I enjoy God’s boundless grace; it is at work in me continuously. Grace empowers me to overcome every obstacle and overlook all lying vanities the adversary tries to put in my path. No weapon of evil, disease, sickness, or death fashioned against me can prosper because I am favored and graced.

The joy of the Lord is my strength. I will never be weak. That joy produces laughter deep in my spirit, causing my health to bloom and flourish. Nothing can weigh me down. I know no depression or oppression because I am buoyed by joy unspeakable overflowing in my heart.

I thank You precious Father for the glory and transformation I experience in my life as a result of Your Word that dwells richly in my heart and proceeds out of my mouth. I walk in health, divine wisdom, and in the joy and peace of the Spirit today. I’m fully persuaded by the Word of God! I anchor my life on God’s Word, and I refuse to be swayed by contrary winds or circumstances, for my faith is the title deed of unseen realities.

I walk in the light of my inheritance in Christ, in power and grace, living in divine health and supernatural prosperity. My life is excellent and full of glory. I walk in, and manifest, the dominion of Christ today. Everything about me exudes the life of Christ; therefore, my health does not fail, rather, my health is ever radiant and ever flourishing. I am a dispenser of eternal verities.

I am of God. I live in the ageless and deathless zone. I have eternal life; therefore, no disease or infection can fasten itself to my body. I do not suffer from diseases of old age, for I am renewed daily by the Word. I am bursting forth in divine health always. I have the eternal life of God; therefore, I am not affected by anything that hurts in Jesus Mighty Name. Amen.

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