I walk in the consciousness that I’m in oneness with Jesus Christ. Through the spirit, I enjoy the glories of Christ’s resurrection life in my body. No sickness, disease, or infirmity can thrive in my body because I’m joined to the Lord and I’m one spirit with Him. My mind is not limited or defeated by the circumstances of life because it is inundated with the light of God’s word.

As I meditate, I think thoughts of peace, Joy, Victory, prosperity, and good health, thus transcending the ordinary and manifesting the supernatural in all situations. I have been conditioned to live a life of glory. I have all that I require to excel and live in perpetual health and dominion here on earth. I am born in the image and likeness of God. As He is, so am I in this world.

I am not affected by sickness or the rudiments of this world. I am founded on Christ the solid rock; my life cannot be shaken by negative reports because it is tailored according to God’s design. I’ve been lifted over the depravities and corrupting influences of this world. No sin, sickness, death, or any kind of infirmity can separate me from God’s unwavering love.

I rejoice always because He has made me more than a conqueror. I live victoriously today and always. Eternity is alive in me. I live above infirmities and the harsh elements of this world because the One who lives in me is greater than he that’s in this world. The life of God in me makes me more than a man; I refuse to be ordinary. Health, strength, and victory are mine always!

Christ lives in me and I function with this consciousness every day. Sickness, poverty, death, lack, failure, depression, and everything that’s not of God have no hold over my life. Daily, I express divine and supernatural verities in my spirit, soul, and body in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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God bless you.

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