Opening Prayers led by Highly Esteemed Pastor Yemisi Kudehinbu


Rev. Chris Oyakhilome Dsc DD

I want to welcome you to today’s program.. this is the third day and final session for phase 2, season 6 of YLWS.

We just watched an interesting documentary and several things to consider in it. We have to understand what’s happening our world. There are too many people who are comfortable to be ignorant. They think it’s a good place to be.
Some believe if you don’t know it, it won’t affect you.
But God said “my people are destroyed for the lack of knowledge”.
Not because they didn’t have abilities or power, but they are destroyed for the lack of knowledge.
You have to have God’s knowledge.
And that knowledge becomes useless if you cannot apply it to the circumstances of your world.
You’ve got to know something about your world to apply God’s knowledge to your world, your day and your time.
You have a responsibility for your life and for your world.
The position of ignorance is not the best place to be as a Christian.

The doctrine of collectivization is a subterfuge for neocolonialism.
We can’t sit back and let them go on with their collectivization message.. while they steal from you.
How can you know that anything is happening if you choose to be ignorant?

God’s word is to enlighten and inform you about God’s wealth, provision, expectation, .. so you know your role and what you have to be doing to understand your future.

In that documentary, it’s a terrible reminder of what the world went through with Nazi Germany and the millions of people that they destroyed their lives not only in the Concentration camps, but those who survived and had to live with such demon inspired memories because of the evil that was done to them.

That’s why In 2020, when the covid began, I began to remind you of those camps. Because the spirit of God led us to share, they were saved of that devilish plan. In many countries, they had built isolation centres which were going to be concentration camps. Thank God most of those facilities are empty today.
But the perpetrators have not changed.
These are the same perpetrators of Eugenics and the inspiration behind Nazi Germany’d Holocaust.
Even though they were defeated then, they hid behind different names.. and Covid was one big opportunity for them to come out. They found themselves in positions of power having deceived so many.
If you belong to the ‘Young World Leaders organization’, get out fast. They are one of the most evil and sinister organizations on earth.
It is a recreation of the instruments of state terror.
The Biden administration has planned to have 87,000 IRS armed operatives. It’s for state terror like the Gestapo (the secret service of Germany and the KGB of the USSR).
In Canada, they are the Climate Police. What is the Climate Police for?
Look at the kind of facilities they are building for them
In France, Same thing. They created a department for Climate Police.

There are people now buying large amounts of land in the USA. Why? It’s the plan for the new cities which only those who believe in their ideologies will live in whole those who don’t, will be cut off and exterminated.
That’s another reason why they are accumulating farmlands through regulation.
This is Satan’s move.
The bible tells us about the City/the new Jerusalem which will come from heaven.
Satan can’t bring his own from anywhere, so he is planning to move ahead of of time and build his own.
You are dealing with psychopaths. They don’t care or have value for human lives.
They are now putting in so much money to fight against misinformation and disinformation. They want to control the narrative such that no one else has another opinion.
Anything that is not consistent with their own idea is misinformation. How’s that for Human societies?

Let me show you the future of those cities they plan to build…

Revelation 16:17 TLB
V18- The biggest and most destructive earthquake in human History has been told to us before the time
V19- This is not the city of Babylon in Iraq or Persia. The cities around the world fell … These cities had to be destroyed because they were built on the destruction of human lives and murderous agenda.

Yesterday I told us about Retraining evil… About our being the light… And through prayer.
I talked about different things that have to get our attention through prayer… About sin by association…

Matthew 23: 31-36
Jesus told them what they would suffer by reason of their being children of those that killed the prophets.

1 Tim 5:22… Another Proof that there is Sin by Association.

2 John 1:9-11… Don’t say farewell to him. Don’t give him blessings for his Journey.

There are many things that have gotten people into trouble. Even when we give help, we have to learn being sensitive to the holy spirit. When you grow in the things of Christ, you realize that everything in your charge belongs to God. And when you need to distribute it, you need his guidance.
Learn giving by the spirit.
There are Christian’s who have contracted diseases because they gave to someone they were not supposed to give to. They became a partaker of the person’s sins by Spiritual contract. That’s why they pray and pray and it doesn’t leave.
There are people who come to you with stories. You don’t know he is lying to you but you are moved by his story. But remember that everything that God blessed you with belongs to God.. and ask his guidance to know what to do. Speak in tongues.
Many haven’t known these things because they were not taught.
The Doctrine of Christ is rooted in love.
Don’t allow someone transfer bitterness to you. If you give help to that kind of bitter person, you become a partaker of his sins.
We are in a spiritual kingdom that operates spiritual laws.

There are good people who have ended up experiencing mysterious poverty because of things like this.

If someone has found himself in that situation, how does he come out?
(Next phase)

Revelation 18:4… By becoming a partaker of ones sin, you receive of her plagues.

2 John 1:9-11.. there is an instruction there.
1 Tim 5:22… Keep yourself pure from other men’s sins. So you don’t bring their trouble to your house. There are people who live under a curse because they inherited a curse and are unwilling to change. Don’t attract such to your home. Keep yourself pure.

Luke 22:31-32
Jesus shows us that we can do something about evil. We can restrain evil.

“Satan had desired to have You, that he may sift you as wheat”. The sifting was meant to be for all the disciples. But Jesus specifically prayed for Simon.
When Jesus was arrested, the disciples fled. Only John was there because he had a biological relationship with the high priest.

Jesus had faith in his own prayer. He knew if he prayed for Peter, there would be an answer. If Jesus had to pray for someone, what about us? How much more should we pray for others that their faith fail not.
That’s why we pray for ministers of the gospel around the world. From 2020 we started praying for other Christians. They were scared and shaken by Covid. The preached faith but they didn’t know it. They found themselves trying to protect themselves with disinfectant and by not shaking anybody. They were scared. Some shut down their churches because they didn’t want their members whom they loved to come and hug them. They were so scared and afraid to die. What a shame!
Not a shame on them… But a shame that most had not known the scriptures. There was so much Gnorance and I told you why. Their focus and doctrine was wrong. So when the test came, it was very easy to fail.
Thank God that that was just a phase.

But now, you can’t allow that happen to you again
The perpetrators have not given up but we are putting them in check by the power of the holy ghost.
Now they are seeing the congregations of God gather again
You think they are happy about that?
They are coming up with new laws and regulations but I told you that power belongs to God.

Luke 22:39-40
Pray that you enter not into temptation.
If you do what Jesus said.. you will not enter into temptation.
A lot of people find themselves in situations where they programmed themselves into temptation.
How many times have you prayed CONSCIOUSLY that you do not enter into temptation.?
Have you found yourself in a situation where you were confronted and you could not tell the truth? Or you were so angry and said things that shouldn’t have come out of your mouth? Or to respond in fear?
Pray that you enter not into temptation!!!!
Learn to take the word of Jesus seriously.
Jesus was wisdom personified.
Even now, we are reading wisdom talking

How do you pray about things that affect your work, business, finances, relationship with people at work etc.

V41- 42 Jesus Knelt down and prayed. Sometimes he stood looking up to heaven and prayed.
Sometimes you can pray standing
.. or kneeling
V43: An angel appeared STRENGTHENING HIM as he prayed.
V44: sweat from his body was so thick, it was like blood.
V45: Have you ever been in that situation that you were so sad and fell asleep. That’s what happened to the disciples.
It was too much for them that Jesus was going to be betrayed and crucified as he had said.
V46: Jesus says it again “rise and pray lest you enter into temptation”..
This is a crisis moment. These are difficult times. Rise and pray.

If we pray, we can avert temptation. We can push it away from this time. It will not happen if we pray. Covid was a great period of temptation for many in the body of Christ. People couldn’t see that there was a devilish agenda. They were angry with those who said so. We have since proved so.
Many ministers of health and doctors were misled.. and some still don’t agree that they had been misled
They just don’t want to believe that they were that stupid.
What do you expect when the DG of the WHO is not a medical doctor, what kind of policies did you think would be enacted when those who are setting the health agenda are business people who were never at any time in medicine? E. G. Bill Gates. Do you think he is stupid? He is a business man? It’s never been about your health. Never was and never will be. These are Eugenists and all they are interested in is money and control.
He had an awkward formula that didn’t take note of many factors…. He fooled a class… They were so carried away by somebody who was once the wealthiest man in the world was in the room with them. So whatever he said, even though it was no funny they laughed. He talked about bringing the human population to zero… And they laughed.

James 5:16-18
Elijah pushed back the rainy season because it was necessary for Israel at that time. Elijah was a prophet of God who could utter words and it would happen… But when it came to changing the seasons, he had to pray earnestly.
We have the story of the position where he was praying so earnestly. He knew what it would take to effect that change.

Don’t be carried away by our public praying. Because we are praying time bound prayers… Within the period of the transmission… But make no mistakes about it. That’s not how we pray outside of the screen. We give time to prayer. We get on our face and on our knees before the k and pray with intensity of spirit. We understand that it takes the spiritual to shift things in the realm of the spirit whether they are good or evil.
There are spiritual laws in prayer.

Pray for your community. You are the watchman on your city, your country.

I’ve come to believe through the guidance of God’s word that it’s better to work hard now and have a free time later, than to enjoy a free time now and work hard to enjoy later. Work now and have a blessed time after, to enjoy your labor.
When we say ‘Let’s pray or Fast”.., Let’s pray now.

Romans 8:26-27
We don’t know enough what to pray for. So the holy ghost helps us.
God is the one that searches the heart. The holy spirit is the one that makes those deep sighs from the spirit. Through you, the spirit of God makes intercessions for the saints.
V28. No matter what’s happening, we have the advantage. I can never be disadvantaged. It will turn out for my good.
Satan has no chance.

We Restrain Evil Through Prophecy:
Get our book “Prophecy: the power that controls your future”.

Why is it so important?
Acts 2:17
Prophetic Prayer is what I’m dealing with here.
You are prophesying into the realm of the spirit. When you speak like this, you are speaking words to the attention of God, angels, demons and God’s creation hears you.
All of creation has intelligence.
As sons of God, if we take actions as God expects us to, we will be heard and we will be obeyed.
Take this seriously!
Prophetic prayer is that prayer in which you speak the mind, will and purpose of zgod. You bring it forth by divine inspiration. God reveals to you his mind concerning a place and by his inspiration, you speak it forth in prayer. Oh how you need this for your city, state and country!!!!
It’s one of the ways you hold back the forces of darkness.

Ephesians 6:17
The sword of the spirit is the Rhema of God. The words you utter that come out of you. It’s God’s word that’s put in your mouth to speak. Rhema is not God talking, but you uttering God’s words as inspired by the holy ghost. It’s not enough for it to be in your heart. It has to be spoken forth.
Rhema is the Uttered word. You’ve got to say it for it to work…
Jesus was the Logos of God in flesh. But once he spoke, something happened
That became Rhema.
V18- Praying always with all prayer and supplication. We are dealing with prophetic prayer. We utter God’s word.
That sword of the spirit is in connection with prayer. The end of verse 17 is a colon.
The Rhema of God here is not just when you speak the word of faith soncerning something. It is bringing the will and purpose of God into your environment.
When you say it, stand on it.
Your whole spirit soul and body will be inundated with that truth. Don’t let it leave you.

Psalm 149:5-8
V8- This is spiritual because we understand those that are behind them. And we take actions against them
Jesus said in my name they shall cast out devils…
V9: In the court… When the court has given judgement, the police goes into operation. The Judge reads the judgement and goes away. But the police executes the judgement. It is the saints that are called to execute the judgement.
This honor has ALL his saints… Everyone of us. Not just apostles prophets etc
Do you know the Judgement written? Some Christians don’t know. That’s why they are called rebel holders of authority.

Psalm 2:7
Has there been a decree?
Those psychopathic maniacs running rampage don’t know that this world was given to Abraham and his seed.
Your Job is to pray this prayer, mean it and see wonders happen.

Pastors, network with one another in the cities for prayer.
God’s saints, get yourselves praying. Decree a thing and it will be established unto you. The decrees are even so many. All we need to do is declare it.
When you come into a city say “peace be unto this city”.
“You demons of darkenss and violence, we break your Influence over this city and command you to depart”.

Phil 2:9-10
He has decreed that at the name of Jesus Christ, every knee should bow…

And who is to rule with the name of Jesus in your home, in your street?
Just 2 or 3 of you can come together and pray to expel gangs in your street.
Somebody’s got to say something.
When nothing’s being said, nothin is being done.
Use the name of Jesus Christ. Practice using it
Get excited about using that name
Rule your world with that name.

Don’t forget Heb 11:3
Learn to apply it. The world’s were framed with the RHEMA of God’s world
Frame your world with the RHEMA of God.

Jonah 2:1-10
God had prepared a big fish to swallow Jonah.
Jonah prayed in the fish’s belly. He didn’t wait till he came out. The content of his prayer is a wonder.
V4: He said he would see the temple again.
V8: He was saying I refuse to observe my circumstances.
He was praising God right in the belly of the fish. He put all his words in Past tense.

You’ve got to use God’s word.

(Video: The internet of things+ You)

Many things are happening to a whole lot of people around the world who took the vaccines. Thank God not as many as they were expecting took the vaccines. When they were trying to counter the claims people were making, they rolled out placebos. Thank God for that.
But really, they know that this was to begin the process of being in their new creation, eliminating some and starting the new world that they have in mind.
Remember what the bible says. That all those who refused the mark of the beast were killed.
I told you about the smart cities.
I told you that those who do not accept their way of life will be exterminated.
That’s their plan.
But we are keeping it further away because their time is not now. It’s not supposed to happen before the rapture of the church.

Friday 23rd into Saturday 24th of September, we will have a Global prayer day
We will be fasting on Friday till 6pm.
We want to pray for then nations of the world.
Remember these are not things that we pray and stop because there are continual changes in our world.
So plan for the global day of prayer.

Call to Salvation

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