Opening Prayers led by Highly Esteemed Most Reverend Tom Amenkhienan


Rev. Chris Oyakhilome Dsc DD

That documentary was on Symbolisms and I really hope that God’s people are taking these things very seriously, understanding whats going on in our world and how to dominate your world with the power of the holy spirit.

The Hoax of Climate Change: The reason they’ve been carrying on for many years now is because of what they planned to do with it in the future. The perpetrators believe that that future is here now.

When you talk about Geo-engineering (deliberate large scale technological intervention/manipulation of an environmental process in the Earth’s climate system), they have 2 major categories.

  1. Solar radiation management (SRM
  2. Carbon dioxide removal (CDR
    They say that the effort is for tackling climate change but it doesn’t look like it because they have never been able to prove their claims. They just insist that everyone should be afraid of a future that’s coming

So the question is “Is this a system of tackling climate change or effecting climate change”

In 2010 there was a treaty by 190 countries in which they banned Geo-engineering.
And then it was because they wanted to protect the Earth’s biodiversity. But interestingly, the USA skillfully opposed the treaty (the democrats in power at the time).
Why? Because of what they wanted to do in the future and of course they believe that future has come.
But I have news for them.
The real Climate Change is coming (not this Hoax that they are talking about)

Luke 21:11- That’s coming. This is not referring to the earthquakes and famines that people have experienced. Infact in 2020, when covid began, some people refered to this scripture too.
This is reserved for the 7 year tribulation period.
To understand the details of this, you have to read From Revelation 6 to 18. Then it will culminate in the biggest of them

(Matt 24:29-30).
Jesus says how it will end.
This is the mother of all Climate Change.

My purpose is not to scare anyone about climate change because that’s what they do. I’m just bringing you God’s word and to let you know there is nothing for a child of God to be scared of. It’s a hoax.
They make movies to scare people. They are using it as a pretext to bring in certain control regulations.
They plan to create artificial shortages.

People can’t believe that their own government can work against them. government’s just have a structure… but that’s not how government’s run.
You believe you voted them in…
The candidates that ran for the elections, HOW WERE THEY SELECTED?
You should ask these questions
There are various power groups that are interested.
Don’t be a victim by sheer ignorance because you didn’t know how life works.
These things are not taught in school.
You can be a professor of science and be an ignorant man.
During Covid, we saw many professors and scientists following the document from the ministry of health, which had been politically captured.

Why does the world pay to those who play a game, etc….than professors with all the book in their head? Because the world’s reward system is warped.
The Bible tells us about all of these things and gives you the wisdom for life.

“I have seen princes walking while fools are on horseback”. Then it tells you how not to find yourself in that situation in life.

Even in the local politics in your country…
You were in class with a guy who never used to read or pass his exams… But after school, he goes into politics and becomes a mayor or governor. You who put in everything to learn something becomes a NASA class engineer. No one listens to you in your country. Success in life does not depend on those books you were reading.
No wonder the young people are confused.
They have hardworking parents who can’t pay their school fees
It’s a mystery to the ignorant but if you know the bible, it’s not a mystery at all.
Royal Courage, [Sep 15, 2022 at 22:35]
An ignorant man with power is a dangerous man.
Technocrats are worse. They don’t know the Value of human beings. That’s why they make policies that don’t take their people into consideration. And they are often angry…so whenever they have power, they are very bad. They had bottled a lot of vengeance in them

Learn and Understand the system of God to guide you. It’s about the wisdom of God, not of governments.
No matter the circumstances, you can be a victor instead of being a victim.
The word of God proves it to us and shows us the way.

If you understand the Didactics of the apostles, your mind opens to a spiritual reality. You start thinking differently.
You don’t look at the word the same way others do. You have a different view. You are balanced. You are at rest. Hallelujah!

“The wisdom of God has been delivered in Christ Jesus, through the word and by my spirit. And it is for all those whose hearts are open. I call by my spirit and all who can have my word to lead and to guide them”

The scriptures help us to understand God’s purpose and plan. Never take him out of the equation.
Everything is about God. The moment you try to eliminate him, you go rogue.
You can’t talk about anything without him. How can you eliminate him from your discussion (e. G. Talking about politics).
The moment you cease to see him in everything, you are going to be seeing darkness.
A blind man is a man who only sees darkness. That’s trouble.

Yesterday, I got to a scripture when we talked about our Role.

2 Cor 4:1
V2- …nor handling the word of God deceitfully but by manifestation of the truth….
Our Job is to live out the gospel. Live the word.
In my personal pedagogical communication of the gospel, what I always seek is the revelation of JESUS Christ.
When I’m done with you, how much do you know of Jesus? How have I impacted you with the person/life of Jesus? Because that’s what it’s all about.
He called us to be doers of the word. Practitioners of the word of the Kingdom.
We have become living epistles.
Jesus was God’s epistle to man. He was God’s living letter to man.
We represent him today. We are his message to our world.
In a world of darkness, deception, falsehood.. there is a need for the manifestation of truth.

Jere 51:20
Who was He talking to here? Cyrus?
Look at the context of the prophecy and see how it applies. Whether it was for a particular person at that moment or not.

V19- who is the portion of Jacob? God almighty. He formed all things.

Prior to this place he had been talking about Judgement coming on Babylon.

V20: Look at the spiritual part.
Cyrus did fit into something like this…

Psalm 2:1-
In 2020, I told you that they were imagining a vain thing when they said No more church.
V5 He will put them in a terrible tempest.
V6-7: Meditation and declaration. You’ve got to declare the Decree. (But you must know the decree to declare it).
V7- The Psalmist is speaking at this point.
You’ve got to have spiritual revelation to know who is speaking and who is being spoken of.
Verse 6 is different from verse 7 and verse 8
The Psalmist speaks for God up till verse 6. Then speaks for the son in verse 7.
Then goes back to speaking for the Father.

V9: This is talking about Jesus. (Corroborate in Revelations)
(Acts 13:31-33). By the resurrection of Jesus Christ, he was born again.
He had to be born again because on the cross he became sin for us.

Psalm 2:8 The beautiful thing here is that it is open. It was told to the son.. and because we are in in, we can ask for the nations for an inheritance in terms of winning souls.
But prayer is necessary.

Jere 51:20… God calls himself a man of war. How does he fight? With YOU!
We are from a spiritual kingdom, and there are also spiritual kingdoms and nations.
That’s why he gave us the power and authority to cast out devils
God needs you. You are his battle axe and weapons of war.
Saying it is not enough. It is important but there is more.
Royal Courage, [Sep 15, 2022 at 22:35]
Understand prayer in several ways.
You can ask of him… He can give you sinners.
Are you seeing them in your city? Can you see them going to destruction? How do you see them? Ask for the souls and God will give them to you. The churches will be full of people. People will move into cell groups and wherever the word of God is beging taught.

I began to learn the secret of winning am environment or community.

Habakkuk 3:1
He was telling God “revive your work in our time. Make yourself known”.

Psalm 2:8 means that we can ask. Before you set out for a crusade, you can claim the souls for Jesus Christ. It’s a different kind of praying. You must feel it inside you. You have to win from inside. You must be moved for the gospel of Christ inside you.

Psalm 74:20… I would read this to God and weep asking for a solution. ‘the dark places of the Earth’: This is where you have witchcraft, unrestrained evil.
These dark places are not just in the back sides of civilization or in Africa. In the cities, it’s just as dark. It’s as though, the larger the city, the greater the darkness.
Look at the sicknesses that people go through. Think of people who are attacked without cause by people they don’t know. Because these are spiritually dark places.

V21:Let not the oppressed come back in disgrace. The oppressed can only hope on God. Let the poor and needy have a testimony.
I still pray like this today.
They’ve been so oppressed, so much so they don’t believe there is a God.

I realized that first in the spirit, we have to have a clear understanding of the need of the hour. If you don’t understand, how can you win them? What would you pray for?
That’s why there is a lot of ineffective evangelism going on in the world.
You must first identify with the sinner.
There are those that forget God. They don’t want to have him in their conversations.

But God has called us to something and it is only through prayer and the other things I’m going to tell you now, with which we win

Why should we win souls? It’s not a popularity contest. It’s about understanding the condition of a soul

Psalm 9:17- the wicked shall be turned into hell

We are in His kingdom now. So what are going to do to restrain evil

  1. As light, we repel darkness.
    Live your christian life in your place of work or business. Let your light so shine before men

1 Thess 5:4-5. You are a child of light and of the day. You are light.

James 1:17… He is the Father of lights. We are children of Light.

We are lights to our world
And light repels darkness.
Declare it wherever you are. “I am a light in this organization, state, community…”. Declare who you are. Be bold to say it in your world
Darkness bows before you. The evil shall bow before the good and the wicked at the gates of the righteous.

Phil 2:13. The spirit of God starts confirming it. He confirms you. He will arrange circumstances. He is the master strategist. He knows what to do with your life.
Before you get into the plane, he has planned who will seat next to you
Since you came into Christ, your life ceased to be accidental or by chance. Predestination is at work in you.

V14-15: Now that you know God gives you the will and ability to perform, you will do all things without murmuring…You are blameless and harmless sons of God.
They are crooked and corrupt but In their midst you shine as light.
(Read in NIV)

Did you know that in the realm of the spirit we look like stars? The very way you look up at night and see stars, that’s how they look down and see stars. These are sons of God. Shine as stars.

V16-: Make sure you hold forth the word of life. It will be exciting to know that we finished well. They are going to be so happy that we finished well. We do not run in vain.

  1. Through Prayer, we restrain evil.
    Royal Courage, [Sep 15, 2022 at 22:35]
    This is so important. I was sharing with you about what happened in the days of David. There was Famine for 3 years and David consulted with the Lord to know why. Three years is a long time to get an answer.
    They were going through it because of Saul and his bloody house. The nation went through this terrible thing because of the actions of their leader. It became a corporate sin.

You see why we have to pray for our cities and nations. Because there are certain things that some individuals may do that will be disastrous. That’s why we must intercede. E. G. When you observe too many deaths in an area. It’s a spiritual, not economical.
Saul had done something terrible. He killed those he should not have killed.

Another thing was when David numbered Israel
He didn’t know the significance.. and God gave him punishment options.
70,000 men were slain and the angel was still ready to kill more. David had to plead with God in prayer and was guided to offer a sacrifice.

Next, there is Sin by Association.

Matt 23:29-38
Jesus was taking to scribes and pharisees calling them hypocrites.
They didn’t know it was significant to say “if we were in our Fathers days, we would not have killed the prophets”. You have to understand the context of your nationality.
You are first a Christian, before a Nigerian.
Of you have it that way, you become a partaker of the sins of the nation.
V33: these were hot words from Jesus. He called the Vipers
V38- This was one of the most painful experiences of the Lord Jesus
V39 Jesus was in the temple grounds when he said these things
Hosea 5:15….When Jesus walked out of the Temple that day, he said he wasn’t coming back until he was acknowledged. He prophesied that afflictions were coming.

Hosea 6:1-2
After 2 days…
They didn’t know when he walked out of that place, it would take 2000 years for him to come back.

The Lord has given us, not only his spirit but his ministry, to seek and save that which was lost.
He sent us as sheep in the midst of wolves.

The Lord is gracious, kind,holy.
Believe in him with all of your heart
The nations belong to him and all of us are the works of his hands.

Call to Salvation

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