I live worry-free because Christ is my all! In Him, I’m self-sufficient, enabled to do all things, and supernaturally fortified for the triumphant life! I am guided by God’s Spirit in the path of life and led in the way of supernatural health and consistent prosperity.

My way is prosperous and I live in good health, as I meditate on the Word and speak it forth with boldness. The Lord is my refuge and my fortress, He’s my habitation; in Him I live, and move, and have my being! He’s my rock, my life, and my righteousness, and by Him I reign and prevail over adversities and win every day in life.

I live above lack, sickness, disease, and defeat! I’m victorious all the way! My life is an expression of God’s righteousness, love, glory, and grace! I affirm that my whole body is fully yielded to the Lord to carry out His divine plans through me! I’m His living tabernacle!

He talks through me, moves through me, and expresses His love and righteousness through me! My spirit, soul, and body are sanctified for God’s sacred use, and His glory is revealed more and more in me, today and always.

I declare that my life is characterized with the demonstration of Christ’s resurrected power! There’s life in my body! There’s life in my family! There’s life in my job! There’s life in my business and in every area of my life! I live triumphantly in, and by the power of His resurrection! Hallelujah!

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