My life has been beautified by the only true and wise God. I am not of this world! I belong to God’s Kingdom. I am victorious over sin, sickness, disease, and poverty. I reign supreme all the time because I am in union with God. I am more than a conqueror in this life. I walk daily in the consciousness of my divinity in Christ.

I refuse to allow sickness or disease damage my body! I live a happy, joyful, and fruitful life. I am in constant health every day. I’m one with God! I have the indestructible life of God in me; hence, I am shielded from evil. I cannot be a victim of sickness, disease, or mishaps. I am born of God; therefore, I walk in divine health every day, all year round.

I declare that my life is beautiful and it cannot be destroyed by any form of infirmity. I do not get sick! I am fully fortified with the whole armor of God. No evil can come near me. I am strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. My faith prevails over all the enemy’s fiery darts of sickness, disease, and wickedness.

I am full of life and I live the transcendent life in Christ that is far above sickness, disease, infirmity, and death. I am not ordinary, because I am born of God. Thus, I function always with supernatural strength and abilities! My mind is stayed on the Lord and my trust is in my heavenly Father, He keeps me in perfect peace with health, strength, and vitality.

I am impregnable to sickness, disease, and death. I live the glory life every day and it is evident for all to See. As a partaker of the divine nature; my body is sustained by a force that the ordinary man cannot perceive. My health, strength, and wealth are assured in the mighty Name of Jesus. Amen.

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