Day 1 – 30 DAYS OF RAIN (SEASON 3) – Saturday, 1st April 2023

March, the Month of Favour


  • Ecclesiastes 11:3 KJV
  • Deuterononmy 32:1-2 KJV
  • Romans 10:10 KJV
  • Psalm 102:13 KJV
  • 2 Corinthians 9:8 AMPC
  • Leviticus 26:4-12 KJV, NIV


This is my month of favour.
This is my set time.
This is my due season.
I am blessed and highly favoured.
As the mountains surround Jerusalem,
So the Lord, surrounds me.
The angels of God encamp around me.
I am encompassed with favour as with a shield,
I am surrounded by favour
I am surrounded with goodwill.
I am surrounded with pleasure.
I am surrounded with kindness.
I am surrounded with grace.
I am surrounded with blessings.
I am surrounded with approval.
I am surrounded with support.
I am surrounded with gifts.
I am surrounded with help.
I am surrounded with aid.
I am preferred.
I am highly esteemed.
I have promotion on every side.

The word of God leads me.
The word of God guides me.
The word of God trains me.
The word of God builds me.
I am who God says I am.
I have what God says I have.
I can do what God says I can do.
I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.
I am a doer of the word,
Not a hearer only.
I am in fellowship with God.
I am called into the fellowship of the God kind.
His divine power has given me,
All things that pertain unto life and godliness.
I am called to glory and virtue.
I live a life of glory and virtue.

I am fruitful and productive.
The favour of God is abundant in my life.
The Lord gives me regular rains.
The land yields me bumper crops.
My trees are continually loaded with fruit,
Long after the normal time!
My grapes will still be ripening, when sowing time comes around again.
I lay up gold as dust.
My blessing is like the flowing river,
Constantly coming in.
Wave after wave.
My favour is unstoppable.
I eat my fill and I live safely in the land.
The Lord has given me peace.
I sleep without fear.

The Lord has chased away the dangerous animals.
The hyenas and jackals will not dwell in my luxurious palaces.
A thousand may fall at my side.
Ten thousand at my right side
But it will not come near me.
I am beloved of the Lord.
The Lord looks after me.
The Lord has looked upon me with favour.
The Lord multiplies me.
I have such surplus of crops, even till the new harvest is ready!
I will still be eating the last harvest,
When the new harvest arrives.

It is my due season.
It is my due season.
It is my due season.
It is my due season for harvest and
The Lord gives me rain in my due season.
The land yields me her increase.
The trees of the field yield their fruit.
I eat my bread to the full.
I dwell securely.
The Lord gives me peace in the land.
Nothing and no one can make me afraid.
No sword will go through my land
The Lord removes the (wild) beasts out of the land.
The Lord leans towards me with favor and regard.
Everything I do is fruitful.
Everything I do, turns out successful.
Everything I get involved with turns to profit.
Daily, the Lord is multiplying me.
Daily the Lord is establishing me.
I will eat the abundant old store,
And will still have when the new harvest arrives.

I have abundance of rain.
I have abundant results.
I have abundant supply.
I have achievements everywhere.
My goals are met.
My targets are surpassed.
That is the story of my life.
My threshing will continue until the harvest,
And the harvest will continue until planting.

God has had mercy upon Zion:
for the time to favour her,
yea, the set time, is come.
It is my set time for favour.
It is my due season for harvest.
The Lord looks with favour on me.
He multiplies me.
I am abundantly fruitful, successful and prolific.
This is the Lord’s time to bless the nations.
This is the Lord’s time to bless my nation.
I bless my nation with peace.
I bless Nigeria with prosperity.
With righteousness.
I declare the favour of God is poured out upon the nations.
The mercy of God is poured out upon the nations.
The nations are blessed with leadership,
that promote righteousness, peace, prosperity, and justice.
The hyenas and the jackals shall not dwell in our luxurious palaces.

Peace to the nations!
Favour to the nations!
Righteousness to the nations!
And to my nation.
In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Lord grants us peace in the land.
We lie down in peace, and none can make us afraid.
We live safe and secure in our land.
The enemy is defeated.
The enemy is fallen before us.
The Lord has looked upon us with favour.
He has increased our numbers.
In Christ Embassy Lagos zone 5, the Lord has increased our numbers.
We are multiplied and spreading all over the Island in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Our nation is fruitful and productive.
Our economy is blessed.
Things are working in this nation.
For this is a great nation!
My country is a place of peace.
War is eliminated.
My country is a place of abundance.
There is more than enough in Nigeria.
The citizens of Nigeria,
See and experience the goodness of the Lord,
In the land of the living.

The Lord has favoured me.
He has increased my numbers.
All numbers, Glory to God.
I am prolific in every way.
Every number associated with me is proliferating, increasing, multiplying.
My souls are increasing.
My cell members are increasing.
My church members are increasing.
Christ Embassy Lagos Zone 5 is increasing on the Island.
My money is increasing.
My money is multiplying.
My job is flourishing.
My businesses are increasing.
My partnership is increasing.
Everything about me,
And around me,
Is proliferating to the glory of God!
I will still be eating from my last seed,
When I have to move it out,
To make room for the new harvest.

Favour and Grace have qualified me.
It is not by power.
It is not by might nor by power,
Nor by my own qualification.
The Lord Himself qualified me.
I am favoured and piloted by grace.
I enter into open doors by favour.
Everywhere I go, people are kind to me.
Unusual and unexplained favours happen for me today, April 1st 2023
Unusual and unexplained favours happen for me this month, April 2023.

The Lord has made all grace,
Every favour and earthly blessing come to me in abundance.
I am always in all circumstances,
possessing more than enough,
I require no aid nor support.
I am furnished in abundance for every good work and charitable donation.
I am satisfied with favour.
I am full of the blessing of the Lord.
I take possession by favour.
All things are mine.
I have favour upon favour.
grace upon grace.
blessings upon blessings.
I am satisfied with the blessing of the Lord.
I lack for nothing.

I walk in divine perfect health,
From the crown of my head to the souls of my feet.
I am healthy. I am strong.

I see the glory of God everywhere,
I experience the goodness of God everywhere.
And I am seeing it.
I am experiencing it.
There is favour for me, abundance for me, everywhere.
Today, new channels are opened to me.
My customers are multiplied.
My jobs are multiplied.
My contacts are multiplied.
My businesses are multiplied.
My partners are multiplied.
My platforms are multiplied.
They are not shut day or night,
Receiving deliveries of wealth from the nations.

Father! I thank You for what I have in my hands.
Thank You, for what I have in my account, in my house.
In my store, in my warehouse, in my shop.
And in the name of the Lord Jesus,
I invoke the power of multiplication upon all that I have and,
They will multiply.
They will multiply until the job gets done.
They will multiply until I finish the target.
They will multiply and multiply and multiply.
Unending favour!
Unending resources!
Unending supply by the power of the Holy Ghost!
Thank You for the cloud.
Thank You for the cloud.
I hear the sound of abundance of rain.
It is raining!
It’s raining favour!
It’s raining testimonies!
It’s raining financial testimonies!.
Physical testimonies!
It’s raining material testimonies!
national testimonies!
global testimonies!
It is raining!
It is raining!
It is raining!
It is raining!
It is raining!
(Speak in tongues)

Praise the Lord forevermore
With that we have launched into 30 days of rain.
Remember, the Word said it is our due season for rain.
And the Lord will give us rain in the due season, He will multiply us.
Looking upon us with favour.
Glory to God.

Take time out to meditate on the scriptures that we shared with you.
Make sure you win souls today.
Plan to have the biggest attendance in your cell, in your church, in your group and in the zone on Sunday, tomorrow April 2nd.

God bless you.

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