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PSALM 5:12 (KJV)
DANIEL 1:8-16 (KJV)
PSALM 89:17 (KJV)
DEUT 33:23 (KJV)
PSALM 44:1-4 (KJV)
EXODUS 12:36 (KJV)
LEV 26:9-10 (NIV, AMPC)

This is my month of peace.
This is my month of peace.
I am the custodian of peace.
I am the custodian of God’s peace.
I dispense peace to everyone around me.
I dispense peace to circumstances and to situations.
I dispense peace to the nations of the world.
I dispense peace to my city.
I dispense peace to my nation.
Great is my peace, because I love the Lord,
And nothing and no one shall offend me.
The peace of God is multiplied in my heart and in my life.
I have perfect wellbeing.
I have all spiritual prosperity.
I am free from fear, from agitation and from conflict.
Great is my peace,
Great is my rest,
Great is my prosperity,
Great is my well-being.

I am favoured.
I am blessed.
I am surrounded with favour as a shield.
I am graced beyond measure.
I’m blessed beyond measure.
Everyday, I experience kindness.
I have the advantage.
God brings me into favour, kindness and advantage.
With those in authority,
With those responsible for things concerning me.
The rules are suspended for my sake,
By divine favour.
I am surrounded with goodwill.
I am surrounded with pleasure.
Men are going out of their way to do me good.
They are helping me even when it is inconvenient for them.
I am well supported.
Promotion is mine!
Increase is mine!
Greatness is mine!

I’m blessed of the Lord.
It is not of my own doing.
It is not by my qualification.
Not because I did anything to deserve it.
Not by my ability.
God Himself is my ability and my sufficiency.
The Lord is the one who has qualified me.
By His favour, I take possession of the land.
By His favour, I enter into possession.
Everything I do prospers.
Even when and where others fail or make losses,
I excel because I’m sponsored by the Spirit.
He guides and orders my steps.
Even if I’m surrounded by critics or detractors, it makes no difference,
Because I’m God’s man, favoured and piloted by grace.
God’s favour is manifested on my behalf,
Doors and opportunities which cannot be humanly explained are open to me.

The Lord has made all grace,
Every favour and earthly blessing come to me in abundance.
I am always in all circumstances,
I possess more than enough,
I require no aid or support.
I am furnished in abundance for every good work and charitable donation.
I am encompassed with favour as a shield.

The favour of the Lord brings kindness to me.
The favour of the Lord causes kindness to be extended towards me.
Everywhere I go, people are kind to me.
People are kindly affectioned towards me.
The favour of God working in me also causes me to be kind to others.
I am a blessing to people around me.
I am conscious that I am highly favoured.
In everything I do
I am conscious that I am highly favoured.
Every moment of the day,
I am conscious that I am blessed and highly favoured.

I live a glorious life.
Favour has put me ahead.
In favour my horn is exalted.
I have the advantageposs.
I increase in beauty, honour, and influence.
I live and walk with the consciousness of divine favour,
And through me, favour is dispersed to those in my world.

I live and walk in the consciousness of the favour- factor!
No matter what happens in the world, I will not fret!
God’s favour brings me kindness and advantage.
God has brought me into favour, compassion, and loving-kindness with all men.
They are going out of their way to be of assistance to me.
The rules are suspended when it comes to my case, because of divine favour.

The Lord is the glory of my strength, my proud adornment,
By His favour, my horn is exalted.
By His favour, I am lifted.
I am promoted.
I am upheld.
I am endorsed.
I am boosted.

God was with Joseph and gave him favour and made him successful even in a foreign land.
The Lord is with me ­ (mention your name),
The Lord is with me.
The Lord shows me mercy and kindness.
He has granted me favour in the sight of all men.
Before everyone with whom I have dealings.
Everywhere I go, I have favour.
Before I get there, favour is waiting for me.
While I am there, favour attends me.
When I have left, the favour of God continues to work for me.
Anywhere and anytime, my name is mentioned,
The favour of God answers on my behalf.
The Lord is with me and whatever is committed into my hands, He causes to prosper.

I’m satisfied with favour.
I’m satisfied with favour.
I am full of the blessing of the Lord.
I take possession by favour.
Glory to God!
All things are mine.
I have favour heaped upon favour,
Grace heaped upon grace,
Blessings heaped upon blessings.
I am satisfied with all the blessings of the Lord.
I lack for nothing.
Everything part of my life is full of favour and full of blessings.
Oh, Glory to God!

I am precious and honored in God’s sight.
The Lord loves me.
He gives men in exchange for me,
And people in exchange for my life.
By the favour of God, Israel took possession of the land.
The Lord drove out the heathen for their sake and caused Israel to spread in the land.
Your hand oh God, is strong and great.
You cause me to possess all that you have given me because you have favoured me.
Victories are my daily delight.
I am more than a conqueror, not by my own strength, nor by my skill,
But by His mighty power.
The Lord has smiled upon me.
The Lord has favoured me.
I possess my inheritance.
My constant boast is in the Lord!

I have favour and respect in the sight of all men.
Glory to God!
When I go, I do not leave empty-handed.
I have favour everywhere.
This favour causes men everywhere to give to me.
They give me opportunities.
They give me help,
They give me wealth.
My gates are open;
They are open continually
They are not shut day or night,
Receiving deliveries of wealth from all nations.
The forces of the gentiles come to me.
The wealth of the nations comes to me.
Today and Everyday,
Men deliver to me, the wealth of the nations
The abundance of the sea,
The wealth of the people,
Is converted to me,
Kings will serve me,
Laws and governments will work for my advantage.
The Lord has increased my greatness,
And comforted me on every side.

My name is coming up right now,
For blessings,
For favour,
For promotion,
For increase,
For provision,
For awards,
For bonuses,
For benefits.
I am loaded with gifts.
I have favour and respect in the sight of all man.
Nations give unto me such things as I require.
My gates are open,
They are open continually.
My platforms are open.
My bank accounts are open.
My businesses are open.
The wealth of the nations comes to me.
My prosperity is like a river.
Like a flowing flooded river.
My blessing is like the wave of the sea.
One after the other,
Constantly coming in.
There is no interruption to my prosperity,
There is no interruption to my possession.
I have access to wealth unknown,
To hidden riches of secret places.
I have divine access to the wealth of the future.

I am highly favoured.
I am fruitful.
I am productive.
The blessing of multiplication is actively working in me.
The Lord looks on me with favour,
He has made me fruitful and increased my numbers.
Every number connected with me has increased.
My performance,
My result,
My sales,
My partnership,
Every number,
My cell meetings,
Every number connected with me is increased.
In the Name of the Lord Jesus.
My life is a life of favour heaped upon favour,
Blessing heaped upon blessing,
Grace heaped upon grace,
Gift heaped upon gift.
While I am still enjoying the harvest,
New ones are arriving.
The blessing of God upon my life is such that,
There is not enough room to contain.
The favour,
The grace,
The wealth,
The productivity,
The harvest,
Wave upon wave,
Blessing upon blessing,
Constantly coming in.
There is no interruption to my blessing.
I am strengthened from Zion.
I am strong,
I am financially strong,
I am mentally strong,
Physically strong,
Emotionally strong
I am strong in grace.
All things work together for my good.
The Lord has perfected that which concerns me.

In this month of peace,
I decree peace.
I bless the nations with peace, stability, and security.
Together, we rain down righteousness and peace on the nations of the world.
We declare peace,
We declare an end to all wars,
We speak peace to Russia,
We speak peace to Ukraine.
We speak calmness in the UK.
We speak peace to Iraq in the name of the Lord Jesus.
We speak peace to Iran in the name of the Lord Jesus.
We speak peace to our nation, Nigeria.
We super-impose our clouds of peace over the nations.

This year, this month, and this day.
The clouds of my faith,
The clouds of my expectations,
The clouds of my meditations,
The clouds of my declarations,
They are full and emptying down.
In answers,
In testimonies,
In solutions,
In favours,
In grace,
In miracles,
I am transported by the Holy Spirit.
I am in another place.
Levels have changed.

Today October 17th, 2022,
Is a day of blessings and benefits.
Today October 17th, 2022,
I take my provisions.
I take my daily provisions.
I take my daily supply.
I take my daily benefits.
I have miraculous supply.
God Almighty, Maker of Heaven and Earth and all that’s in it,
He is my source.
My job is not my source.
My business is not my source.
The government is not my source.
My family is not my source.
My friend is not my source.
My neighbour is not my source.
God Almighty, He is my source!
Therefore, I have got limitless supply.

All channels are opened to me, to receive divine supply,
Everything I require, is available to me in abundance.
The Lord is my shepherd,
Therefore, I lack nothing.
I have all the resources,
All the monies,
All the materials,
All the information,
All the ideas,
All the contacts,
That I require for success,
For completion,
For fruition.
I walk in superabundance.
There is abundance everywhere.

Today, I have seed to sow,
And I have bread to eat.
I thank God and I bless all that the Lord has given to me.
I bless what is in my bank account.
I bless what is in my hands.
I bless what is in my house.
I bless all my possessions.
They are preserved and they are multiplying.
I thank God for the progress, the success, the achievements,
The victories and the testimonies, that I have seen this year.
And I declare that of the progress,
The success, the achievements,
The victories and the testimonies in my life,
There will be no end!
Today, new channels are opened to me,
New channels of supply.
New channels of inflow,
New channels of distribution.

Today, I receive new customers.
I receive new orders.
I receive new jobs.
I receive new contacts.
I receive new partners.
I receive new connections.
My businesses, my platforms, my bank accounts,
Are not shut day or night,
They are continually open,
Receiving wealth and deliveries of wealth from the nations.

I have access to hidden riches of secret places.
I call forth water from the rock.
I call forth light from the darkness.
I expect, I declare, I decree,
Unimaginable miracles and testimonies.
I am blessed and highly favoured.
I take advantage of the grace of God at work in me.
With that grace, with that favour,
Everything works for me.
The earth responds to me.
The Heavens respond to me.
All of nature responds to me.
My life is glorious,
And whatsoever I lay my hands to do prospers.

This is your set time for favour.
The favour of God goes ahead of you,
Creating opportunities, advantage and health,
In the name of the Lord Jesus.

© CELZ5 2022

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