📌What we want to do before the rapture will not be possible without social media and technology.
For some people, Social Media is an opportunity for them to expand their business. For some others, it is an opportunity for them to enjoy themselves but for us we are at WAR!

📌The grace and message of proliferation is not coming to and end this year, we are taking it into next year and keep Proliferating with the increased knowledge that the Lord gives to us because the proliferation is necessary for the rapture of the Church which is what we are working at.

📌What we want to do during this edition of the IMCC is to position the digital Evangelists and Activists, Media Influencers to proliferate our message to the ends of the earth through Social Media and Technology.

📌All thee things that we do in the physical world, all the things that we do offline, you’re going to be doing them online as though that is the only thing that matters. And so, the attention, the resources, the time and the effort, has to be as though that’s the only thing that matters, and as though that’s the only place there is.

📌A Digital Evangelist and Activist is one who uses the internet and digital media for mass mobilization and action.

📌A media influencer is one who has established credibility; a specific need and uses the social media platforms to promote products, services or an agenda. There’s always an agenda.

📌You have to know that you’re not the only digital activist that controls a narrative. The same way someone is doing it offline and we say that this person is a master soul winner, that’s the same way you should do it but this time, it is on the internet and digital media. We have to be winning souls.

📌 You’re not the only digital activist there is, and you’re not the only digital activist that strives to control a narrative through activities. There are some others. Pastor shared with us last year about positive clouds and negative clouds. Whatever you want to do, there are people that want to do the opposite and they are very much at it. They recruit terrorists and suicide bombers but you are recruiting souls online.

📌We have a greater mission than any other political Structure and Agenda.

📌The keyword you need to realize about this year’s theme is PROLIFERATION.

  • What was the reach of your activism in January?
  • What is it like now?
  • Has there been an explosion in numbers?
  • What you have done so far, can it be said that you are Proliferating? For you as a digital activist, it means that you are rapidly increasing in the number of people that you are reaching
  • The number of people that you are engaging
  • The number of structures you are using for discipleship. Example, Online Cells, PCDL Subscription: How many are subscribing to the PCDL?
    How many people are talking about the PCDL?
  • The number of messages you are promoting and sharing online.

📌PROLIFERATION is about numbers. There’s no Proliferation without numbers.

📌You might not be the programmer but, you can engage someone else to develop something for you to use and proliferate the Gospel. At the end, it will be about the number of people you reached.

📌As a social media influencer, how many people are you engaging? how many people are following you?
You have to proliferate accountably.

📌You can have Social Media Accounts on beauty products, health or anything but at the end, you’re able to get data.

📌 Don’t let anybody deceive you, numbers are important to God. Numbers should be important to you as a digital activist and a social media influencer.

  • How many people are you reaching out to?
  • How many people are you engaging?
  • How many messages are you pushing out?
    Pastor told us that every human being is important to God and so, that’s why numbers are important to God.

📌Almost 5.9 billion people are daily users of the internet now. The average person spends 7 hours on the internet daily. It means that, someone should have a message to go home with in a 24 hour period.

📌God doesn’t need all the Christians in the whole world to reach the 7.5 billion people, He needs only you.

📌In proliferating with numbers, how many digital activist and media influencers will you convert to your course?

📌We’ve got to harness the transformative power of technology.

📌If you’re inspired, the result must follow.

📌Data is today’s currency. It’s a game of numbers.

📌Using our platforms encourages each of us.

📌Time has been compressed. This means that we will do more than what we have ever done.

📌Social media is the strategy of the Spirit for this time. which won’t be possible without social media.
For us, we are at war. We have an agenda, and we must be conscious of it.

📌Work as though you’re the only one.

📌Numbers are important to God. Proliferate accountably.

📌We will always be a target. That’s why we need to create our own platforms.

📌There must be accountability between now and next year.

📌Distribute the truth as Pastor has said. Drive them to our platforms.

Key Things in Proliferation:

  1. Proliferate with the sense of urgency.
  2. Proliferate with every man in focus.
  3. Proliferate profitably with results. Not just reaching people. Profitably here means – the intended and the expected results are produced.
  4. Proliferate with focus. 1 Corinthians 9:24.
  5. Proliferate with grace and efforts.

📌Do your work honourably. Proliferate with Grace and effort.

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