Psalm 119: 165 KJV
Zechariah 4:6-9 KJV, TLB
2 Thess 1:11-12 KJV, NIV
2 Corinthians 3: 5 KJV, AMPC
Phillippians 2:13 KJV

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“An Understanding of the Gospel of Christ”

I have great peace.
I have great peace,
Because I love the word of the Lord,
and nothing shall offend me.
In this Month of Peace,
Great is my peace.
Great is my peace,
and nothing shall offend me.
I have peace like a river, unending peace.
I have peace,
And I command peace,
In every situation,
And circumstance.
I speak peace,
To the nations of the world

I am mightily helped of God.
I am mightily helped of God.
It is not by my might.
It is not by my power.
But by the Spirit of God.
My hands started it and,
My hands will complete it.
In this part of the year,
No aborted dreams.
No truncated goals.
The power of fruition,
The power of accomplishment,
The power of completion,
Is at work in me by the Spirit of God.

By the Spirit of God, I can do all things,
Through Christ which strengthens me.
I have the advantage
The Holy Spirit gives me the advantage!
He helps me set new records and,
He helps me to break those records.
He helps me to see new visions and,
He helps me to accomplish those visions.
He helps me to see beyond and,
He helps me to break limits
In my life,
In my Career,
In Ministry,
In Business,
In my Job
In Academics.
His power and grace
Cause me to do the extraordinary,
To do the unimaginable,
To do the unprecedented.
I execute every task,
Every Project,
Every assignment,
By the power,
The wisdom,
And the guidance of the Spirit.
I am up to the task.
My power, my ability and my sufficiency are of God.
Every act of my faith is brought to fruition,
By the power of God at work in me.

It is God who works in me,
Both to will and to do,
Of His good pleasure.
It is God who works in me,
Both to start and to finish,
His good pleasure.
It is God at work in me,
Both to see and to accomplish His good pleasure.
The Holy Spirit lives in me.
He has brought the glory of God,
Into my life,
Giving me guidance,
And direction.
The Holy Spirit
Gives me the wisdom,
And the ability,
To walk through “walls”
To blaze new trails,
To level every mountain.
He has filled me with supernatural ability,
To do wonderous things,
I am a wonder to my world.
He causes me to see,
To think,
To Say
and to do that which ordinary men cannot do.
My power,
My ability,
My sufficiency,
Are from God.
I can do all things.
No aborted dreams,
No truncated goals,
The power of completion,
The power of fruition are at work in me.
I can do all things
By the Holy Spirit,
Who lives in me!
The Holy Spirit is my advantage.
I take full advantage of the person,
The power,
The grace,
And the ministry,
Of the Holy Spirit in my life!

For it is God,
Who is all the while,
Effectually at work in me.
The power of God is actively at work in me.
I stir up the power.
I stir up the grace.
I stir up the ability.
Energizing and creating in me,
The power and the desire,
Both to will,
And to work,
For His good pleasure,
His satisfaction,
And His delight.
The Holy Spirit is my advantage.
I acknowledge Him.
I recognize Him.
I appreciate the Holy Spirit,
As my Helper,
My Comforter,
My Counsellor,
My Intercessor,
My Advocate,
My Strengthener,
And my Standby.
I rely on His power,
I take advantage of His divine ability,
His Strength, and wisdom
At work in me,
To fulfill every act prompted by my faith.
The Holy Spirit has made me,
An extraordinary and absolute success in life.
I am a champion for life.
I have gained the mastery.
I walk in health,
In victory,
In strength,
In prosperity
And glory.
The Holy Spirit perfects the will of the Father in me,
Causing me to do of His good pleasure.

My sufficiency is of God.
My power, my ability, my sufficiency, my success come from God.
I am great success,
Because The Lord is with me.
The Lord has granted me,
All things that pertain to life and godliness.
I am on top always.
I have everything I require,
For absolute victory,
And supernatural prosperity.
I bring forth success from within me.
I am transported,
From glory to glory,
From grace to grace,
From faith to faith,
From peace to peace.
Great is my peace and nothing shall offend me.
Not by power,
Nor by might,
But by the Spirit God.

I am self-sufficient.
I require nothing,
From anyone or anywhere.
Everything I require is inside me.
I am independent of external factors.
I am independent of external forces.
I am independent of external influence.
Everything I require,
To fulfill all that God wants me to do,
Is inside me.
God has made all grace,
Every favour and earthly blessing,
To come to me in abundance,
So that always,
in all circumstances,
Whatever the need,
I am self – sufficient.
I possess more than enough.
I require no aid or support.
I am furnished in abundance,
For every good work,
And charitable donation.

I am created in the image of God,
Therefore, I am just like Him.
Whatever I require,
Comes from within me.
All things are mine.
I am an heir of God,
And a joint heir with Christ.
Everything The Father owns,
Belongs to me.
I have no consciousness of lack.
I have no consciousness of need.
I am self-sufficient in Christ’s sufficiency.
As He is so am I in this world.
I live triumphantly today and always.
The lines are fallen unto me,
In pleasant places.
Yea! I have a goodly heritage.

The Lord brings to fruition,
My every desire,
Every good desire,
Every honorable desire.
Every kingdom-worthy desire,
Comes to fruition.
My every deed prompted by my faith,
Comes to fruition.
No aborted dreams.
In 2022,
Every dream, every goal, every target,
That is good for the kingdom,
That is good for God, and that is good for people, comes to completion.
My hands started it and my hands will complete it.
The grace of God is at work in me.
The grace of God is at work for me.
God’s grace attends to me.
Grace goes ahead of me.
Grace comes behind me.
I am surrounded with grace.
I am surrounded with favour.
I am surrounded with acceptability.
Doors open for me by divine grace.
The Holy Spirit is at work in me,
Building me,
And building others through me.
My life is a reflection of grace and the power of the Spirit.
My ability, my power and my sufficiency are of God.
Christ in me is the manifestation of God’s glory in every area of my life.

This year, this month, and this day,
The clouds of my faith,
The clouds of my expectation,
The clouds of my declaration,
The clouds of my meditation,
They are full and emptying down
In answers,
In solutions,
In testimonies,
In miracles,
In progress,
In advancement,
In transportation,
In supply,
In the name of the Lord Jesus.

I am sealed of God!
The mark of God is on me.
I am authorized!
I am certified!
I am endorsed!
I am protected by the seal of God.
I am authorized,
To go anywhere,
To do anything,
To lay claims to anything because I am sealed of God.
No man hindering me.
No man forbidding me.
I have access to go everywhere.
I have access to go everyone and to everything.
I am certified!
I am God’s handiwork,
His workmanship.
I am certified!
I am God’s agent.
I am perfect.
I am excellent.
I am endorsed!
God has endorsed me!
His recommendation, His favour, His glory,
Go ahead of me and open doors for me.
God endorses me!
He endorses my products!
He endorses my works,
Therefore, everyman comes to me for solution.
The seal of protection is on me.
Therefore, no harm comes to me.
I am exempted from evil, from death, and from darkness.

I live a life of ever-increasing glory.
I walk in continuous victory, unending success, and perpetual prosperity.
My path is as the shining light,
That shines brighter and brighter,
Unto the perfect day.

I am in fellowship with The Father.
I am in communion with The Father.
I am in partnership with The Father.
I experience communion, peace, prosperity, distribution, transportation, and translation by the power of the Spirit of God.
I am in another place.
I speak in the morning, and I testify in the evening.
Things are changing rapidly, rapidly!
Sudden Glory!
I am found in another place.

Today, October 3rd, 2022,
Is a day of blessings and benefits.
Today, October 3rd, 2022
I take my daily provision.
Today, October 3rd, 2022
I take my daily supply.
Today, October 3rd, 2022
I take my daily benefits.
I have miraculous supply.
I have abundance.
I walk in abundance.
The Maker of Heaven and Earth, Almighty God is my source.
Therefore, I lack nothing.
I have all the resources, all the money,
All the materials,
All the information,
All the ideas,
All the contacts,
All the connections,
That I require,
To bring my work to completion and to fruition.
There is abundance everywhere.

Today, I have seed to sow and bread to eat.
Today, The Lord multiplies my resources,
And increases the harvest of my righteousness.
I bless all that I have.
I give thanks for all that I have;
For the money in my accounts,
For the money in my hand,
For my goods,
For my products,
For the jobs I am working on.
I give thanks
For my possessions,
For my storehouses,
For my warehouses.
I bless and give thanks for all that the Lord has given me.
I give thanks for the progress I have made so far.
As I bless and give thanks,
I declare that there will be no end to my resources.
There will be no end to the progress on this job until it comes to fruition.
There will be no end to my supply, to my victory, to my advancement and to my glory.
All my accounts;
My personal accounts,
My business accounts,
My seed accounts,
All my accounts are bursting forth with new monies.

Today, new channels are opened,
Today, new channels of supply.
New channels of inflow,
New channels of distribution are open for me.
I create and I receive new channels.
My gates are open,
They are open continually,
They are not shut day or night,
Receiving deliveries of wealth from the nations.
I have access to hidden riches of secret places.
I speak in the morning,
And I testify in the evening.
I call forth water from the rock.
I call forth light from the darkness.
I expect, I declare, and I decree,
Unexpected, unprecedented,
Unimaginable miracles and testimonies.
I am mightily helped of God!
It is not by might,
It is not by power,
It is by the Spirit of the Lord
I started and I will finish.
The power, the ability, the sufficiency,
And the grace for fruition, for completion are at work in me.
No aborted dreams,
No truncated projects.
All are coming to fruition by the power of God

Great is my peace because I love the law of the Lord,
And nothing shall offend me.
I have peace like a river.
I have peace; perfect well-being.
I have all necessary good.
I have spiritual prosperity.
I have freedom from agitating passions and moral conflicts.
I have unending peace, the peace of God.
The peace that the Lord Jesus gave to me,
He conquered the world,
And deprived it,
Of its power to harm me.
He gave me His peace,
And I speak peace to every situation.
I speak peace to the nations.
I speak peace to Nigeria.
I speak peace in the mighty name of the Lord Jesus.

I am sufficient in Christ’s sufficiency,
Not by power,
Not by might,
But by the Spirit of God!

©CELZ5 2022

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