Divine health is my nature! I do not get sick. My life is hid with Christ in God; therefore, nothing can hurt me or make me sick. My physical body is strengthened every day by the vitalizing power of that same Spirit that raised the Lord Jesus from the dead.

I exercise authority over my body. I’ve got the life of God in me. I’ve got the strength of God in me. I am healthy and sound from the crown of my head to the soles of my feet! My body is the temple of the Holy Ghost and no sickness, disease, or infirmity can develop within!

Thanks be to God who has fulfilled His promise of healing and health in me. I enjoy perfect health because Christ has blessed me with the divine life. Sickness cannot take hold of any part of my body because I am born of God. My mind is flooded with the light of God’s Word and I only see pictures of life, strength, and health.

I know who I am! I’m from above and my life is the supernatural life of God’s Word. I think the right thoughts, speak the right words, and receive the results of God’s Word in my life today and always in the mighty name of Jesus! Amen!

1 thought on “#2432 MY LIFE IS HID WITH CHRIST IN GOD”

  1. Alemnji Precilia

    I am so blessed of having you as a father pastor. Since I knew you through Rapsody my life have changed.my mentelty is not longer thesame again.i think deferently pastor Chris. I can preach in prayer band.i am so loaded pastor Chris. Bless God. Thank God for having you. My piritual life have changed totally.and I have the DNA of Christ in me God bless my man of God I want God now to give me that healing ability because I have my son who is sickiecell I want God to heal him for.That is what is really disturbing me now pastor Chris. Sometimes he has crisis and because of that I can’t go and worship my God in church. Sometimes I the pains will be so much in him that I will spend all my time in the hospital.
    But I trust God that one it will be over God bless you pastor Chris and keep you for us in Jesus mighty name Amen.

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