All grace—every favour and earthly blessing—come to me in abundance so that I may always and under all circumstances and whatever the need, be self-sufficient, possessing enough to require no aid or support, furnished in abundance, for every good work. I am a master over Satan because my spirit, soul, and body are infused with divinity.

I am a product of God’s Word, for my origin is the Word of God; therefore my words and actions are backed by divine authority. I’m impregnable to everything that hurts or binds because I hail from God! The life of God permeates my whole being. I flourish in health and I walk in ever-increasing glory all my days.

Everything that concerns me prospers. Supernatural health and strength are mine always. My body is the temple of the Holy Ghost; every fiber of my being is vitalized by the Spirit of God. I live triumphantly, far above the devil and the negative systems of this world! God’s Word is in my spirit. It energizes me for success and greatness and keeps me in perfect health.

I eschew and purge from my heart all elements of anger, bitterness, rage or fury; anger has no place in me. I delight myself in God’s Word and in doing His will always. The Word is in my heart, causing me to walk in righteousness and fulfil my destiny in Christ. My life is the expression of all that Christ is.

I unveil Christ to my world today through my thoughts, words and actions. The world sees Jesus in my eyes; I show them love they can’t deny. His divine life is manifested through me. I live in the consciousness of my divine life and origin in Christ, knowing that His wisdom, ability and power are working in and through me in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Amen.


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