the favour of God everywhere,
I see the glory of God everywhere,
I experience the goodness of God everywhere.
The earth is filled with the goodness of God.
And I am seeing it.
I am experiencing it.
There is favour for me.
There is abundance for me everywhere.

Today, new channels are opened for me.
My customers are multiplied.
My jobs are multiplied.
My finances are multiplied.
My contacts are multiplied.
My businesses are multiplied.
My partners are multiplied.
My platforms are multiplied.
They are not shut day or night,
Receiving deliveries of wealth from the nations.

Father! I thank You for what I have in my hands.
I thank You for what I have in my house.
I thank You for what I have in my warehouse.
I thank You for what I have in my inventory.
I thank You for what I have in my store, in my shop.

And in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ,
I invoke the power of multiplication upon all that I have and,
They will multiply.
They will multiply until the job gets done.
They will multiply until I finish the target.
They will multiply and multiply and multiply.
My seed is producing a harvest, financial harvest.
Harvest of souls, harvest of answers, Harvest of testimonies.
Harvest of Favour harvest of mercy,
Harvest of encouragement.

I have an unending harvest!
Unending supply!
Unending favour!
Unending resources!
By the power of the Holy Ghost!
I hear the sound of the abundance of rain.
It’s raining favour!
It’s raining testimonies!
It’s raining money!
It’s raining answers!
It’s raining solutions!
It’s raining testimonies!
Material testimonies!
National testimonies!
Global testimonies!
It is raining!
It is raining!
Raining answers.
Raining solutions.
Raining finances.
Raining testimonies.
All that I require is available unto me in the name of the Lord Jesus.
(Speak in tongues).

Remember we are declaring a harvest. So you must give. Make sure you put seeds in the ground everyday of these 30 days. Because we are speaking harvest and the harvest is so fast. While we are still enjoying the harvest of the ones we have already sown, another one is coming
Make sure you have seed in the ground.

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