(As He is, so are We in This World)
1 John 4: 17 KJV
1 Corinthians 15:44 -49 AMPC
John 1:16 AMPC

The Power of Your Mind Chapters 6, 7 & 8

The Power of Meditation

As the Lord Jesus is,
so am I right now in this world
I’m not going to be…
I’m not hoping to be…
I’m not trying to be…
No! As He is, so am I
In this world
I am in the place of dominion
I am in the place of power
I am in the place of glory
I live and I see from above
I am seated with Christ in the place of dominion and power
I’m alive to God, with the transcendent life.

I walk in prosperity,
I live in victory
I live in glory
I am reigning and ruling in life
I am KINGING in life.
My affections are set on Him and the glories of His eternal kingdom
I am seated with Christ, far above all principality, and power,
And might, and dominion,
And every name that is named,
Not only in this world,
But also, in that which is to come
I have all the authority vested in His name
All things are under my feet
I have complete authority and dominion
Over Satan and the cohorts of hell

Greater is He that is in me
Than he that is in the world
I am complete in Him
Of His fullness, I have received
There’s nothing of God that’s supposed to be in me
That’s not already in me
I am unconquerable.
I am more than a conqueror
I am not a mere man – I am an extraordinary man
My humanity has been supplanted by the life and nature of God.
I am a partaker of the divine nature NOW
I am an associate of the God-kind NOW
I am a member of the heavenly pantheon
The Spirit of God lives in me
I have the capacity to contain the fullness of God

I am God’s living tabernacle
When I move, it’s the Spirit of God moving in me
My hands are His hands
My fingers, are His fingers
My legs, are His legs
I am immersed in Him and He in me.
He sees through my eyes,
And Talks through my mouth,
And moves with my body.
He changes lives through me!

Of His fulness have I received, grace for grace.
All of His ability, His power, His glory,
His might, His strength,
His knowledge, His wisdom
Everything that He represents,
I have received
Everything contained in Him
I have received
I am replete with God
I am full of God
I am a carrier and dispenser of everything divine.
I’m a life-giving spirit
I impact my world with the power and dominion of His righteousness
I am the complete expression of the divine nature
I experience and I walk in the Kingdom of God now
It is my everyday experience.
The heavenly life
Is my everyday experience
The heavenly life
Is my everyday walk.
Christ is alive in me
I am inseparably one with Christ.
I have joint sitting with Christ Jesus
I am His legal representative in the earth.
Whatsoever I say on earth, is endorsed in heaven.
I am in control
I’m in control of my life
I’m in control of my environment
I reign in Christ over Satan, darkness, the world, and circumstances
The world is subdued before me
Christ reigns supreme in my body,
Christ reigns in my job
Christ reigns in my business
Christ reigns in my family
Christ reigns in my world.

I am a new creature
I’m born-again
Old things are passed away
All things have become new
I have put on the new man
Which is renewed in knowledge after Christ
As He is, so am I in this world
I’m a life-giving spirit
I’m a heavenly man
I’m heavenly minded
I’m seated together with Christ
In heavenly places
My life is from heaven
My supply is from heaven
I’m a life-giving spirit

I am a partaker of the divine nature
His divinity is expressed in and through me always.
I walk in the consciousness of my new life and my nature in Christ today and always
I am renewed in the spirit of my mind
I think like Him
I talk like Him
I walk like Him
I act like Him
His grace, His wisdom, His love, His righteousness, His life
Are manifested through me today

Whatsoever is born of God overcomes the world
I am born of God
I have overcome the world
The darkness of the world
The deceptions of the world
The hatred of the world
I have overcome the world
And I am victorious forever

As He is, so am I in this world
The Lord Jesus said- As my Father hath sent me, so send I you…
He has sent me, with the same grace
With the same glory
With the same power
With the same authority
I cannot fail
I cannot be defeated
I cannot be overcome
I am victorious always
I’m a chosen race
A royal priesthood
A dedicated nation
I am God’s own purchased
And special person
I set forth the wonderful deeds
And I display the virtues and the perfections of Him that has called me out of darkness into His marvellous light

As He is, so am I in this world
In Him, I live
In Him, I move
In Him, I have my being
I am the headquarters of His operations here on earth

Today, I am God’s ambassador
And I carry out the ministry of reconciliation
I am a soulwinner
I am His witness to the world today
The light of God shines in me and from me
Delivering men from darkness to light
And from the power of Satan to God
I am committed to preaching the Gospel
And announcing the glad tidings of our heavenly kingdom

I am alive to God!
I have eternal life—the life of God – NOW
I refuse to be sick
I have the miraculous, the wondrous, the incorruptible, the imperishable, miracle-life of God in me, in my body
Right now

I’m an associate of the God-kind!
The very essence of divinity is at work in me,
And that divine life surges through my entire being,
Spirit, soul, and body
My body is vitalized with divine life
No sickness,
No disease,
No infirmity,
No growth,
No tumour,
No heart failure
No hypertension
No disease
No sickness
Can stay in my body

The life of God, that is in me
Repels sickness, disease, death,
And everything that’s inconsistent
With the provisions of the Gospel of Christ.
I am indestructible,
I am undefeatable
The life of God is in me
In every Fibre of my being
In every bone of my body
In every cell of my blood
I’m inundated with the divine life
And divine health
And divine strength
My body is the temple of the Holy Spirit
Mortality is swallowed up of Immortality
The life of God consumes my body
Destroying sickness, disease, infections, and death!

I live in the deathless zone
I have triumphed over death and the grave
I cannot be killed
I cannot be destroyed
The life I live, I live by the faith of the son of God
Who loved me and gave himself for me

The LORD is the strength of my life!
Even if I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
I fear no evil,
I have boldness in the day of judgement
Because as He is, so am I in this world

Today, I bless the nations of the world
We super-impose our clouds over the nations
We super-impose our Clouds of grace
Our Clouds of blessings
Our Clouds of righteousness
We super-impose our clouds
Over the clouds of war,
Over the clouds of evil
Over the clouds of darkness
Over the clouds of economic depression
We take over the clouds over the nations
And we pour forth righteousness
We pour forth peace
We pour forth salvation
We pour forth prosperity
We declare,
That the gospel has free course
And prevails in the nations of the world
We are dominating
We are born of God,
And we have overcome the spirit of antichrist
That is in the world
Because Greater is He that is in us
Than he that is in the world
We prevail over all evil
We prevail over terrorism
We prevail over banditry
We prevail over economic depression
We prevail over inflation
We prevail over the works of darkness
We prevail over kidnapping
We refuse the Spirits behind these works authority
To manifest themselves in our nations
We cast them out NOW
In the name of the Lord Jesus
Those Spirits of terrorism
You Spirits of war
You Spirits of in-fighting
You Spirits of wickedness
You Spirits of kidnapping
Evil spirits of inflation and economic depression
We cast you out of our nation
We cast you out of our city
We cast you out of our system
In the mighty name of our Lord Jesus
We are victorious
As He is, so are we in this world
We dominate and we rule in His name.

Today, is a day of blessings and benefits
Today, I’m loaded with benefits
Today, September 7th, 2022,
I receive my daily provision
Today, September 7th, 2022,
I receive my daily supply
Today, September 7th, 2022,
I receive my daily benefits
I walk in super-abundance today
For my God supplies
All that I need
According to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus

I am creating new wealth
I bring forth new wealth
I bring forth water out of the rock
I call forth light out of darkness
Out of the eater, I call forth meat
Out of the strong, I call forth sweetness
Water is coming out of the rock
Light is coming out of darkness
There is abundant supply for me
And for everything I’m doing.

The Lord has magnified me
And increased my greatness
I’m making progress
I’m waxing greater and greater
My path is the path of the Just
That shines brighter and brighter
Unto the perfect day
Of my greatness
Of my increase
Of my prosperity
Of my dominion
Of my impact
Of my influence
There is no end.

Christ is made unto me wisdom
I have the deepest of understanding
The largest of hearts
There is nothing beyond me
There is nothing I cannot handle

Today and this month of September,
I experience luxuriant growth,
I have Significant attainments
And I manifest persistent, continuous productivity, prosperity, and increase
I have divine access to the right people,
In the right places and at the right time
I have divine access to all the resources I require
I have divine access to nations
To cities
To industries
I have open doors to wealth
Open doors to opportunities
Open doors to wealth untold
I have divine access to the hidden riches of secret places
That which the world has not seen
I have access to it
I am divinely connected

Christ is my riddance
He rids me of errors
And brings me out of trouble.
I am the excellent
I am the noble
I am the glorious
And The Lord delights in me.

I’m full of faith
I’m full of power
I’m doing wonders
The grace of God
Is propelling me forward
I’m moving with divine speed
I’m moving with divine acceleration
I’m moving with divine transportation

I outrun horses
I outrun chariots
I outrun the systems of this world
I outrun the limitations of this world
I have divine speed
I’m moving fast
Faster than my competitors
Faster than my peers
Faster than inflation
Faster than the industry
Faster than the exchange rates
I live above the economic systems of this world
I have divine speed and divine acceleration

I live in the Ageless zone,
I live in the Deathless zone,
I live in the Fearless zone,
I live in the Wantless zone.

My power
My ability
And My sufficiency are of God
I am self-sufficient
In Christ’s sufficiency
There’s nothing missing
There’s nothing lacking
There’s nothing broken
There’s nothing damaged in me

The Lord has beautified my life
He has beautified me with salvation
With grace
With dignity
With beauty
The Lord is my glory and my beauty
He is my sweet attractiveness
He is my delightful loveliness
The beauty of God attracts to me
The right people
The right information
The right money
The right connections
The beauty of God that shines out of me
Is my sweet attractiveness
Men are going out of their way
To do me good
Everything I need to be, I am
Everything I need to have, I have
Everything I need to do, I can.
I am self-sufficient in Christ’s sufficiency

All My expectations
All my desires
All my proclamations
All my declarations
Are fulfilled in the name of Jesus

There are no aborted dreams
There are no aborted projects
Every project
Every assignment
Committed to me
Is coming to completion
I started, and I will finish
I will finish
With glory
With honour
With dignity and with perfection

This month of September and the rest of the year
I accomplish far more
Than the first eight months of this year
And by divine transportation

I am reigning
I am kinging
I have overcome the world
I’m reigning in life
I’m reigning in my business
I’m reigning in my industry
I’m reigning financially
I’m kinging in life!

I have eternal life NOW!
As the Lord Jesus is, so am I in this world
I’m a life-giving spirit
And I give life to everything around me
I’m full of His grace
I’m full of His power
I’m full of His life
As He is, so am I in this world.
I’m a heavenly man
I’m a life-giving spirit
I’m a divine being
I’m an extraordinary man
I’m not an ordinary man, I’m extraordinary
I’m a miracle man
A life-giving spirit
A supernatural man

Remember, As He is, so are you in this world
Go and Win
Go and Excel
Go and Prosper Today!

©CELZ5 2022

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