What a blessing; what glory it is to have the Holy Spirit in my life. The greatest blessing of all; my greatest advantage. I am made for life because I have this precious Holy Spirit in me. He’s my assurance for an extraordinary life of victory, dominion, abundance and infinite possibilities.

In me abides all the graces, blessings, wisdom and goodness of heaven, because the Holy Spirit lives in me. I’m His living tabernacle. Everything I require for life and godliness is in me by the Holy Spirit. He’s the power and glory of my life. I’m filled with the fullness of God; loaded with all power, glory, might, and grace! The totality of divinity is fully present in my spirit and uniquely expressed through me!

I display the perfections of Christ in sound health and with a life that is sickness-free. The indestructible life of God is in every bone of my body and in every cell of my blood. Therefore, I live in divine health in Christ Jesus. My body is a reflection of the beauty and perfection of God.

I refuse to acknowledge any sickness, hindrance, or limitation in my life. I refuse to fear, I refuse to be defeated, and I refuse to be sick! I refuse to let my body be subject to any form of sickness or disease. I am more than a conqueror. God has given me this life to enjoy freely and without limits. Therefore, I walk in health and strength every day of my life.

I exercise my divine right to reign and rule over the circumstances of life and to exercise dominion over Satan. I reign in prosperity with peace, health, and an abundance of wealth. I enjoy the supernatural wealth that God has given me.

I am an heir of God and joint heir with Christ; separated to a life of glory. Nothing and no one can hurt or come against me successfully, for I have the unconquerable life of God. I am a king-priest and my words are full of extraordinary power. I decree peace, health, success, and victory in every aspect of my life. I take absolute charge over my life and proclaim that all things are working in my favor in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

Were you blessed by today’s KEEP SAYING IT: GOD HAS GIVEN ME THIS LIFE TO ENJOY, let us know in the comment section below. God bless you.

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