I am an associate of the heavenly pantheon. I have divine life. Eternal life is at work in me. It makes me master over circumstances. I have dominion over the world’s deplorable systems. I have dominion over Satan. I am superior to sicknesses and diseases. I am superior to defeat and depravities that affect the natural man.

I live above this world and its corrupting influences. Every day of my life is full of God’s glory, beauty, excellence, and grace. My life is for the glory of God, and I experience His goodness and mercies today; my life is one of honour, excellence, praise, glory and thanksgiving to the Lord at all times.

l’m in Christ and Christ is my life! His wisdom, righteousness, peace, glory and joy are expressed through me, and my faith in the Word is the victory that overcomes the world. Everyday of my life, I walk in God’s perfect will for my life. I am conscious of my immortality in Christ Jesus. I live victoriously. I dominate life’s situations and circumstances. I dominate in everything that has a name.

I am more than a conqueror. I have overcome the world and its persecution, pains, delusion and wickedness. I have overcome the world and its hardship and greed! I am in Christ. I’m complete in Christ. I’m filled with all the fullness of God. The totality of divinity resides in me. I am God’s house, His living tabernacle. I am not an ordinary man; I am of the God kind! I am complete in Christ. No shortage! A perfect completion.

I have everything I require for life and godliness through the knowledge of Him that hath called me to glory and virtue. I live a life of glory and virtue. I lack nothing because The Lord is my Shepherd. My completeness, my sufficiency is not in the government, my place of work or any human structure, organization, or association.

My completeness is in Christ. I’m sufficient in Christ’s sufficiency. I’m totally inundated with this consciousness. In Christ, I have all things! Christ is my all. I am complete in Him, Who is the head of all principalities and power. There is no shortage in my life. I am full of ideas, inspiration, with wealth and prosperity, and all the blessings of the heavenly Kingdom, and out of that abundance, I impact my world in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Were you blessed by today’s KEEP SAYING IT: I LIVE ABOVE THIS WORLD? Let us know in the comment section below. God bless you

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