Christ is my assurance of health and life eternal. I have dominion in Christ, I rule over my body with the Word of God and in the Name of Jesus. I disallow infirmity and I cut off any abnormality from my body. The life of God is in me; working mightily. He has given me this life to enjoy freely and without limits. Therefore, I walk in health and strength every day of my life.

Nothing and no one can hurt or come against me successfully, for I have the unconquerable life of God. Satan and the powers of darkness are under my feet; therefore, I have nothing to fear. The impulses of fear have been completely disabled from my life.

I live in the fulfilment and reality of God’s blessings. I’ve been brought into God’s rest. All things are mine. I take full advantage of all that’s available to me in Christ, and by my faith, I triumph gloriously always and in every place. I walk in the fullness of the blessings of the Gospel, basking in divine prosperity, beauty and honour.

Christ is my wisdom, and the Word of God informs me daily, through the Holy Spirit. I’m filled with the fullness of God; loaded with all power, glory, might, and grace! The totality of divinity is fully present in my spirit and uniquely expressed through me! I display the perfections of Christ in sound health and with a life that is sickness-free.

My faith is the victory that overcomes fear, sickness, disease and infirmities. I walk in dominion over the elements of this world. I’m furnished with the requisite knowledge for life in Christ, through the Word. The eyes of my understanding are being enlightened. Therefore, I have insight into mysteries and secrets; there’s nothing that I can’t know.

The indestructible life of God is in every bone of my body and in every cell of my blood. Therefore, I live in divine health in Christ Jesus. I refuse to acknowledge any sickness, hindrance, or limitation in my life. I refuse to fear. Irrespective of the situation, I’m bold and very courageous. I refuse to be defeated because I am more than a conqueror, in the matchless name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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God bless you.

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