I’m a product of God’s Word

The life in me is indestructible! I am never feeble because I have the strength of God working in me. My heavenly Father has satisfied me with all the beautiful things of life. I am bursting forth in health always and everyone around me is a partaker of the blessings of God upon my life.

Everything about me exudes the life of Christ; therefore, my health does not fail, rather, my health is ever radiant and ever flourishing. I am a dispenser of eternal verities. I am of God. I live in the ageless and deathless zone. I have eternal life; therefore, no disease or infection can fasten itself to my body.

I do not suffer from diseases of old age, for I am renewed daily by the Word. I am bursting forth in divine health always. The Lord is my refuge and my fortress. My God, in Him, I trust. On Him, I lean and rely. He delivers me from the snare of the fowler and from the deadly pestilence. I am not afraid of disease and death because the Lord is my shield and buckler.

The life and nature of God in me make me invincible and superhuman. I’m a product of God’s Word! I believe and therefore declare the Word in faith that all things are mine! I refuse to be sick or sickness-conscious because I’ve been brought into the realm of abundant life.

I am a king-priest. When I address situations in the Name of Jesus, I have a guarantee that my demands are backed up with power. Therefore, in the Name of Jesus, I make a demand on my physical body: body, you are not allowed to respond to sickness, disease, and infirmities. You only respond to the Word of God and all that it says about you. The same power that was demonstrated in Christ when He was raised from the dead is at work in me.

I’m full of God, and there is no place for sickness and disease in my body. I am the light of the world; there is no darkness or death in my life or path. I experience divine health, vitality, and abundance today and always because I live in the Word, by the Word, and through the Word in Jesus’ matchless name. Amen.

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God bless you.

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