My faith prevails over all the enemy’s fiery darts of sickness, disease, and wickedness. I am triumphant in Christ eternally! I am a God-carrier! I carry blessings everywhere I go. Glorious things are spoken of me. I am alive unto God and my body is vitalized by the Spirit of the Living God.

I am loaded with good things, and my life is like a city set on the hill that cannot be hidden. I am visible; well positioned, and the Spirit of God is magnifying my voice around the nations of the world. I can never be small because the anointing of God’s Spirit has set me apart for greatness, causing me to spread and make progress on every side.

In my ministry, career, finances, academics, family, and all that concerns me, I am enjoying my days in success, progress, peace, joy, health, and unending prosperity. I am making progress, rising like an edifice higher and higher irrespective of daunting challenges, persecutions, hardships, and troubles around the nations of the world.

The Lord Almighty is my defense and fortress. Satan has nothing in me because I am full of the Holy Spirit at all times. The environment in which I live is Christ. Here, there is no health scare, infection, or pandemic. No matter what happens to those in the world, I stand firm in faith, and I enjoy my glorious life now. I bask in the provisions of Christ for my life, health, and all that concern me.

In me abides all the grace, wisdom, prosperity, strength and courage I need to fulfil my glorious destiny in Christ! I have everything I require for life and godliness; therefore, I walk in the fullness of the blessings of the Gospel, today and always. I’m what God says I am, I have all He says I have, and I can do all things in His Name. All things are possible to me because I believe.

I’m rich in all things, having inherited all things, for I’m a joint-heir with Christ! I’m fruitful and productive, making progress in every area of my life. I’m complete in Christ and every facet of my life is perfected for excellence. The Spirit guides and inspires me to take actions that’ll guarantee evident and unstoppable progress, increase, and blessings for me in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Were you blessed by today’s KEEP SAYING IT: I AM ALIVE UNTO GOD NOW? Let us know in the comment section below.God bless you.

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