Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world. Daily, I get stronger and healthier. Like the eagle, my strength is renewed. I do not wane because I live in an ageless zone. I belong to the God class and I only give expression to His virtues because I was made for His glory. I have the very life and nature of God because I am born again.

This God-life makes me impregnable to sickness, disease, infections, and the destructions that ravage the ordinary man. My body is inundated with the life of God and I walk in divine health. I am ever joyful and exuberant with praise because the joy of the Lord is my strength. My joy is independent of circumstances; it comes from my inner man and transcends the physical.

With this joy, I draw forth life, health, and limitless prosperity from the wells of salvation. The Word of God transforms me from glory to glory, instilling in me the mindset of the just. I am a doer of the Word and not the hearer only. I’m blessed forever, living transcendently over and above sickness, disease, Satan, and circumstances.

I live in Christ’s environment where divinity reigns; the divine life is operational in my body, for I hail from God and I am born of Him. I was born with the resurrection life that’s beyond sickness and disease. Therefore, I walk in divine health always! I consciously practice enjoying my life in divine health.

I insist on God’s Word, and I boldly affirm that my divine life in Christ has replaced the ordinary life and its attendant effects. I do not live by the dictates of my body, but by the leading of God’s Word for my life and health. I have the life of God in me; and by faith, I live successfully. I do not walk by sensory perception, but I operate with faith in God. Therefore, sickness, diseases, and infirmities have no place in me in the matchless name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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