Each minister of the Gospel represents so much.
Everything about your life as a minister of the gospel matters to God. He cares about you far more than you realize.

When you have sent yourself or the devil, you will know. You will be debating. You will not seek to please God. Questions that you are to ask because you want to do right or want to be sure, you won’t ask them. You would only do what Selfishness or Satan makes you do.

One of the first things that Jesus said was one of the signs of the believing ones, were casting out demons in his name
Demons torment people with fearss, doubts, thoughts and inflict diseases.

Satan distracts. He is an expert in distractions. He has many ways of doing that.
But he focused on God’s word.
“Turn not from it to the right or to the left”. He instructed Joshua to be focused on his word.
Then there is the distraction of Human wisdom; when your reasoning is brought into God’s word; and that is dangerous.
Don’t explain scriptures with human reasoning.
Sometimes they think they have a revelation but it’s ignorance.
You cannot use a natural mind in explaining the scriptures.
The scriptures are God’s word, not physics.
God’s word is not science or logic. You have to understand this.

The ministry to which we have been called is spiritual and that’s why your prayer life is very important.
There are ministers who sleep every time they want to pray. They are too tired. They speak in tongues for a short while then they drift off…
So the devil steals from them.

Being a minister, there are gifts of God that will be in your life. There could be the assumption that you are growing when you are not. There has to be that personal development of your spirit and a true and rich fellowship with the holy spirit.
Without that, you will move into the realm of sense knowledge in the understanding of scriptures.

God cares about each one…each minister far more than you realize. He cares about your health, your finances, he knows your location. Heknows everything. There is nothing that you will tell him that he doesn’t know already. He knows your struggles.

So you may ask.. “So if God knows that I’m struggling why isn’t he doing anything about it?” Because he’s already done everything.

Stop struggling. That’s what you should do.
When Pastor tells you “You’re too serious”, he is trying to say “You are carrying too much care”.
God told us on the scriptures “Be anxious for nothing but in Everything by Prayer and supplications with Thanksgiving, make your request known unto God*.

Just say what you want. Don’t be anxious.

I’ve seen lots of suffering from people at the healing school. Some sick for 10-20 years. So I asked God “Why do people suffer so much”.
He took me to the scriptures and showed me that man that suffered for 38 years. The Lord knew he had been in that condition for a long time.

The Master comes and doesn’t heal him in a hurry but asks him “Do you want to get well?” John 5:6- 7 NKJV
The man was busy explaining his situation. He was trying to answer a question that was not asked. He wasn’t focused on his healing. He was focused on his frustration. Even at that time, he didn’t request for help.
He could have said ‘If you can help me get into the water when it is stirred, I will be well_

The women with the issue of blood had a different attitude. She knows of she took a certain action, she would be well.

We are in a spiritual ministry.
Everything comes from the spirit.
The bible that you hold and believe in, is a compendium of extraordinary and miraculous stories.
Why could your life be less?

What God wants for us is a life of the supernatural all the time.

The life of Jesus was a constant stream of the miraculous. He just went on and on…

It’s like ‘half full and half empty..
Pastor first cast out devils 43 years ago.
The more you walk with God, the more you experience it. You discover it’s not a once-in-a-while thing.

I’ve come to recognize in my walk with God…even in my life… The spirit of God is working through me.
You have to set yourself up that way.

The level of wealth that God is taking you to Cos much greater than what you know.

As you are leaving here, God and cast out devils. You will know who they are and how to function.

He chose us to serve him and he gives us more grace to make things happen.

When the disciples prayed that God should stretch forth his hand to heal, God didn’t do anything but fill them with the holy spirit so they had the boldness to preach and do his word.
Sometimes the things we desire to see in ministry so that we can fulfill his calling, what you need at that point is more grace.
That’s what he is doing for you now.

He is gracious. He knows you more than you know yourself. He answers your questions and He will stand up tall in you.
He gives strength to the weak.
All he is asking of you is to follow him.
He called you before you were born
He protected you all the time from when you were a little kid.
He kept you from doing what other kids were doing
He protected your mind so carefully because of what he wanted to do.

Stop asking questions because he already made you an answer. From now on, when thoughts or worries come to you, Laugh
Because God chose you as an answer not as one seeking answers

The Lord is far more gracious than we can imagine.
Sometimes, when we look at some things that happen to other people, we become afraid because of what happened to them. We become careful.

You cannot allow the experiences of other people to control your relationship with God. Don’t let it happen to you.
What’s important in your life is what God has planned for you.

Remember David’s words.. “he leadeth me beside still waters… He leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name sake…”
That’s what he will do for you…for his name’s sake.
There are troubles, and distractions…but there is a right path. It’s narrow! but he leads you.
Your love for Jesus Christ is all that counts. What will you give him that he doesn’t already own?  What do you say to him that he doesn’t already know?
He will lead you and keep you in the way that you should go.

Did you know that there is a trajectory of a man’s life from which he cannot turn because of his Parentage, the environment where he grew up, the environment in which he lives, Including his spiritual environment…
So he is in that trajectory from which he cannot turn.

One day, I was praying and talking to the Lord about destinies. I used the term “aeon”. I wasn’t talking about natural human destiny but about God’s plan. He interrupted me with an interesting word. He said, “I CREATE AEONS”. He replied me in the same terms I was using.
In the spirit, words are like pictures.
When He talks, you see. (Like you imagining what it is that is being spoken to you)
But in the spirit, it’s far more real. You actually see.
So talking about destinies, He creates destinies. If God had a plan for your life and it was a certain direction… he can still change that! Some things are better than others.

There is a way you are supposed to be… You can only get better at it….but to be another man… That can only happen by the holy ghost.
Remember Saul. He was turned into another man. God gave him another heart.

You know yourself more than anybody knows you. The only radical change that can take place with you that man cannot make happen, God alone can make happen. God alone can turn your life into a life of laughter and victories. Then you will be amazed and look like a little boy again.
If God could do it for that man, he would do it for you. It’s his plan.
When you say “I just want to serve God with my life”… Does he hear you? He heard it before you said it…and those devils have no chance in your life.

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