Jesus died and was resurrected that I may enjoy the benefits of the new life in Christ. I walk daily in the consciousness of my divinity in Christ. I refuse to allow sickness or disease to damage my body! I live a happy, joyful, and fruitful life. I am in constant health every day. I am fully fortified with the whole armor of God. No evil can come near me.

My faith prevails over all the enemy’s fiery darts of sickness, disease, and wickedness. Glory to God! I am triumphant in Christ eternally! I am a God-carrier! I carry blessings everywhere I go. Daily, I manifest the beauties, graces, excellencies, perfections, and auras of divinity. Oh, glory! My life has been beautified by the only true and wise God.

God wants me to prosper and dwell in health even as my soul prospers. Therefore, my body, my soul, and everything about me conform to God’s will. I live in the deathless zone, walking in the light of God’s Word. I refuse anything that contradicts what the Word has said concerning me.

I exercise my victory over Satan, the world, and its elements. I neutralize and extinguish the fiery darts of the adversary. I have eternal victory and dominion over poverty, failure, and death. I do not fear the diseases that strike in the dark or sudden disasters at noon, for the Lord is my shield and strength!

A thousand may fall at my side and ten thousand at my right hand, but no evil shall come near me. I walk consistently in health and safety. I believe what the Word says concerning me! Glorious things are spoken of me. My faith is active, working, and generating great results for me. I am alive unto God and my body is vitalized by the Spirit of the Living God.

I am impregnable to infections, sicknesses, or diseases. The greater One lives in me; therefore, I have no fear of death, sickness, disease, or infirmity. I have passed from death to life, for the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made me free from death and the law of sin. I live in the fullness of Christ now and always, in Jesus name. Amen.

Have you been blessed by today’s KEEP SAYING IT: I AM TRIUMPHANT IN CHRIST, let us know in the comment section below. God bless you

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