All things work together for my good and I am blessed beyond measure. My body is energized by the Spirit through the Word. My mind is refreshed and renewed, and my life is transformed by the infallible power of God’s Word.

The Holy Spirit lives in me and, as I daily walk in God’s prearranged path for my life, He causes me to excel with prosperity, health, and strength. I live in the fullness of God’s love and blessings and my life is from glory to glory. The Lord has satisfied me with long life and good health.

Thus, from the crown of my head to the soles of my feet, I live in perfect health all the days of my life. No infirmity can thrive in my body. I am healthy and strong. I thank God for the unveiling of His Word in my spirit today and always.

Now I know that I cannot be sick or disadvantaged because the “unsickable”, “uninfectable”, and indestructible life of Christ works mightily in me. There is no area of darkness in my life and health because the light of God’s Word has illuminated my entire being.

I am guided in the path of life and led by the Spirit in the direction of God’s perfect will for me. Today, I declare that I function in supernatural wisdom and this propels me to walk in divine health, strength, vigor, and peace. I have the indestructible life of God in me!

I have the life and nature of God in me; therefore, I’m an overcomer and more than a conqueror. I live in Christ, where divinity reigns. The higher law of life is operational in me, for I hail from God, in the matchless Name of Jesus! Amen!



  1. I think health, therefore, i dwell in health. It is no longer a question whether i get sick or not; i don’t get sick for that matter. I think life. Death is no longer an option for me. I have eternal life. I don’t die. I won’t die. I can not die. I only see health. I see peace all over my entire being. No germ or virus can sucesscully make me sick. They die before me. I hail from God. In Christ, sickness is no longer a mistake but a defeated mindset. I am not of this world. I come after the order of Melchizedec where neither blood nor the will of man works. Therefore, what affects man doesn’t affect me. I am not a man. I am a creature in Christ. Creatures in Christ are superior to the devil’s devices and schemes. Nowonder, sicknesses, diseases,growths, death, and defeat are all defeated. I am so conscious of my divine origin. The spermatozoon with which i hail from is not man’s or his effort’s; i am the spermatozoon of God. A seed reproduces after it’s own kind. I am the health of God at work in this world. Therefore, i shed life to the weak in mind. I am the light of health to the darkness of sicknesses and diseases. Blessed be God!

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