THE ESSENCE OF CHRIST IN YOU, the faith of Jesus Christ

IPPC2023 Day-3 Evening Session with Pastor Chris.

✍🏼Pastor started by saying:

As a leader (minister), The quality of your member’s lives can not rise beyond the quality of your spirit.

We have to learn to live from our spirit. Most people are led with their minds because they’ve never been raised to function with their spirit.

(Exodus 19:5-7)
A kingdom of priests here in the above scripture means, “a royal priest”

God said; If only they will obey my voice, they will become a royal priest. It was a promise.

He said ” I’m going to make you king priest” but they couldn’t keep the covenant. Instead, they broke the covenant. (Isaiah 42:6, 49:6-9, 60:3)

But we were born a royal priesthood. We are a peculiar and unique people. (1 peter 2:9)

He made us king-priests (Rev 1:6).

This day for you to be the light of the nations has come. We are the light of the world. (Matthew 5;14, Isaiah 49:6-9)

You are God’s instrument of salvation to the nations of the world.

(2 Corinthians 3:7-8) The scripture above shows us two kinds of ministrations.

  1. The ministration of death.
  2. The ministration of life (the spirit).

Primarily, He refers to the law of Moses as the ministration of death.

You may ask, “how could it be the ministration of death when it comes from God?”

Sometimes, what was intended to be a blessing can become a course depending on how you handle it.

Though the law was perfect and righteous, but it became the ministration of death.


The ministration of the spirit is the ministration of righteousness.

Righteousness is the beauty of God. It is the quality of His personality.

Righteousness is more than an act, it is a substance. It is God’s life unveiled.

When God invites us into righteousness, it was a call into a life of glory and beauty.

What is your life like without preaching? What is your everyday person like? Do you enjoy it?

Once you understand righteousness and live in it, the whole world becomes so small. You will have no sense if lack or need.

(Romans 5:13-14, John 1:17)
God wasn’t looking at the enormity of their sins, but He was looking at the abundance of grace.

As sin has reigned, God also wants His grace to reign through righteousness (Romans 5:21)

The dominion of eternal life is the reign of righteousness which the kingdom is at work. (Isaiah 32:17-20, 61:2-9)

Trees of righteousness are independent of circumstances.

If you are a tree of righteousness, that means you’re righteousness.

The only reason you will live a life less than that, it is because you haven’t acknowledged it. (2 Corinthians 5:21)

You can’t preach in a city and live in another. Watch your tongue. Don’t live two lives.

(Philippians 1:11) We demonstrate the truth. The manifestation of the truth.

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