Friday, 21st April 2023

Authority in the Name of Jesus
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Zechariah 4:6-9 KJV, TLB
Psalm 1:3 AMPC

This is my month of lights.
The word is a lamp unto my feet.
And a light unto my path.
I have divine direction.
I am led by the Spirit of God.
I work in the light as He is in the light.
I know what to do.
And I know how to do what to do.
I know where to go.
And I know how to get there.
I am a child of light.
I am burning and shining for the Lord.
I am effective.
I have the capacity to perform.
I am emitting energy,
To effect changes in the realm of the Spirit.

Not by might,
Nor by power,
But by the Spirit of the Lord.
I succeed because of the Spirit of God works in me.
Therefore no mountain,
However high,
That can stand before me!
It will flatten out before me!
By grace, my hands have laid the foundation,
Of the project, of the event, of the building, of the job, of the business, And
By grace my hands will finish it.
My hands have laid the foundation,
And my hands will complete it.
This is my season of completions.
This is my season of testimonies.
Everything I lay my hands to do,
Everything I start,
Everything I have started, I finish.
My projects are coming to fruition.
My visions are coming to pass.
My heart’s desires are being fulfilled.
Not by my might,
Nor by my power,
But by the power of the Holy Spirit and in the name of the Lord Jesus.

I am a tree firmly planted,
And tended by the streams of water.
I bring forth fruit in its season.
My leaves do not fade or wither.
Everything I do prospers.
Everything I do blossoms, flourishes, and grows.
Everything I do succeeds.
Everything I do comes to maturity.
Everything I do comes to fruition.
Everything I do comes to completion.
Everything I do comes to fulfillment.
Everything I do finishes excellently.
I am mightily helped of God.
It is not by my might,
Nor by my power,
But by the Spirit of God.
My hands started it,
My hands will complete it at the right time.
No aborted dreams.
No truncated goals.
The power of fruition,
The power of accomplishment,
The power of completion,
Is at work in me by the Spirit of God.

I can do all things,
Through Christ who strengthens me.
I have the advantage.
The Holy Spirit gives me the advantage!
He helps me set new records,
And He helps me to break those records.
He helps me to see new visions,
And He helps me to accomplish those visions.
He helps me to see beyond,
And He helps me to break limits.
In my life,
In my Career,
In Ministry,
In Business,
In my Job,
In my Academics.
His power and grace
Cause me to do the extraordinary,
To do the unimaginable,
To do the impossible.
To do the unprecedented.
I execute every task,
Every Project,
Every assignment,
By the power, wisdom, and guidance of the Spirit.
My power, my ability and my sufficiency are of God.
Every act of my faith is brought to fruition,
By the power of God at work in me.

I am blessed and highly favoured.
I am the light of the world, a city set on a hill that cannot be hidden.
I am shining and radiating the glory of God.
I am fruitful and productive.
I am led by the Spirit of God always.
The Lord has increased my greatness and comforted me on every side.
I am self-sufficient in Christ’s sufficiency.
Christ is my wisdom, my righteousness, my sanctification, and my riddance.
The Lord has placed before me open doors, which no man can shut.
All things are working together for my good because I love God, and
I am the called according to his purpose.
I am an heir of God,
A joint heir with Christ.
I am God’s workmanship, his product, his design, his expression.
I am set for good works and created for excellent things.
The Lord is my shepherd, I have everything that I need.
I am abundantly supplied.
I set forth and display the wonderful deeds, the virtues, and perfections of Him who called me out of darkness into His marvelous light.
Greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world.
I have overcome them,
I have overcome the world,
I have overcome the darkness,
I have overcome the systems,
I have overcome the lies.

This is my season of harvest.
This is my set time of favour.
The heavens respond to my voice.
The earth responds to my voice.
My seeds respond to my voice.

I have the codes for supernatural harvest.
And I declare that right now,
My harvest is overtaking my sowing.
My seeds of money,
Soul winning,
Are yielding right now,
An abundance of finances,
Answers and

I have the codes for supernatural peace.
I am free from agitations,
From fear,
From conflicts.
From disturbances.
I dwell in safety.
I dwell in peace.
There is great peace in our nation, Nigeria.
Violence shall not overtake our nation,
The (wild) beasts will not inhabit our nation.
And we bless the nations of the world with peace, prosperity, righteousness, salvation, favour,
And the leadership that will fulfil God’s plans and purpose.
We declare that men and women everywhere experience the goodness of the Lord.

I have the codes for supernatural victory,
I have overcome the world.
I have overcome every adversary and adversity.
I am victorious,
Over circumstances,
Over Satan and the demons of hell.
My faith prevails in every circumstance.
And I come forth with a testimony.

I have the codes for supernatural favour.
I am surrounded with favour as a force field.
This year, 2023,
This month, April 2023,
Today, April 21st, 2023, unusual and unexplained favours are happening to me.
They are gravitating towards me,
Favour is locating me,
Everywhere I turn,
I experience favour!
I experience help!
I experience support!
I experience promotion!
I am surrounded with goodwill, with kindness, with pleasure, with grace, and with blessings.

I have the codes for supernatural proliferation.
I am fruitful.
I am productive.
I am very prolific.
Every number associated with me is proliferating, increasing, and multiplying.
My cell membership,
My souls,
My jobs, businesses, my partnership, everything about me, and around me
Is proliferating to the glory of God!

In Christ Embassy Lagos Zone 5,
The Lord has increased our numbers.
We are multiplying in grace,
In impact,
In finances,
In membership,
We are spreading.
And increasing all over the Island,
Our cells are increasing.
Our churches are increasing.
Our members are increasing.
Our finances are increasing.
Our numbers are increasing.
We are proliferating in the name of the Lord Jesus.

I have the codes for supernatural wealth.
I walk in the blessing of Abraham.
I am an heir of God and a joint heir with Christ.
All things are mine.
All things are mine.
The lines are fallen unto me in pleasant places.
Great is my portion.
Great is my heritage.
Great is my life.
I’m ever conscious of the presence of God.
I’m ever conscious of the indwelling Christ.
I am always in the presence of God.
In Him I live and move, and have my being.

Christ lives in me; therefore, my life is glorified,
My body is vitalized.
No sickness, no disease, no infirmity, no death can stay in my body.
My body is the temple of the Holy Ghost, therefore, I function in divine, perfect health
from the crown of my head to the soles of my feet.

Father, I thank You for what I have in my hands,
In my account, in my store, in my shop, in my business.
I thank You for everything,
And I declare by the power of the Holy Ghost that my resources are multiplied!
My finances are multiplied!
My businesses are multiplied!
My contacts, my clients, my customers are multiplied!
My inventory is multiplied!
My platforms are multiplied!
They are not shut day or night,
Receiving deliveries of wealth from the nations.

My light shines brighter and brighter,
I go from glory to glory,
From success to success,
From victory to victory,
From strength to strength,
By the power of the Holy Ghost.

Of my prosperity, my greatness, my influence,
My impact, my achievements, my success, my promotion, there will be no end.
I am an absolute success in life.
And I declare that all my targets are coming to fulfilments,
All my projects are coming to completion, all my dreams are coming to fruition,
By the grace of God at work in me mightily in the name of the Lord Jesus.
No obstacle will stand against me,
No policy will stand against me,
No circumstance will stand against me,
Everything I do prospers and comes to completion in the name of the Lord Jesus.

In these 30 days, there is abundance of rain!
Rain of testimonies!
Rain of money!
Rain of answers!
Rain of supplies!
Rain of promotions!
Rain of results!
Rain of completions!
There will be changes.
There will be advancement.
There will be increase.
There will be harvests.

No aborted dreams,
No truncated goals,
The power and the grace of completion is at work in me.
The power of fruition is at work in me.
I can do all things ,
By the Holy Spirit,
Who lives in me!
The Holy Spirit is my advantage.
In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Amen & Amen!!!!

©CELZ5 2023


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