I am not shaken by the wind because I am rooted and grounded in the Word of life that energizes me daily. Eternal life is at work in every fiber of my being, repelling sickness, disease, infirmity, death, poverty, and everything that is inconsistent with the divine life in Christ.

I am seated together with Christ, far above all principality and power. The elements of this world and the decay that is in it have no place or power in my body. I exercise dominion over my body through the Word and I exercise dominion over sickness and death. I’m unlimited and unstoppable because I’m in Christ, and I walk daily in this consciousness.

I’m a joint-heir with Christ; therefore, all things are mine. I am in union with the One who commands light to shine out of darkness. Like my heavenly Father; I speak forth life and my words are established over my health, finances, and everything that concerns me in the matchless Name of my Lord Jesus. Amen!

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