Psalm 45: 1 KJV
1 Timothy 4: 15 KJV
Gen 26: 1-6 KJV
Gen 26: 12 – 14 KJV
Gen 28: 13-14 KJV



I am blessed of the Lord
I am blessed in ALL things
I’m making progress
I’m moving forward
I’m multiplying in all directions
I’m blessed in ALL things

As I sow
I receive abundance of harvest
Everyday, I wax greater and greater
Today, I wax greater and greater
I am moving forward
I am making progress
Upwards and forwards ONLY
I’m bursting forth, multiplying
And making progress in ALL directions
In every area of life
I’m advancing
And my Advancement
And my progress
Are evident to ALL

Everyday, I’m growing
My business is growing
My job is growing
My cell group is growing
My church is growing
I spread on every side
I flourish on every side
Everything about me and around me is growing,
moving forward, waxing greater, developing, making progress and advancing.
The Lord has blessed me,
And I am a blessing

I am rich
I am great
I am distinguished
My wealth continues to grow more and more
For all things are mine
I prosper and continue prospering everyday
I am a man/woman of great wealth
Through me the Gospel is moving forward
I am a big-time sponsor of the Gospel of Christ.
I am a top partner in the LoveWorld Nation
Wealth and Riches are in my house

The land is subdued before me
The nations are subdued before me
The land yields its harvest to me
The vine yields its fruits
My seeds are growing well, coming to maturity,
Yielding abundant harvest
The grounds produce their crops
The heavens produce their dews
The wealth of the nations come to me
Everyday, The Lord loads me with benefits
Today, The Lord loads me with benefits
My barns are filled with plenty
My presses burst forth with new wine
All my accounts are loaded with new monies
They are bursting forth and overflowing with resources
I’m making progress
I’m moving forward
I’m bursting forth and spreading
In all directions
In every area
For me, it’s EVERY DAY – HARVEST!
There is harvest today
There is harvest tomorrow
There is harvest the day after
There is harvest everyday

The earth is full of the goodness of The Lord!
There are treasures everywhere
I shut my eyes and I see treasures everywhere
I shut my eyes and I see wealth everywhere
I shut my eyes and I see resources everywhere
I shut my eyes and I see opportunities everywhere
And with my mouth
I call them forth
With my mouth
I declare that I have divine access
To hidden riches of secret places
Everyday, I experience the goodness of The Lord

My delight and desire are in the law of the Lord
And In His law, I habitually meditate day and night
I am a tree planted by the rivers of water
I’m located in the right place
I’m located in the word which is my source
I’m located with access to streams of the spirit
I’m rightly located
I am firmly planted by the streams of water
I bring forth my fruit in season and out of season
I am habitually, persistently, continually productive
I bear luscious fruit every season without fail
I’m fruitful
I’m productive
In every season without fail
I always bear fresh fruits
My leaves do not fade or wither
I forever blossom
I am ageless
I am developing without aging continually blossoming and productive
Everything that I do, prospers, and comes to maturity
Everything that I do, prospers, and comes to fruition
My projects are completed
My works are perfected
I finish every assignment
There is no aborted project
There is no aborted dream
There is no aborted vision
Everything that I need to finish
To finish strong
To finish well
To complete the job
Comes to me now
By free course
In the name of the Lord Jesus
I am finishing

My progress is evident
Everyone can see the progress in my life
Everyone can see the progress in my work
Everyone can see the progress in my ministry, in my finances
I am waxing great
I am moving forward
I am making progress
In every direction
I am expanding on every front
It is upwards and forwards only

I prosper and I am in health even as my soul prospers
I have All-round prosperity
Prosperity in my spirit
Prosperity in my soul
Prosperity in my body
I have peace with prosperity
My life is one of COMPLETE prosperity
I prosper spiritually – The word of God is my daily delight
I prosper physically – I live in divine perfect health
I prosper materially – All things are mine
All – round prosperity – that is the story of my life
I am healthy
I am vibrant
I am strong
I am standing firm as a flourishing tree planted by God’s design.
I’m deeply rooted by the brooks of bliss
I’m bearing fruits of righteousness,
Ever blessed
Ever luscious

I am empowered to excel – I excel everyday
I dominate everyday
I am empowered to succeed, therefore I am a success
I am doing well
I’m doing well in life
I’m doing well in my career
I’m doing well
My career is progressing
I’m progressing in my business
I’m progressing in my career path
I’m progressing in my marriage
My cell group is doing well.
I’m progressing in my cell group
My church is doing well
I’m progressing in everything that concerns me
I’m doing well
Spirit, Soul and body

I am an heir of God
And a joint heir with Christ
I have abundant riches,
I have abundant wealth,
I have abundant joy,
I have abundant peace,
I have abundant fulfilment
The Lord has made all grace, every favour and earthly blessing
Come to me in super-abundance
I am always and in all circumstances
Whatever the need, self-sufficient
I possess, I have more than enough
I require no aid or support
I am furnished in abundance for every good work
And charitable donation
I sponsor the gospel of my Lord Jesus Christ BIG TIME!

Today, I have seed to sow
Today, I have bread to eat
The Lord provides and multiplies my resources for sowing
The Lord increases the fruits of my righteousness
I am active in goodness, kindness and love
I am enriched in all things and in every way
I am generous and my giving brings forth thanksgiving to God
My righteousness does not run dry
It never wears out
The Lord is extravagant in blessing me
For the Lord takes pleasure in me
I am a cheerful giver
I am a joyous giver
I am a prompt-to-do- it giver
And my heart is in my giving
The Lord delights in my prosperity
The Lord has pleasure in my prosperity
My prosperity is not dependent on any man
My prosperity is not dependent on any job or business
neither the systems, economies or governments of this world
I am independent of the economy
I am independent of the statistics
My prosperity is dependent on THE LORD,
And on the economy of Heaven
For the Lord supplies all my needs
According to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus
God has given me power to create wealth!
I create wealth
I have all sufficiency in all things
And I abound in every good work
I’m blessed and I’m a blessing
I’m yielded to the ministry of the word in my life
I’m yielded to the guidance of the Holy Spirit in my life
I do not judge by my senses
I don’t judge with my eyes or with my ears
I do not judge according to the flesh
But I’m guided by the Spirit
Therefore, I judge according to the Spirit
And in that judgment
Is my prosperity
In that judgment is my health
Through the leading of the spirit
I am synchronised
With God’s purposes
With God’s plans
With God’s provisions
For me
Today, this month and this year,
I am the seed of Abraham
I am blessed to be a blessing
I prosper by the Word of God
The word is building me and delivering to me my inheritance
I am living in my inheritance now
I am enjoying my inheritance now
I am an heir of God and a joint heir with Christ
The world belongs to me
I am the seed of Abraham
Therefore I am blessed with faithful Abraham
I am the field that The Lord has blessed
I am blessed with the dew of heaven
I am blessed with the fatness of the earth
I am blessed with plenty of corn and wine
People serve me
Nations bow down to me
I am blessed in ALL things
My prosperity is endless
My life is one of ever-increasing prosperity,
Ever-increasing glory
NO Downtime!
No expiry date for my progress
I’m making progress
I’m moving forward
I’m advancing
I’m multiplying
In all directions
All round prosperity
Ever-increasing glory
My prosperity
My flourishing is for eternity
My path is the path of the Just
That shines more and more
Brighter and brighter and brighter and brighter
Till the perfect day

Of the increase of my wealth and prosperity, there is no expiry date!
There is no terminal point to my progress
I’m ever increasing
I’m ever progressing
Its from grace to grace
Its from glory to glory
Its from strength to strength
From success to success
From testimony to success
I am a package of blessings
I am blessed
I am empowered to prosper
I have received the invocation of ability, favour and direction to prosper.
The ability to prosper has been invoked upon me
I have the ability to succeed
Everything that concerns me turns out excellently
The favour to prosper has been invoked upon me
Divine favour is at work in my life in such a way that even my detractors are compelled to favour me
God’s divine favour causes privileges that I am not even aware of to come to me
I recognize and i affirm that God’s divine favour is working in me and for me today
I am always at the centre of God’s perfect will for my life
I go in the right direction
For the right purpose
And at the right time
God’s blessing literally places me in the centre of God’s plan and God’s will.

There is a divine elixir working in me
That steers me away from trouble and keeps me on the path of life and in the path of divine destiny
My steps are always ordered of The Lord
I am at the right place
At the right time
Doing the right things
I am a problem solver, a solution provider
I am the blessed of the Lord
I am blessed in the city
I am blessed in the field
The works of my hands are blessed
My business is blessed
My job is blessed
My accounts are blessed
My finances are blessed
My cell group is blessed
My church is blessed
My basket is blessed
My store is blessed
Everything about me is blessed
All nations call me blessed

All things are mine
It is raining now
I am drenched in the rain of the Spirit
I lend to many, and I do not borrow
I am the head and not the tail
I am above only and never beneath
I overflow with blessings
The lines are fallen unto me in pleasant places
Yea! I have a goodly heritage

Today, is a day of blessings and benefits
Today, I have my daily provision
I have seed to sow and bread to eat
Today, I receive my daily supply and my daily benefits
Today, I receive the supply for September 5th 2022
I receive the benefits for September 5th 2022
I am creating new wealth
I bring forth new wealth
I bring forth water out of the rock
I call forth light out of darkness
I bring forth plenty out of nothing
Out of the eater, I bring forth meat
Out of the strong, I call forth sweetness
I’m a miracle man/woman
The Lord has magnified me
And increased my greatness
I’m waxing greater and greater and greater
I’m moving forward
Powerfully multiplying in all directions
Bursting forth with progress and advancement that is evident for all to see

Christ is made unto me wisdom
I have the deepest of understanding
The largest of hearts
There is nothing beyond me
There is nothing I cannot handle

Today and this month of September,
I experience luxuriant growth,
Significant attainments
And persistent productivity.
This month of September,
I have divine access to people,
To places
To industries
To information
To resources
To industries
To wealth
I have divine access
To the wealth of the future

Christ is my riddance,
He rids me of errors
And brings me out of trouble.
I am the excellent
I am the noble
I am the glorious
And The Lord delights in me.

I’m full of faith
I’m full of power
And I’m doing wonders
The grace of God
Is propelling me forward
I’m moving
With divine speed
With divine acceleration
With divine translation
With divine transportation

I live in the Ageless zone,
I live in the Deathless zone,
I live in the Fearless zone,
I live in the Wantless zone.
My power
My ability
My sufficiency are of God
I am self-sufficient
In Christ’s sufficiency
I am complete in Him
There’s nothing missing
Nothing lacking
Nothing broken
Nothing damaged in me
Everything I need to be, I am
Everything I need to have, I have
Everything I need to do, I can.
I am self-sufficient in Christ’s sufficiency

The Lord has beautified me with salvation
The beauty of God
Is my sweet attractiveness
The beauty of God
Draws men to me
Causes men to favour me
The beauty of God,
Is my delightful loveliness
I’m favoured and graced everywhere I go

I outrun my competitors
I outrun inflation
I’m faster than inflation

The Lord is my glory
The Lord is my beauty
He is my sweet attractiveness
He has beautified me
The Lord delights in me
He enjoys me and I enjoy Him
He takes pleasure in me
He has beautified me with salvation
With glory
With strength
With honour
With dignity
I am the beauty of the Lord
And I radiate His glory continually
I’m waxing greater
I’m moving forward in all directions
By the power of the Holy Ghost

Yes, you are waxing greater
You are moving forward
Your progress and advancement is evident to ALL
You can’t miss it
No one can deny it
You’re getting bigger
You’re shining brighter

As we meditate on the Word of God
We are writing a new chapter
We are writing a new story
The story of the past is being re-written
You are writing a new story of your future with your words!
© CELZ5 2022

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