I’m fruitful and productive, and my life is excellent. Everything and everyone that’s connected to me experiences the grace of God and is influenced by your righteousness, glory, and grace that I bear. Thank You, Lord for the glorious life of abundance and dominion that I have in Christ. I refuse to be discouraged or overwhelmed by the challenges of life; rather, I see them as opportunities to exercise my faith and prove the power in the Word.

My faith is the victory that overcomes the world. I neutralize, quench, put out, and extinguish the fiery dart of the adversary. The Word of God on my lips prevails in my health, finances, life, and family. Nothing can hinder the affirmation of my faith. I’m strengthened and energized by the Holy Spirit who lives in me, and He’s made me an absolute victor. 

I am full of life! I live in safety, health, victory, prosperity, joy, and love. The ability of God is at work in me today and I’m conscious of it! I don’t function in my ability or strength, for my sufficiency is of God. My strength is renewed daily and I’m divinely energized at all times for victory and all-around success. I’ve been granted unrestricted access to the unending, boundless, fathomless, incalculable and exhaustless riches of Christ.

Thank You, blessed Father, for the immeasurable, limitless, surpassing riches of Your grace, Your kindness, and goodness of heart directed toward me in Christ Jesus. You’re the only true and wise God, who reigns and rules in the affairs of men; the One who is the blessed and only Sovereign.

To You, Lord, be all glory, honour, majesty, dominion, and praise, to You belong all greatness and might. All in heaven and earth are Yours. You’re exalted above all. I love You Lord; and I thank You, for You’re gracious, holy, righteous, and true. My faith in the Word and its integrity is unyielding, and the Word produces the health, strength, vitality, and all the blessings and provisions that it talks about in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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God bless you.

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