• REVELATION 3:7-8
  • ISAIAH 45:1-3 (AMPC)

This is my month of harvest.
I am an effective Executive Assistant to the Lord Jesus Christ.
I am an effective ambassador of the Lord Jesus Christ.
I am an effective soul winner.
It is harvest time,
And I am gathering fruits unto life eternal.
I win Souls everywhere.
I plant Cells everywhere,
And I give lavishly into the work of God.
The systems of this world cannot hold me back.
As I give, God’s blessings turn to me in abundance.
My giving promotes me.
I am gracious.
And I excel in the grace of giving.

The Lord has set before me open doors!
I have open doors
Doors of harvest
Doors of opportunities
Doors of favour
Doors of new seasons
Doors of miracle money
Doors of answers
Doors of promotions
Doors of new graces for greater exploits
The Lord has set these wide open doors before me
And No man can shut it
No demon can shut it
No circumstance can shut it
I walk into them
I function in these divine open doors
I have divine access
Access to divine varieties
Access to hidden treasures
Access to all that pertains to life and godliness.

Doors are open before me.
And I am guided by the Holy Spirit to these open doors.
I am God’s Anointed
I am God’s mighty man of valor
I subdue nations
I subdue the world’s economy
I subdue figures
No figure is too big for me
I subdue kingdoms
My gates are open continually
Gates of supply
Gates of opportunities
Gates of harvest
They shall not be shut day or night
Gates into nations,
Access into nations, is granted me.
I level any and every mountain before me,
Mountains of stagnation, fear or limitations,
All are leveled before me
Every obstacle is leveled before me,
My way is prosperous.
Every crooked path is made straight.
I break in pieces the doors of bronze.
And I cut asunder the bars of iron.
I can do anything
And I can do everything.
All things are possible to me

The Land is green before me.
I have been brought into a wealthy place.
I have access to the treasures of darkness.
I have access to hidden riches of secret places.
I am called of God.
I am guided by the Holy Spirit.
All things are mine
I live in super abundance
I live in greatness
I have access to wealth untold.
I am divinely enabled,
I am divinely guided.
The Lord has placed before me
Open doors
Which no man can shut
He is LORD
The door He opens,
No man can shut.
And the doors He shut,
No man can open.
He is the Lord,
And he has placed before me (Put your name) OPEN DOORS
No man can shut the door
No authority
No government
No ruler can shut the door,
And I am led by the Spirit of God
To these open doors
I know what to do
I know where to go
The Holy Spirit gives me direction
And I am sensitive to His leading
Today, I enter into open doors
Today, I enter into divine encounters
Today, I enter into extraordinary favours,
Extraordinary access,
Unusual opportunities,
To wealth yet unknown
I have access to people
To Nations,
To opportunities,
I see what others don’t see,
And I hear what others don’t hear.
I perceive what others do not perceive
God has given me
Hidden riches of secret places
He has given me
The treasures of darkness
Treasures yet unknown
The wealth of the future, yet unknown.
God has given me access

Men are falling over themselves to do me good
On my right hand, are open doors
On my left, are open doors
Before me, are open doors,
All around me are doors of access,
Doors of opportunity,
Doors of entry into places,
Into opportunities,
Into promotions.
Everywhere I go,
There are open doors.
Doors of favour,
Doors of prosperity,
Doors of promotion,
Doors of placement,
Doors of increase,
Doors of joy,
Doors of wealth,
Are opened unto me.
Doors of Harvest,
Doors of opportunity,
Doors of kindness,
Doors of progress,
Doors of grace,
Doors of money and wealth,
Are opened unto me.
Doors of expansion,
Doors of multiplication,
Doors of help,
Are opened unto me.
Glory to God!

My Spirit is quick to pick the signals and the promptings of the Holy Spirit.
My mind is quick to comprehend,
I see endless possibilities,
I see open doors,
I see doors that the Lord has set before me.
I see divine access,
I see divine entrance,
To people,
To nations,
To harvest,
To opportunities,
To wealth,
To information,
To industries,
I have divine access,
No situation,
No difficulty,
Can deter me
Because my doors are open continually.

I have been set, on a perpetual, unending journey of success.
I have been set, on a perpetual, unending journey of promotion,
Progress and advancement.
And of my increase,
Of my greatness,
Of my advancement,
Of my open doors,
And my divine access,
There is no end.
There is no terminal point.
There is no expiry date for my greatness,
For my success,
For my access.
As I walk into open doors.
I also open doors for others.
As I receive favour,
I bestow favour.
As I receive blessings,
I also bless others.
I am a lifter of others
I am a helper of others
I am the answer to the cries of many
I am the solution to the problems of many
I am a saviour from Zion

My gates are open;
They are open continually
They shall not be shut day or night
Receiving deliveries of wealth from all nations.
The forces of the gentiles come to me.
The wealth of the nations comes to me.
Today and Everyday,
Men deliver to me the wealth of the nations.
The abundance of the sea,
The wealth of the people,
Is converted to me.
Kings Minister to me.
The Lord has increased my greatness.
And comforted me on every side.

The doors of my businesses are open.
The doors of my jobs are open.
My business platforms are open.
The money is coming in continually.
The resources are coming in
They are coming in the millions, and
They are coming in their billions
They are coming by the power of the Holy Ghost.
The Lord has placed before me open doors.
No man, No government, No policies can shut these doors

The nations are subdued before me.
The loins of Kings are loosened
They are paralyzed for me to enter and take over.
The doors are opened before me, for the Lord has given me divine access.
The gates will not be shut.
The Lord has gone before me clearing the road.
The rough places have been made smooth.
The crooked places have been made straight.
The mountains have been leveled
The valleys have been filled
The gates of brass are broken
The bars of iron are cut in sunder
I receive the treasures of darkness
I receive wealth that is yet unknown to the ordinary man
I see what they don’t see
The Lord guides me
To the wealth of the future
The Lord guides and leads me to wealth that is yet to be known.
He guides me to the wealth of the future.
I receive it now.

My seeds of partnership,
My seeds in my church,
In my zone
In my Cell,
All my financial seeds and
All my material seeds are blessed, and they are coming to harvest now in the name of the Lord Jesus.
I receive a hundredfold return on all my givings.
All my seeds are coming to harvest,
And I draw from my harvest of accumulated blessings.
I call forth resources,
I call forth supply,
I call forth money,
I call forth blessings.
I command money to come to me now,
In the name of the Lord Jesus.

This is the time for my seeds to spring forth.
And they are springing forth.
In these 30 Days of Rain,
In this month of harvest,
I receive a hundredfold harvest on my giving,
In the name of the Lord Jesus.
I receive supernatural financial testimonies.
I receive supernatural financial harvests.
My seeds are coming to a hundredfold harvest,
In the name of the Lord Jesus.
My capacity for giving is expanded a hundred times,
My storehouse of seed is enlarged a hundred times,
I’m a big-time Gospel financier.

I call forth money,
I call forth materials to come now,
in the name of the Lord Jesus.
From the north, south, east, and west.
I call in my hundredfold return!
I see the harvest!
I receive the harvest!
I call in the harvest!
There is abundance everywhere,
There is surplus everywhere,
There is harvest everywhere,
Financial testimonies everywhere,
In the name of the Lord Jesus.

I am not afraid of figures.
I am not intimidated by figures.
I control figures.
I have what I want.
I am the seed of Abraham.
I walk in BLESSINGS!
I am blessed.
And I am a blessing.
I am not intimidated or subdued by figures.
A hundredfold increase is the least of my harvest.
This is my season of harvest,
God is giving me big seed to sow,

Today, I have seed to sow.
And, I have bread to eat.
The Lord multiplies my resources for giving,
And increases the harvest of my righteousness.
I bless my seeds.

All the seeds that I have given:
All my offerings
My partnerships,
My contributions.
None of my seeds is forgotten,
None of my seeds is wasted.
In the name of the Lord Jesus.
I speak to my seeds,
To my offerings,
To my partnerships,
To my giving,
My contributions, and
I declare a hundredfold harvest,
In the name of the Lord Jesus.
I command the seeds to multiply,
And produce a hundredfold harvest.

Father, I thank You for what I have in my hands,
In my bank account,
In my house,
In my store,
In my warehouse,
In my shops,
On my platforms,
I declare that they are multiplied.
My resources are multiplied, a hundredfold.
My financial capacity is multiplied, a hundredfold.
My partnership capacity is multiplied, a hundredfold
I walk in surplus.
In the name of the Lord Jesus.
I am abundantly supplied.
I am a tree planted by the rivers of water.
Directly connected to divine supply.

I live in the supply zone.
I live in the surplus zone.
I live in the wealthy zone.
I am enriched in all things and in every way.
I am rich in money, resources, materials, grace, favour, wisdom, assets, knowledge, and contacts.
I am rich in all things and in every way.

In these 30 Days of Rain,
In this month of harvest,
I receive a hundredfold return on my seeds,
I receive a hundredfold harvest of money, of lands, of houses, of assets,
I receive a hundredfold harvest on my giving,
And i receive a hundredfold increase in my partnership capacity,
In the name of the Lord Jesus.

Today, September 30th, 2023,
I endorse, I receive, and I walk in my harvest,
In the name of the Lord Jesus!

I am completing all my pledges.
I am completing all my projects.
I am completing my giving.
And I am concluding 2023 in a flourishing finish.
In the name of the Lord Jesus.

(Speak in tongues).

Make sure you meditate today.
Even as we are praying, we are also watching.


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