I have been raised together with Christ, called to live in the heavenly realms; therefore, I exercise my authority over the devil and his cohorts. No wiles or fiery darts from the enemy can penetrate my body and no symptoms of sickness can thrive in my body because I’m God’s sanctuary.

Christ is the glory of my life; therefore, sickness and death cannot be part of my life. Nothing can attack me or come against me successfully, for I am surrounded by an innumerable company of angels. My health, business, finances, family, and everything that pertains to me are preserved by God’s Spirit. I am born of God; therefore, I’ve got the life of God.

I walk in divine health always because my entire being is powered by the resurrection life in Christ Jesus. The fullness of God tabernacles in my spirit, soul, and body, and is expressed in me today and always. The wonder-working power of God is at work in me mightily; this power dispels sickness and all infirmities.

I live in the fullness of God’s love and in the blessings of the glorious life in Christ. My life goes from glory to glory, from strength to strength, and from grace to grace. I refuse to accept sickness, poverty, or defeat. I will not give in to anything that’s contrary to my divine inheritance in Christ.

The Holy Spirit lives in me and, as I daily walk in God’s prearranged path for my life, He causes me to excel with prosperity, health, and strength. I have been conditioned to live a life of glory. I have all that I require to excel and live in perpetual strength, health, wealth and dominion in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.

Add yyour confessions of faith to today’s KEEP SAYING IT: I AM GOD’S SANCTUARY below.

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