Thanks be unto God who has fulfilled His promise of healing and health in me. I now live in health because Christ has blessed me with the divine life. Sickness cannot take hold of any part of my body because I am born of God.

My mind is flooded with the light of God’s Word and I only see pictures of life, strength, and health. I know who I am! I am from above and my life is the supernatural life of God’s Word.

I think the right thoughts, speak the right words, and receive the results of God’s Word in my life today and always. The Word of God is living and active. It penetrates my whole being, vitalizing every part of my body and inundating me with strength and energy by the power of the Holy Spirit.

I am not moved by the prevalent circumstances in this world because I am impregnable to sickness and disease in the mighty Name of Jesus! Amen.

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