I fear no adversary, for Christ has already obtained the victory over every adversary, and my faith in the Word of God is the victory that overcomes the world. I dwell in the victory Christ wrought for me; thus, I’m no longer subject to any form of fear, limitation, or bondage, for Christ has set me free from sickness, disease, and death.

I’m more than a conqueror! I have been translated from the kingdom of darkness to the Kingdom of light. Diseases and infirmities are not a part of my life in the Kingdom of God’s dear Son. I recognize the efficacy of God’s Word that is at work in me today, and by virtue of the divine life of Christ in me, I have perfect health, victory, success, and prosperity now and forevermore.

I walk in divine health, joy, prosperity, and victory every day. I’m alive to God. I belong in the Kingdom of God’s dear Son, where I reign and rule by the power of the Spirit. Thank You, Father, for bringing me into such a beautiful place of glory, beauty, honor, and the superior life. I live triumphantly over and above all circumstances of life. I testify of the goodness of the Lord and the victories He has wrought in my life through Christ Jesus!

The power of His infallible Word has brought me into a place of strength, power, rest, and dominion. I testify that the miracles of salvation are wrought through me. My life is insusceptible and invulnerable to sickness, disease, or infirmity. I daily experience supernatural blessings of divine health and prosperity in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Happy Easter!

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