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Conditioning Your Spirit for Excellence

4 Things Christ Is Made unto Us (Part 2)


  • Ephesians 2: 10 AMPC

I am set for good works.
I am created to do excellent things.
I take good actions, excellent actions.
Just as I’m the perfection of God, whatever comes out of me is perfect and excellent.
God planned my life ahead of time.
Everywhere I’m going to go,
Everything I’m going to do.
Whatever I’m going to say,
Is planned before hand of God.
I’m taking path that God prepared ahead for me to walk in.
I don’t go anywhere by chance.
I don’t do anything by chance.
My whole life is prepared.
Every path I’m going to take has been prepared ahead of time.
God prearranged that I will live a good life.
Everything is fully set, Is prearranged,
The places I go,
The things I will do,
The things I will need,
Everything has been set before hand.
He has set my life.
Everything is made ready for me.
God has prepared everything.

This is my month of lights.
I see light, shinning in a dark place.
I have the more sure word of prophecy.
I trust the word.
I hold on to the word.
I have divine direction.
I am led by the Spirit of God.
I know what to do.
I know how to do what to do.
I know where to go.
And I know how to get there.
I am a child of light.
I am burning for the Lord.
I am effective.
I have the capacity to perform.
I am emitting energy,
To effect changes in the realm of the Spirit.

What God thinks of me is all that matters.
He made me the best,
And He sees me to be the best,
I live my best.
I am the best of me for God in this world!
I’m the seed of Christ, prolonging His days.
I’m God’s dream come true.
God absolutely believes in me!
I have a wonderful life in Christ.

God’s grace and beauty,
Are evidently manifested in and through me to my world.
I was born to manifest His glory and righteousness;
Through me, His Kingdom reigns and expands in the earth ,
And in the hearts of men.
I was born for a purpose.
I came to do the will of my heavenly Father.
I was not born for nothing.
I was born for the glory of God.
I was born to walk with Him and bring Him honour.
God planned from the beginning that I should serve him and live unto Him.
I’m in the world at such a time as this, for a purpose,
Living the life that God prearranged for me.
Before the foundation of the world,

He planned that I should serve Him and live for Him,
And that through me, His righteousness would be established in the earth,
And in the hearts of men.
I’m fulfilling this purpose daily.
My life is for the glory of God;
I’m God’s workmanship,
Fashioned for excellence.
I’m born of God, for glory and for beauty.
I’m a chosen generation,
A royal priesthood,
A Holy nation,
God’s own purchased, special people,
That I may set forth the wonderful deeds,
And display the virtues and perfections of Him,
Who called me out of darkness into His marvelous light.

I’m the crowning beauty of all God’s creation;
The consummation and perfection of His works!
My life is full of the glory, the beauty, the wisdom, and perfection of God,
And I manifest these to my world!
I was created for God’s glory,
And not for poverty, sickness, disease, failure or dishonour.
I am His excellent handiwork;
I can never be a failure.
God wouldn’t, and couldn’t make anything that fails.
I’m His workmanship,
I am the best of me that there is or could ever be!
I’m the first and the best of everything that God made;
I’m peculiar.
God knows His product; and that’s me.
His stamp and seal of perfection is on me,
Certifying perfect health, success, victory, effectiveness and glory.
I’m immune to satanic attacks;
I’m poverty-proof!
I’m without blemish.
There is no room in my life for anything that is not of God.
My life has been fashioned by God for excellence.
I’ve been recreated unto divine health, prosperity and the supernatural life.

The Lord has His label on me;
I have His very mark of perfection,
Certifying me whole; spirit, soul, and body!
I’m perfect and complete in Him.
I’m a new creature,
A new specie,
I don’t have an old life,
My human life was supplanted,
And replaced with the life of God when I got born again.
I’m an associate of the God-kind.
I’m a new creature, never in bondage.
A new creature, that never existed before,
Never sinned.
I was born free,
And I was born sin free.
Sin has no dominion over me:
I’m alive!
I’m alive unto God.

I’m a new creature,
Born with the life and nature of God.
I walk in newness of life,
Conscious that I’ve been raised together with Christ,
And made to sit together with Him,
In the place of victory, authority, and dominion forever.
The Holy Spirit is my life.
He is my advantage.
He causes me to see, think, say and do things,
At a superior and supernatural level.
His ideas in me are unbeatable,
And because of that,
I win all the time.

The Holy Spirit has brought the glory of God into my life,
Giving me guidance and direction;
He makes me creative and innovative.
He’s filled me with supernatural ability to do things beyond the ordinary;
Therefore, I do good works.
I see value where others don’t;
I bring in new things to this world.
I have insight into mysteries and secrets through the Holy Spirit.
God’s plan is the best for me; and I walk in the light of it.
I’m acquainted with His plans for my life.
I yield myself to the ministry of the Holy Spirit.
He’s the One who helps me understand the Scriptures,
Granting me insight into mysteries and realities of the Kingdom.
The Holy Spirit is in me to help me fulfil God’s plans for my life.
Thank you, Father, for the thoughts that you think toward me; are
Thoughts of peace, not of evil,
To give me an expected end.
I yield myself to God’s guidance and protection,
To actualize His desire for my life,
I’m fully persuaded that God’s plan is the best.
My steps are ordered in the right direction,
None of my steps shall slide.

I’m an heir of God.
I’m his offspring.
I’m an heir of God and a joint heir with Christ.
Everything that belongs to Christ belongs to me.
I have equal rights of ownership.
All things work together for my good, because I love God and I am the called according to his purpose.
I have received abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness.
I reign as a king in life by Christ Jesus.
I am kinging in life.
I am kinging in life.
I declare that the doors of Nations are opened to me.
I declare that the doors of Nations remain open to the Gospel.
The Gospel has free cause and is glorified in every nation of the world.
A great door for effective work is opened in the nations.
I pour forth righteousness on the nations and,
The earth brings forth salvation.
I bless the nations with peace, prosperity, and progress.

This is my due season.
This is my due season.
This is my season of harvest.
This is my set time for favour.
This is my season of open doors;
This is my season of opportunity,
God’s word in my mouth is as the rain that comes down from heaven and waters the earth, causing it to produce a harvest.
The word of God is working, in my health,
In my body,
In my business,
In my ministry.
The word accomplishes the purpose for which I send it.
The heavens respond to my voice.
The earth responds to my voice.
My seeds respond to my voice.

And I declare that right now,
I have, I receive, and I function in a great, supernatural, and abundant harvest.
I have the codes for supernatural harvest.
My harvest is overtaking my sowing.
Blessing upon blessing.
Grace upon grace.
Harvest upon harvest.
Everywhere I turn, there are blessings!

My seeds of money,
Soul winning,
Are yielding right now,
An abundance of finances,
Answers and
There is abundance everywhere.

I have the codes for supernatural peace.
I am free from agitating passions.
I am free from fear,
I am free from moral conflicts.
I am free from every disturbance.
I dwell in safety.
I dwell in peace.
I declare that there is great peace in Nigeria.
The sword shall not pass through our land.
Violence shall not overtake our nation,
The (wild) beasts will not inhabit our nation.
War is eliminated from our nation.
In the name of the Lord Jesus.

And now, we bless the nations of the world with peace, prosperity, righteousness, salvation, and favour.
And we declare that the nations receive the leadership that will fulfil God’s plan and purposes for this time.
We declare that men and women everywhere, in all nations, around the world, see and experience the goodness of the Lord.

I have the codes for supernatural victory,
Victory, over all enemies, and contrary circumstances.
I have overcome the world.
I have overcome every adversary and every adversity.
I am victorious,
Over circumstances,
Over Satan and the demons of hell.
I have overcome the world.
My faith prevails in every circumstance.
And I come forth with a testimony.

I have the codes for supernatural favour.
The Lord looks upon me with favour.
And leans toward me with regard.
I am surrounded with favour as a force field.
I am surrounded with goodwill, kindness, pleasure, grace, and blessings.

This year, 2023, unusual and unexplained favours are happening to me.
This month, April 2023, unusual and unexplained favours are happening to me.
Today, April 15th, 2023, unusual and unexplained favours are happening to me.
They are gravitating towards me,
Favour is locating me for good.
Everywhere I turn,
I experience favour!
I experience help!
I experience support!

I have the codes for supernatural proliferation.
I am fruitful.
I am productive.
I am very prolific.
Every number associated with me is proliferating, increasing, and multiplying.
My cell membership is multiplying,
My souls in the house of God are multiplying.
My jobs, my businesses, my partnership, and everything around me
Is proliferating to the glory of God!

In Christ Embassy Lagos Zone 5,
We have the codes for supernatural proliferation.
The Lord has increased our numbers.
We are multiplying.
We are spreading.
We are increasing all over the Island,
In the name of the Lord Jesus.
Our cells are increasing.
Our churches are increasing.
Our members are increasing.
Our numbers are increasing.
We are proliferating.

I have the codes for supernatural wealth.
I walk in the blessing of Abraham.
God has prearranged and made ready for me a good life.
I multiply effortlessly.
Multiplication, expansion, excellence, and greatness,
Are at work in me.
I am an heir of God, and a joint heir with Christ.
All things are mine.
Greatness is mine.
Greatness is my portion.
Greatness is my life.
I am ever conscious of the presence of God.
I am ever conscious of the indwelling Christ.
I am always in the presence of God.
In Him I live, In Him I move. In Him I have my being

Christ lives in me,
Therefore, I soar higher and higher.
Christ lives in me; therefore, my life is glorified,
My body is vitalized.
No sickness, no disease, no infirmity, no death can stay in my body.
I function in perfect divine health.

Father, I thank You for what I have in my hands,
In my bank account, in my store, in my shop, in my business.
I thank You for everything,
And I declare by the power of the Holy Ghost that my resources are multiplied.
My finances are multiplied,
My businesses are multiplied,
My contacts are multiplied,
My inventory is multiplied,
My clients are multiplied,
My customers are multiplied,
My platforms are multiplied,
They are not shut day or night,
Receiving deliveries of wealth from the nations.

I’m the seed of Abraham.
My light shines brighter and brighter,
I go from glory to glory,
From success to success,
From victory to victory,
By the power of the Holy Ghost.

Of my prosperity, my greatness, my influence,
My impact and my achievements, there shall be no end.
There is no terminal point to my ever-increasing glory, my lifting, my success, and my promotion.
I am an absolute success in life.
The word of God in my mouth is effective,
Causing even the barren ground to produce fruits,
And bring forth a harvest.
In these 30 days, there will be rain!
Rain of testimonies!
Rain of money!
Rain of answers!
Rain of supplies!
Rain of results!
There will be changes.
There will be advancement.
There will be increase.
There will be a harvest,
In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Amen & Amen!!!!

©CELZ5 2023

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  1. Efe Felix Atate

    Hallelujah! Glory to God Almighty, yes am proliferating everywhere. No man forbidden me. Thank you Lord.

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